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” … while the soul slumbers God speaks to us in numbers”

We’ve got your number….

Numbers are everywhere – beginning with the date that you were born and the number associated with your birth name…. from there the list of numbers that get attached to us over a life-time is almost endless… and every number comes with its own vibrational frequency – it’s own unique influence on our lives… so it worth taking learning how the numbers in your life are influencing your success.

One of the basic Laws of the Universe is that All is in motion, All vibrates… our numbers, whether they are birth dates, names, S.I.N. or license plate numbers all influence our lives in one way or another. Read on to discover how…

Everything in Heaven and on Earth
is arranged according to numerical discipline
… and the laws of metaphysics are as inflexible and reliable
as those governing the ordinary physics of matter

Numbers are not dead – no, ciphers live!
and they give to the mind that seeks a knowing
in the the dawning light of the spirit’s growing,


Is there meaning and order to life, or is it purely random?

As the industrialized world becomes more computerized and dependent on numerical systems, fascination with this ancient spiritual science of numerology only grows.

The fundamental premise of numerology is that life, and the universe as a whole, is an orderly system, and that numbers reflect that orderliness. If the universe were ruled by unpredictable events, there would be no sustainable structure to it – the universe not only maintains form & structure, it also changes in precise and orderly ways (day turns into night, seasons change etc..).

As we learn, our perception of what is random keeps changing, and our appreciation of an underlying orderliness of the universe, grows. Progress for the human spirit is an elevation of consciousness to where the individual becomes fully aware of being an integral part of the cosmos as a whole.

Numerology teaches us that, at least to some degree, we can control how our lives change, and the more aware we become of its influence in our lives, the more we recognize how we can influence the whole.

Numerology is an ancient art belonging to the science of metaphysics. Numerology identifies vibrational frequency and thus the characteristics associated with a given number. Each letter or sound is assigned a numeric value, based on its sound vibration. It is believed that the constant repetition of a number causes a vibrational frequency to resonate throughout the universe. Slight adjustments in the spelling of a name can therefore cause huge shifts in the vibrational frequencies that affect your life.

” At any rate, I am convinced that God does not play dice” – Albert Einstein.

The Value of Knowing Your Numbers

Numbers do have meaning and purpose – they correspond to our inner state and influence how we feel. Everything in life can be reduced to a number. We choose birth numbers that have great significance in our lives S.I.N. numbers, license plate numbers, telephone numbers, addresses, serial numbers, all influence our lives in one way or another.

Numerology has power to remove many obstacles from your path, allowing you to take full advantage of your potential. It is a self-help tool that can give insight into human psyche. It is the interpretation of a life through the understanding of numbers.

Through numerology, you can learn to appreciate the challenge of your name and make the most of its influence. Numerology gives you the power to minimize old karma, and to make the most of your present opportunities.


All numbers have a vibrational frequency associated with them and each letter has a numeric value, based on its sound. (Click here for the basic meaning of the root numbers).By understanding the meanings of these numbers, negative energy can be controlled and eventually neutralized, and positive energy can be affirmed and reinforced.

The constant repetition of a number causes this frequency to resonate throughout the universe, which will attract a certain energy – positive vibrations draw positive energy, and negative vibrations draw negative energy. Even a slight adjustment in the spelling of a name can cause huge shifts in the energy that influences your life. Every time a person thinks of you, he/she thinks of your name, transmitting to you the particular energy that your name vibrates to.

Thoughts have the power to travel across space and bring physical changes. The name you use for signing is how you think of yourself, but your thoughts, actions and life circumstances are affected by a lot of different numbers..


Most of us have preferences for some numbers – and names – over others – we feel intuitively an attraction to their energy. Sometimes our name numbers draw some pretty heavy karma and it can be desirable to change them. If you can’t change your name, but want another vibration, visualize the spelling and ask others to do so also…. – it’s possible to learn how to deal with the influences of your present name, sometimes it just takes being a little creative.

If you’re considering changing because your energy is causing adversity, try to choose a name already in your family – this connection through ancestors can be very helpful in shifting your frequency – always use your intuition (higher self)!

The most important influences in your life are the single and compound key numbers of your name and birth date (remember to account for daylight savings time in calculating your actual birth date.)


House number is very important and foretells the kind of experiences (positive and negative) that you are likely to encounter during your stay in that house.

House number has more effect on your life than the street name number, as everyone else on that street has that same number and is affected by that vibration. To get a more complex picture of how your house number is influencing your life, you might want to add the house number to the street name number to see if it produces a favourable vibration.

Your phone number gives an indication of the communications that will be channeled through that line. Area code has a negligible effect as thousands/millions have it also, and the first 3 digits are less important than the last 4 digits which are yours alone… again to get a complete picture of how your phone number is affecting your communications, you may want to try adding all of the digits to see what the total vibrational frequency will be.


Your day of birth tells you which Life Initiation you are experiencing:

Water Initiation – indicates education & learning – considered the easiest because it’s always in the process of learning – numbers 1, 5, & 7

Air Initiation – indicates art, emotion & creativity – air permeates everything , so signifies any area of endeavor – numbers 3, 6, & 9

Fire Initiation – indicates industry, business & finance – most difficult of the initiations, as it demands that one stay connected with the material/physical world – 2, 4, & 8


The single key number derived from your full name on your birth certificate gives your life purpose number. Click here for details of how to calculate your life purpose and path numbers and what they mean. Your Birth Date number is your Destiny number, the Life Path number that defines how you will approach fulfilling your purpose, whether or not the path will be smooth, and what kind of a life you will have as you achieve your purpose.

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