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What About Crop Circles?

What About Crop Circles?

crop circlesThis formation is located at Wexcombe Down, Wilts and is approximately 200ft in diameter, in green Barley. Discovered while on the way to photographing the formation at Morgan’s Hill. It is a four-fold geometrical design, similar in nature to the bird (or swallows) formations of 2003 and 2005. From

by Doctor Paraskev

Now, when the Crop Circles are so popular and they could be seen by everybody, the time has come for everybody to understand what they are seeing. It is time for human to know the clear meaning of this message :

Intelligent Design:

By this term scientists, philosophers, theologians describe the Creation of God. The whole Creation and its each and every particle. And the interactions between each and all its particles. The particles in interaction that build up the whole Reality of God. Just as the particles build up the whole figure of each Crop Circle . So, this is the first message of the Crop Circles – think about the Intelligent Design created by a Larger-Scale Intelligence.

Relativity of the View-Point:

When standing amidst the Crop Circles we could no more but guess the real image of their figure. We could measure or meditate on it, but we could only see and understand a limited part of it. This is how, in fact, we live our everyday lives – within a limited selfish viewpoint. But if we look at the Crop Circle from different perspective – from the air – we could clearly see and understand the whole picture. And only now we get the chance to really know the whole massage. And get out of limitation. The difference between these two perspectives is only a difference between the viewpoints of our consciousness. Between the levels of our consciousness. The scale of our intelligence. So, this is the second message of Crop Circles – the whole picture of God’s Creation is understood only at a higher level of our consciousness. Beyond the standard everyday limitations of our mind.

Symmetry and Synchrony:

The symmetry and synchrony in the creation of every Crop Circle figure and each its particle is obvious. And this gives us a simple picture of how God thinks, acts, creates. An easy-to-perceive-and-understand formula of how His Creation is designed and works – by perfect symmetry and synchrony. Of how each of us and all around us is designed and operates. And this is the third message of Crop Circles – God and His Creation are one perfectly symmetrical and synchronous Whole. And so is me in it.

The Meaning of Life:

Because I act upon environment in perfect symmetry and synchrony, the environment acts upon me the same way. What I do to environment is done back to me – in due time and shape. This simple principle we name “Karma”. Because my self is in perfect symmetry and synchrony with the whole Reality, my self is eternal as is Reality. If my ornament in the whole Picture is destroyed and disappears the symmetry and synchrony of the whole Picture will be destroyed. This simple principle of eternal existence we name “After-Life” and “Reincarnation”. Through these principles of symmetry and synchrony we exist, we live. This is the meaning of our life – to be One with the Whole, thus realizing its Wholeness. Eternally. And this is the fourth message of Crop Circles .

The Path:

Well, we do not feel like being one with the Whole, with God, now. But because we are programmed by God to be one with the Whole, in perfect symmetry and synchrony, this is the final goal of our existence – to become One with God. In our consciousness. If we are not completely God conscious, we could not feel and be this Oneness in our consciousness. Therefore, to go up this Path to God, my consciousness has to gradually evolve to the perfect Symmetry and Synchrony of God’s Consciousness. And this is the fifth message of Crop Circles – we could really go to God and stay with Him forever only by acquiring, step by step, life after life, God Consciousness. This is the Program, the Design of God for us. 6. The Call : The obvious fact of Crop Circles’ existence is the obvious fact of God calling us, of God’s invitation to know Him and come to Him in perfect Oneness, Symmetry and Synchrony. This is the sixth message – The Call of God. Moreover, now humans have a simple and easy instrument for going up this Path – the “God Consciousness” book. Accessible to everyone in Internet. And the Crop Circles are the easy-for-everyone gates to this book and Path.

Patience and Persistence:

The Crop Circles phenomenon was probably started by the Stonehange and other stone circles phenomena several thousand years ago. And it goes on with a steady patience and persistence. Because, the evolution of human consciousness takes time. Therefore, in our effort on our Path to God we need constant patience and persistence, too. It takes time to reach the final Goal – God. And this is the seventh “Trumpet of Apocalypse” – the radical change in consciousness and the destruction of limited thinking comes only after the unfailing will and work to evolve to God Consciousness.

Free to Choose:

Well, everyone of us is free to create one’s own theory about the mechanism of Crop Circles’ creation : dances of elfs ; black sabbath rituals of witches ; CIA, KGB and Pentagon conspiracy ; ETs on UFOs ; higher beings from higher parallel dimensions ; Seraphims or Satans … But only when we realize that the Crop Circles are the Words of God for us, we’ll be able to really read and use them for our real good. We will be truly able to know God’s profound Grace and Love for us. And hear His call. It’s all our free choice. So, email you are offered free, now, the “God Consciousness” e-book. Love and Blessings. Doctor Paraskev

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