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The Haunted House

The Haunted House

It all started when I was hanging out with Tim. He took me to his dad's house in the country one night. The house is pretty old, I think from the 1800's. The moment I walked inside the door, I felt something.. a lot of different energies I think. As he gave me a tour of the house, the feelings increased. A few times I stopped, perplexed at the strength of the feelings and he asked me if something was wrong. It was like I was in some sort of daze. Some of things I felt seemed like memories in the house of people that had lived and moved on, but left a sort of hand print. But there was something else, like thousands of fingernails scratching on the floor from the basement.

Later in the night we were sitting in the living room kissing, and I started to feel like someone was watching us. I told him, and he said he felt the same thing. I felt like there was a woman there, standing in front of us, and I felt like she was trying to move into me so that she could talk through me. My head and sinuses started to feel like they were opening up, and I started shaking. Tim got scared and said he wanted to leave, because he was afraid something bad was going to happen. As we were walking out, I felt like she was trying to put her hand through my back. What I was feeling from her was that she was angry at him and saying "Tell him, tell him." But I didn't know what I was supposed to tell him.

When he went back to the farm the next day, he fell asleep in that room. He had a dream that he had woken up on the couch there, but someone was sitting next to him, holding him down and wouldn't let him up. Then finally he woke up, and realized that someone was holding him down again (he was still dreaming). He said that that happened about 30 times before he could actually wake up.

We decided to go back to the house, because we wanted the spirit to be able to tell us what it needed to. We decided to go during the day (it ended up being late afternoon) and to use some sort of oil for protection (I forget what it was now, but it smelled like jelly beans). I was wearing a really red sweater. I felt like that was a bad idea, but I don't know why. I just felt like I shouldn't be wearing such a red sweater. Anyway, we went back in and sat down in the middle of the floor. The air felt so heavy and thick. We told the spirit that it wasn't allowed to inhabit either of us this time, and if it tried we were going to leave right away.

I started swaying forward and back, but I wasn't doing it myself. After a minute it stopped. We got a piece of paper and pencil and both put our hands on it, and asked the spirit to write what she wanted to tell us about. She wrote "Liar" in cursive. Then we asked who the liar was. I think she might have been part inside of me when she was writing the second one, because I started to feel like I was going to cry. We couldn't read the second, and I said that maybe we could have her draw a picture instead. We were still holding the pencil on the paper while we were talking and it started moving, but it didn't really make a picture, just like a long squiggly circle line. But while it was drawing, I felt like crying again, and I could feel her hand start to go through my back, and something really strong happened, like hitting me in the face. I felt I was somewhere else, and something awful was happening.. something in a dark, damp room. I sort of jumped and gasped, and Tim said that we should leave. When we were in the driveway near the road as he was closing the gate, I felt like she still had her hand through my back, crawling up through my throat to the roof of my mouth. I told him I felt that way, and we stopped and burnt some sage around me and I felt much better.

I forgot to mention that I threw the I Ching a few days earlier asking it if I should go back to talk to this spirit. I can't remember now which I got (I'm very new at that), but the first (the advice) was something like the stranger or traveler. At the end of the excerpt it said "There will be evil." I'd never gotten an I Ching that said that before. And at the end of the second one (the outcome) it said again, "There will be evil."

Well, Tim stayed the night and in the morning when I was getting ready for work, I was sitting with my back to him doing my makeup in a hand-mirror . He was still asleep. I felt an urge to look at him in the mirror, I don't know why. So I turned the mirror so I could see his face. Right after I could see his face in the mirror, his eyes opened widely, looking straight at me.. it's interesting that they were already looking at me when they opened since his head wasn't turned completely my direction. I smiled at him, but his expression was blank. I turned around, and he just sat there staring at me with no expression. Then he like freaked out and jumped, and was like, "Oh my god!" I said, "Tim, what's wrong?" I guess he had been dreaming he was at the farm again or something and… I can't remember all of what he said now, but it sounded like a similar idea to the dream he had where the person was holding him down. In the dream he was asking me if he was awake, and I wouldn't answer him (that must have been when he was sitting there with his eyes open).

I meditated that night after work, and as I was laying there relaxing, I felt like there was a body curled up inside my chest, pushing against it. I really don't know what's going on now. I realize I shouldn't have gotten involved with all of this without knowing what I'm doing, but I didn't really choose to get involved in the beginning; it just sort of happened. It's so hard to find any kind of spiritual guidance in the society we live in right now. Could you give me any advice on what I should do next in this situation? Before we left we told the spirit that we would be back and would listen to her, but both Tim and I felt that she has a negative energy about her in some way. There is another spirit there of a little girl out in the field behind the house I think. I did not feel a negative energy around her.

Do you think we should try to talk to her with a ouija board or something (I don't really know of any other way to talk to a spirit other than having them move something like that) to get another perspective on the situation of the house or some more information?

Thank you so much! Jessica

Before you go back there, you need to learn more about what this is all about… on one level, you must learn about the history of this house or this are, see if you find a time when there was some violence or anger around that property… then you need to learn more about being a medium, spirits and ghost busting… it takes a lot of work to be able to make the connections – especially with negative energies – and stay protected.. even the professionals take a lot of precautions before attempting to make the kind of contacts you have.. as you have already noticed, they can attach themselves to you and infect your life long after you've had contact…

You are a natural medium, dear, read the works of Craig Hamilton, James Van Praagh and George Hamilton for some good insights on this work.. and see if you can find a spiritualist church in your area – they may be able to help you… in the meantime, please don't go back there until you are stronger and more knowledgeable about spirit life and how to deal with this kind of energy… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Pete Haunts This House

Last night, my Uncle Tony and Aunt Susie were sound asleep. They have known they have ghosts in their house for years, but my Uncle has always been a skeptic. My Aunt was always the one who saw them. Well, at about 4 am my uncle heard a loud thump that woke him up. He immediately woke my aunt and told her he thought someone was in the house. At that moment they noticed their cat on the floor of their bedroom, back arched and hair raised hissing. It was facing the doorway which led to their kitchen.

Uncle Tony saw a glow of light coming from the doorway and got up to investigate, telling aunt susie to stay behind in case of danger. As the kitchen came into his view from the doorway he saw a man, about 6'2" standing in his kitchen wearing a cowboy hat and dressed 'old-fashioned'.

The man was with a woman wearing a black beret and a scarf which was wrapped all the way around her neck and face. The man looked at my uncle Tony, made eye contact and tipped up his cowboy hat and grinned. Immediately my uncle flipped the light switch to get a better look and they disappeared. He went on to search the entire house, an old Victorian home, from top to bottom and found no one. He is positive he was wide awake, and my aunt who woke up as well confirms this.

Previously, when they first moved into the house, my aunt started calling her ghost 'Pete' as a nickname, which she said just came to here. A year or so later, when they thought to research the former residents of their old home, they found the man who used to live there had died in the house. His first name was Henry, but everyone called him Pete! Rick

What a wonderful story! At least your ghosts sound very friendly!!! And now finally your uncle will believe – the whole incident may have been set up so he would believe! Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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