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My Computer and the Space Buddies

My Computer and the Space Buddies

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

My first home computer was lent to me when I suddenly found myself out of a job in the late 80’s and started working from home. It was a very old machine – akin to one of the old Altos klunkers – ran on cpm, 64k of memory – but that baby was a little work horse and really put out!!!

Until a heat wave hit and I had to keep working…. Into the fourth week of 100+ temp’s, she started to slow down and I had a big assignment to finish… We kept at it, grinding it out, the screen’s going a little crazy regularly now, I have to save every minute or so, or I lose everything – not just what I haven’t saved yet….but we’re getting there, almost finished on the Friday, needs to be out in 5 days, we’ll make it…

Late Friday afternoon, I turn the machine back on after a few hours break for a meeting and it starts spitting at me, crackling and fizzling. The screen is clearly fried, looks like it’s taken some kind of electrical hit, it flashes and waves, and then just dies… dead completely now. I turn it off and reboot, nothing…. I just want to cry….

Then I remember the energy work I’d been practicing, so I went back to the machine and put my hands on it…. Thanked it for all its good work, acknowledged how I’d been pushing it, talked to the One and the machine as part of the One and closed by saying, “look we both need a rest – so I tell you what, I’ll give you until Monday to get better and back to work. But when I turn you on again Monday, I really need you to finish this job for me….”

At that moment, in my mind’s eye, I saw two little ET’s (I later named them my Space Buddies) suddenly appear at the computer, squeaking away in some high pitched tones, tools in hand, hustling around to the back of the computer, pulling off the casing and climbing inside. They were about 3 feet tall, wearing space helmets, silver suits, almost robotic in nature – energy is very metallic. As soon as they realized I didn’t understand when they communicated in the high pulses that sounded like squeaks, they adjusted their rate so I still heard the squeaks, but now I could understand their thoughts.

When they finished they told me telepathically to give the machine the rest it needed, that they’d tuned it up to operate at my frequency now, but whatever fix they had done would need several days to settle in… when I started it again on Monday, I should work slowly and save often, but that I’d notice after a few days this would be unnecessary.

Then they explained a whole lot of things about electrical equipment and how it would be affected in the change – and how as we increased our vibrational frequencies, our equipment would begin to break down…. They told me I’d have one of the first telepathic answering machines and that they’d be around to take care of my equipment, as required for as long as I needed them, I could just call, and they’d come….

After that my answering machine behaved very strangely – there were numerous messages that no one could translate or understand, some that came in pulses and beeps, others that seemed to be distant voices…. And my printer became psychic – but that’s another story.

Oh yes, and on Monday I turned the machine on again, holding my breath, not believing that I really would be able to get to work…. and of course I did, the computer came up, sluggish as I was told it would be. The screen danced a bit, I had to save more frequently, but as the day passed it settled and within three days, the system was running better than ever….

That was the first big job they took care of for me…. I have blessed my little space buddies many times for the money I didn’t have that I never had to spend…. always there when I need them.

Now it’s your turn…. If you’ve had a strange encounter, or an out of body experience, or your dreams have come true, we want to hear your story…. Tell us about your spooky or paranormal or miraculous experiences. You could see your story on this page!

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