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The Ghosts of Gettysburg

The Ghosts of Gettysburg: Stories of lost souls or dimension shifts?

Ghost Tapes

I had heard so much about ghost tapes, I decided to try one myself while at Gettysburg. Well after driving around for about an hour and stopping at each noted place, I would name the place I was at, then hold the tape recorder out the window for a minute or two. I went back to my hotel room, played the tape, and heard absolutely nothing, not until I reached the “VALLEY OF DEATH” directly across from “‘Little Round Top”. NOTE: (There was a monument to an Artillery unit directly to my right where I had stopped) It stated rather coldly “THE VALLEY OF DEATH” but suddenly there was a distant blast followed by a massive explosion as if a wagon train or cannon went off which echoed off in the distance for some time!!! A friend of mine who is familiar with civil war cannon said it sounded like a signal gun followed by every gun in GOD’S heaven! I have this tape and it shocks everyone who hears it!!!! Bill Goodman

More on the Ghosts of Gettysburg from Dr Chopper of Wisconsin

Regarding your Gettysburg article. there is much activity at Gettysburg.

I am a Civil War Reenactor and have heard many of the stories but the best I will submit to you.

During the 130th anniversary of the battle, two reenactors were sitting on the top of Little Round Top, when they noticed what appeared to be another reenactor approaching them. One of the sitting reenactors was a professor of Gettysburg college and he was quite impressed with the man’s kit.

The man who came up approached using lingo of that time and he said “Weren’t Some fight we had today huh boys?” The other men nodded.

“Well” said the man,”You might need these here tomorrow” With that, the man reached in his kit and handed the boys some cartridges. The professor was deeply impressed, because the cartridges were tied the right way and sealed with the right amount of bees wax and he was going to say something when he felt the Minne ball inside.

BY FEDERAL LAW NO REENACTOR IS TO BRING LIVE ROUNDS ON THE FIELD!! When the men looked up, the reenactor disappeared.

The relics were brought back to camp for us to see and they have been DNA tested to 1863!

This story along with others is published in George Coco’s book, Ghosts of Gettysburg.

The Disappearing House – More from Bill Goodman

My wife and I were staying at a Gettysburg hotel, right next to where Pikket charged. It was 200 am and our two greyhounds begged to be walked. A storm had just ended, and the wind was still blowing hard, the sky was clear, the stars were out. Across the small road from where I was instructed to walk my dogs there sat a small house. There was only one window in the rear, and it shone a yellow color with no flickering at all. I was tempted to walk over and look in, but a lot of small shrubs were in the way. I thought nothing of all this ,until the next day when I looked across the road to where the house stood. there was no house there, not a trace!!!!!!

Ghost-Hunting at Gettysburg

I have many stories, but this is my favorite one. I went to the Farnsworth bed and breakfast in Gettysburg, PA, I went into the attic where two confederate soldiers had occupied it during the battle of Gettysburg, they both died in the attic. I went on a very warn October day and was sitting in the attic with a ghost hunter and lady friend, we were asking the spirit to show us they were here well he did, the ghost hunters camera just started flashing by itself and you could feel a bone chilling cold walking back and forth too, and after the camera stopped going we looked at each other and the ghost hunter went to take more random photos and the camera wouldn’t work, that’s when we said to the spirit that we were not here to hurt or bother him we simply wanted him to make his presence known which he had however it didn’t stop there he went as far as to move the bench behind me in the corner and he actually touched me on the arm with what felt like was one finger, well needless to say I was out of that attic like a bolt of lightning, and down the steps and out the door, I came back later though, I had alot of ghostly encounters that day and all my stories are the same things other guests have told and I had no prior knowledge of these stories, it was fun there and now I go ghost hunting wherever I can find haunted places. I also feel as though I have a sixth sense and I can actually feel the presence of ghosts and entities in many places I’ve been to and would like to develop this further if I knew how to, I really do believe I have the ability to communicate with spirits. Margie Fabrizio

Lost Souls?

Last year at this time I was recovering from cancer surgery. My husband and I took a trip out to Gettysburg, Pa for a long weekend. I remember telling him that I was surprised that so many children were out of school, (this was a Friday). We took the bus tour across the battlefield, we walked around the area, and we visited the cemetery. Each time I went somewhere, the children seemed to follow me. I remember making comments about their clothing, but I have not been around children of that age level for a long time, so I thought it was the latest style.

