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Ghosts: The Ghostly Haunts of the Diamond Springs Hotel

Ghost Girls Tales: The Ghostly Haunts of the Diamond Springs Hotel

By Ghost Girls Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator: Paul Dale Roberts .

Usually paranormal investigations are conducted on the weekend, but this Monday night (September 22, 2008), the Ghost Girls, Nancy Bradley – Celebrity Psychic and Shannon ‘Ms. Macabre’ McCabe – Ghosthunter Extraordinaire had a hot investigation and it needed to be done tonight! The Ghost Girls Investigative Response Team showed up to this investigation, pronto! They were: Jennifer Baca, Catherine Noble, Robert Reppert, Bob King and of course me.

We met up at the Diamond Springs Hotel and the first thing we started checking was equipment. We were equipped with laptop, digital audio recorders, digital cameras, sound enhancer/recorder, the $12,000 dollar FLIR thermal reader, and various video cameras. We were armed to the teeth with equipment. The Ghost Girls wanted to find out what was haunting this old hotel, that was built in 1912. The hotel was built for that exact purpose, but has since been converted into a restaurant.

The Ghost Girls had me start the interview process. On this night I interviewed Amy Shim – Owner, Leonard Landers – Chef and Luanne Gobble – Server.

I will compile all three interviews and tell you what I discovered from my interviews: One night a little girl came out screaming from the woman’s bathroom yelling ‘Happy’ several times. When they asked the little girl patron what happened, she saw an old woman in the bathroom that had red make up all over her cheeks. It scared the little girl terribly. Then on another night, Leonard saw a figure of a man peeking around the corner, he was startled because the ghostly figure had a milky bony face and it was staring right at him! There is a paranormal event that is called Spontaneous Human Combustion, I will call this event that happened at this hotel Spontaneous Item Combustion. A plastic basket filled with clean towels was seen on the security camera smoking. An employee walked out with the basket and took it outside and in a matter of seconds the whole basket of towels were in flames. The towels were almost consumed and the plastic basket was melted. Nothing surrounding the basket was burned. When the fire department investigated they said it was spontaneous combustion. The towels were not oily, they were not around alcohol or gasoline that is combustible. There was no explanation why the towels exploded in flames. As I did my interviews I learned that salt shakers have moved on their own, a coffee cup went straight up in the air, tilted and the coffee poured out on the table. Footsteps have been heard on the 2nd floor and walking up the steps. The footsteps were heavy footsteps. The sounds of children’s footsteps have been heard in the dining area and a slight touch of children was felt by the owner Amy Shim. Another time, many witnesses saw a man looking out the second floor window and when they investigated, there was no man at the second floor window.

The history of the hotel is very interesting. A long time ago this building also had a saloon, a woman walked in with a shotgun and shot her husband on the bar stool for talking to another woman. Many fights also broke out at the bar. Some patrons of the past died in the hotel of various diseases. There has been a lot of tragedy at this hotel.

The hotel seems to have intelligent hauntings, because the credit card machine started working on it’s own, as if some entity was playing with the machine. The machine has only been there in recent times and if a ghost from the past is playing around with the machine, that would indicate some kind of intelligence and not just residual haunting.

Nancy Bradley started picking up activity instantly, she was able to make out a ghostly dog in the dining area and she was able to make out a man named Charlie. Bob was using the FLIR thermal reader and picked up an apparition that darted right in front of the camera with the investigative team watching.

On this night we investigated the dining area and the 2nd floor where the abandoned hotel rooms are located. There was a heaviness in the air, it was almost like we were being watched and followed. Nancy and Shannon were the first ones on the 2nd floor to investigate as their response team followed behind. Nancy & Shannon experienced many areas upstairs where there was a heavyness in the air. Shannon caught some interesting readings on the FLIR and we are awaiting her results from the voice recordings taken. Nancy felt spirit energy around her everywhere, the air was thick with it this night!

All photographic and EVP evidence has not been fully analyzed yet, but please stay tuned and discover what the Ghost Girls captured on this very eventful night. A night in which an apparition was caught instantly on the thermal reader. I don’t want to give away everything that happened at the Diamond Springs Hotel/ Restaurant, because the Ghost Girls DVD will be out in November 2008. Watch for us on the Ghost Channel TV and on local stations in Sacramento.

We are definitely going back to the Diamond Springs Hotel for another investigation, infact we will be there resuming our TV shoot next week. We have a lot in store for the viewer, so stay tuned! For more information about the Diamond Springs Hotel, you can find that information on their website at:

Shannon, Bob King, Jennifer Baca, Paul, Robert Reppert, Nancy Bradley, Catherine Noble.

To learn about the Ghost Girls Halloween Ball at the Haunted Sequoia Mansion in Placerville -October 31, 2008, or to learn more about the Ghost Girls- Ghost Tours and Psychic Home Partiesgo to this website:

Paul Dale Roberts, Ghost Girls Ghostwriter/Paranormal Investigator

If you have a possible investigation call: 530-622-0977

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