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Ghosts and Hauntings: Calls From the Other Side

Ghosts and Hauntings: Calls From the Other Side: Disturbing stories submitted by our visitors

Lass comes for Dad

Submitted by Valerie Elizabeth Sumner

I had not seen a friend of mine for 3 yrs, and as I was passing where she lived decided to visit her, I saw her elderly Father walking down the road, and following him was their merle coloured Collie (Lass), I thought to myself, she is walking well, looks marvelous,(she had bad arthritis and was at least 12 yrs old). I continued onto my friend Vivienn’s house, I knocked on the door, she came to the door, and exclaimed, why Val I haven’t seen you for 3 yrs, how are you, then added “you just missed Dad he has gone down the road”, yes I replied I saw him with Lass, she blankly looked at me, then remarked, “No you couldn’t have, we had Lass put down 2 yrs ago. Well I can tell you, I then knew her Dad would soon be leaving this portal. And 1 week later he died. Lass had come for him. That was in England , at Mollison Way , Burnt Oak, Middlesex. I now reside in South Australia , and I have seen many ghosts, whatever, in my life.

Our Haunted House

Submitted by Misty

I have been seeing a figure at the end of my bed and it is in a foggy form. I also felt as though my bedroom door was opening a closing. It feels as if it going back and forth from my room to my daughter’s. Ever since I was a kid and had some spirit form shake my bed and make noises above me. But after I got older that went away. I have been aware of spirits ever since then. But I’m not sure why they would be traveling back and forth from me to my daughter. The house we moved into we found out by the fence row two head stones from 1876. The strange thing is they have my children’s last name on them. I was told by the former owner that they where left from some guy that wanted to give them money but did not have any so he took them and left them on there door step.. This happened years ago – we have lived in this house for 11 years now. Guess he was not all there but felt he was doing good. The stones were of two infant sons. I am not sure if this could have anything to do with it or not. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on what you think could be causing this and what I can do to send the spirits on. Thanks Misty

Well, hon, you are living in a haunted house from the sounds of it – and perhaps for a good reason, you may have come back to this house to recover some energy from a previous lifetime… perhaps in that lifetime you were the father of those two infant sons? or perhaps there was some similar trauma that has triggered this to manifest in your life now… whatever the case, you are a natural medium, and I suspect so is your daughter… I’d suggest you learn about it – try the works of Craig Hamilton-Parker and James Von Praagh for some good insight on spirit life.

You might find that a past-life reading with one of our readers is useful to you – she may be able to see what the specific connection is… but in the meantime, do some research, read up on spirit life… if these spirits have been attached to this house for a long while, it may not be so easy to get rid of them… I don’t get them as malevolent in any way, they seem to feel kindly towards you and your family… like the way you are caring for their home… they see themselves as being the real owners of this property…

You can try these things – address the ghost directly, tell it that it is disturbing you – that it has been long dead and that you are now the power in this house… tell it to go to the light, to look for a light, it will find its real home in the light, people to love again…. You can try doing a clearing, smudging, lighting candles – even doing a memorial service for the ghost can help it to move on… try to be both loving and kind and also forceful and clear in your commands that they leave. Give them something to look forward to in the light – perhaps by telling the ghost that they can find their lost children there…

Hope that helps, do let us know how you make out. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

A Drippy House

Submitted by Virginia S. Day of Brodhead, Kentucky

In 1993, me, my husband and my three-year old daughter moved into the house that my husband was raised in as a child. This house had a history of strange happenings such as the television and water faucet’s turning themselves on and off. My daughter would not sleep in the back bedroom, she would wake up crying in the middle of the night and say that there were people coming out of the ceiling. I had to move her bedroom into another room. Over the next three years the cabinets shook, I could feel presences in the house and there were strange noises. The year we moved out was when sprinkles of water would be thrown on me and my children out of no where. I never remember hearing of anyone dying in the house.

But there was something there.

“Water, Water” – A Grave Disturbed, Its Inhabitant Calls

Submitted by LAREE, from Canada

Well, I kept having dreams about my aunt who had been dead about a year. I saw her in a long white gown and she was standing in a puddle of water. It was the same dream for a few nights. Then one night when I had been out, and came home – now this wasn’t a dream and it’s the truth – I saw her standing in my front room, with my own eyes standing there in that white gown in that puddle of water. I couldn’t sleep for a day or two. I kept seeing her reaching out to me and saying “help me”. I knew something was wrong. I told my Mom I needed to go to her grave, something was wrong and I had to find out what it was. Everyone kept telling me not to worry, I was just dreaming. But when I saw her in my house I was wide awake. I have had these kinda things happen before. And my Mom knew I wouldn’t rest until I went and found out what was up. I told my Mom it has something to do with water, because of all the water I kept seeing around her. Just before I left to go, I saw her again, this time the water was running down her head and she kept saying “water, water!!!”

So I went to her grave and as I got to it I knew what was wrong. Her grave had caved in and it was raining really hard. She was on a hill and there was an opening right at her head where all the rain water was running down into her coffin, right on her head. I had them fix it right away and my aunt never came back to me in a dream, or just standing in my house. I knew she wanted that water off her head and that it made her happy to have that hole taken care of. I have had so many things happen like this, I just don’t know how to use it. Sometimes it scares me but I know it’s for a reason…


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