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Ghosts and Hauntings: The Ghost At Government House

Ghosts and Hauntings: The Ghost At Government House

by Art Myers

I have taught writing at various times, and at one time I taught in a correspondence school. Occasionally I would get a foreign student, and the best foreign writer I ever had was Vincent Foo, a civil servant in Malaysia. After I had been working a few months with Vincent, he found out that I wrote true stories about ghosts. He came up with a wonderful true story of his own.

His small daughter had been frightened by the apparition of a woman. Vincent – although he could not see it – asked the apparition to stop appearing to the little girl, and after several such appeals it apparently did. After that he became aware that his house, which was government quarters, was known to be haunted. There were reportedly two women ghosts in the place. In fact, when he was transferred, the wife of his successor refused to move in.

“Years later,” Vincent wrote me, “I learned the story behind the two female ghosts. The house was built by the Lutong Shell Company for its expatriate staff. In the early 1930s, it was occupied by an Englishman. As was the prevalent custom them, he had a mistress, a beautiful local girl. When his wife joined him a couple of years later, he stopped the relationship.

“The girl was madly in love with him. She felt cheated and considered herself to be his lawful wife and the English woman as the interloper. One day when the Englishman was working, this girl went to the house. Nobody knew what actually happened but the English woman was found dead inside the house of stab wounds. She clutched a ‘kris,’ a Malay dagger, in her hand. The other girl was found dead in the compound, also of stab wounds.

“The poor fellow was sent back to England not knowing he had left behind the spirits of two women who had, in their own ways, loved him and who still resent the presence of strangers in the house. For I’ve learned that other government officers who stayed there also had ghostly experiences.”

I wrote back to Vincent, thanking him for the account, and telling him that Somerset Maugham couldn’t have told it better.

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