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Tuning in Through The Tarot

An Introduction to the Power of the Tarot, a Tool for Activating Your Natural Psychic Abilities

The Tarot is a magical deck of cards, cards embedded with ancient symbols and archetypes, a remarkable tool for divining past, present and future.

With this powerful tool, you can read the energy to see what’s coming – and what you can do about it. It’s fun, fascinating, worthwhile.

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What is the Tarot

Says Danielle

For me, the Tarot is magic. It is much more than is a simple set of 78 pictorial cards. Once activated, these beautiful cards will tell thousands of stories, answer any number of questions and provide insights on countless lives – and loves.

The Tarot consists of 22 Major Arcana which depict the major steps in one’s journey through life, and 56 Minor Arcana in four suits, Swords, Wands, Cups and Pentacles.

The Minor Arcana correspond to our modern day playing cards (and were probably derived from early playing cards, since it is believed that the Tarot formally came into existence as a card game.)

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The Tarot is basically a divination tool that can be used to see the past, present and future and to give you insight on all aspects of life, from our dreams and relationships to past lives and worldly successes. I find the Tarot particularly useful in gaining insights around upcoming decisions and for obtaining background information around complex problems. Still, the Tarot seems to contain and is capable of describing all of life’s infinite possibilities.Despite having used the Tarot in thousands of readings over some 30 years, I continue to be surprised at what it can tell me, and how it evolves with our circumstances. For example, who would think that a set of cards designed some 500 years ago could speak to a 21st Century reader about her client’s interest in body-building?

In reality, one experiences the Tarot as opposed to reading it. The Tarot is imbedded with the universal symbols and archetypes that are contained in the Universal Consciousness. When the cards are open in front of you, they trigger immediate reactions within your psyche. Old soul memories, ancient knowledge rises to the surface of your being from the depths of your unconscious or subconscious self… the Tarot, like your dreams, is a way of talking with your soul, connecting with your higher self.

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