When we got to the cemetery, 4 of these children asked me to take their picture. I took them under the big tree as you enter the cemetery. I took several shots at the battlefield, and talked to some of the people working at the stores. They told some very tall tales about the ghosts that haunt the area.

Inside one of the stores, a little boy who was with his father (both were in period dress) came into a store and walked around, and then asked to play the pipe (or whatever the instrument was called). The boy of about 12 years old played five tunes perfectly, not missing a note. It stopped me and my husband in our tracks. It was as if we could not move for the true beauty of the music.

After going around to several places, we headed home on Sunday. I had my pictures developed.

There were no kids. Bright green illuminations came out on the pictures. I felt that I was not in control of my thoughts, I kept looking at the pictures.

Has this happened to anyone else? Why the bright green illuminations on the photos? I can describe what was supposed to be there. These kids and this young man spent time with me. My husband took pictures with the video camera, same places, yet he did not show and green in the film. Can you explain this???? Thanks, Joan


From Danielle:

This is a most amazing and interesting story. Here are my comments… first of all, obviously, someone from “the other side” was trying to get your attention. For whatever reasons, this experience seems to signal some sort of spiritual awakening for you and your husband… clearly an indication that ‘spirit’ wants your attention, and a validation that there is more to life than meets the eye – perhaps you and your husband needed to know this…. I also get the sense that you might have been somehow connected to this place, perhaps were even one of the children in the photographs… In any case…. I have had some similar experiences although not nearly so dramatic or vivid as these when visiting some historical sites and cemeteries in Massachusetts…

Either you hit a bit of a time warp and managed to cross some dimensional boundaries, or what I feel is more likely, you lifted the veil on another dimension and dropped in on the spirit life that is inhabiting that site…

Whatever the case, I would consider this experience a great gift and be very alert to new feelings, knowing, understandings that come to you in this time… let yourself explore your spirituality…. you had this experience for good reason, see if you can discover what this means for you right now. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Answers From Geri:

Hi! I’m Geri Webre, Ph.D. a psychic and a psychologist. WHEW!! What an amazing story!! This one really is phenomenal. . . .

I’ve developed this “theory” over the years, partially based on personal experience and partially from working with hundreds of different folks in therapy. And that is then when people are recovering from a catastrophic illness, such as cancer, their “other” faculties kick in. Like psychic abilities. It’s as if the normal survival senses aren’t quite enough any more and the system activates the higher senses. It’s almost as if the message to the body and the mind is: your own 5 physical senses aren’t enough and you need a “boost” in perception.

In my own case, after cancer surgery at a relatively young age. . .my own psychic senses went into overdrive! I was “seeing” beings that weren’t “really there” in the “normal range of perception” and for awhile I was beginning to doubt my sanity.

And, this seems to be a natural response within the human psyche. SO, you are undoubtedly experiencing a heightened level of perception here and you may have to readjust your whole notion of what’s normal perception!

There IS a whole unseen realm. . . .outside the “normal” spectrum of perception which is just as real as what our five senses are able to sense. Also take into account, that TIME is not what we think either. On a psychic level, past, present and future run as parallel realities. So while we THINK we are in present time. . . the track, which is the past runs alongside. ..very closely. . .and through a very thin veil!

Perceptually it IS possible to “see” all the time tracks simultaneously. . . .if one is tuned into the right channel. Sometimes this happens quite spontaneously. . . . other times, one can do it consciously and deliberately. You, for whatever reason, that day, in that place, spontaneously shifted channels. It could be that, through past-life experiences, you have an “emotional rapport” with that place. . .and with that time frame. And it could be that the message here, for you, is that reality, so-called, may have more dimensions that you think.

Like Danielle indicated: this is a gift! Quite possibly it indicates a shift for you on a deeper core level. . .I would suspect that after a period of time. . .you will see these kinds of events as the norm. . . .and everyday reality. . .the illusion!!

So stay open to all the possibilities. . . .this feels like a wonderful psychic opening for you! These children exist, somehow, trapped, between the worlds, so to speak. Could it be possible that they were trying to make contact with you so that you could, in turn, help release them? Perhaps it would be worth another trip to do that release work with them. You can simply ask them what is was that happened to them. . .and what is left unfinished. . .and then tell them that it’s time for them to let go. . .and go towards the Light. . . .so that they can reincarnate again and fullfill their purpose. . . .I hope this assists you in gaining more insight into your most amazing story. . . .and perhaps an even more amazing personal journey. . .Sincerely, Geri Webre

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