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Ghosts and Hauntings: An Extraordinary Feat of Psychic Detection

Ghosts and Hauntings: An Extraordinary Feat of Psychic Detection

by Art Myers

I’ve now written seven books that involve hauntings. My current book, “Communicating With Animals,” in addition to describing how you can talk telepathically with live animals, has a chapter on animal ghosts. And my six previous books are all about human ghosts – at least 200 of that variety. Actually, more like 400. Some places have several ghosts.

But I must admit I’ve never seen a ghost or experienced any hauntings myself. This is a bit embarrassing. I’ve occasionally been interviewed by talk show people who seem perturbed that I would write about ghosts without actually seeing one. Well, that shows how visually oriented some people can be. You don’t have to see ghosts to know there are spirits hovering around, whether or not you can see them.

The direct, first hand experience I’ve had with spirits comes in the form of poltergeist games. When I’m writing about ghosts I concentrate on the subject so intently that it brings in spirits – at least that’s what I’m told by people who are more psychically gifted than I am. Things start moving in my workplace. Odd things happen on the phone – I’ve had more than one interview in which the conversation came out backward. I had one in which the spirit of a woman’s lover would “turn off” her voice whenever he came into the conversation. When she wasn’t talking about him, her voice would be on the tape at full volume. All kinds of stuff like that.

A lot of people die and go on to the next life, it seems, but are loath to give up their ties to this physical dimension. At least that’s my reading of the situation. They want to play games, make contact. In my experience at least, they don’t want to make you angry – they want to be your pal. So if I get irritated with their games and start yelling, or even burn some sage, they’ll go away for a couple of weeks. Although they usually start up again. The only way for me to really turn them off is to finish the ghost book and start thinking about other things.

But there was one time I got really irritated by something a spirit – or spirits – did involving my work. It was in 1990, and I was working on a book called “The Ghostly Gazetteer.” I was almost finished with the book, only two chapters left to complete. At the time, I was working on a chapter about a lavishly haunted place in northern California called Bodie State Park. It had originally been a gold mining town, dating from 1849, and had been a rough-tough place in its early years. Back then, there was a saying, “Goodbye God, I’m going to Bodie.” I’ve done research at a few of these once-rambunctious old gold and silver mining towns, and they are haunted to the max. Violence and strong emotion can result in a plenteous ghostly residue.

That evening, I had decided to put the manuscript together. As I would finish a chapter, I would put it on a table in the corner of my workroom. Gradually the pile would increase, till it became about two or three inches thick. It gave one a feeling of accomplishment. My ghost books were arranged by state, in alphabetical order, so I decided to finish the day by getting things in order, state-wise. By my calculations, I should now have 38 chapters – not counting the two I was still working on. So I piled the rearranged chapters together. I counted them, and there were only 37 chapters. `

How could this be, I wondered. Nobody else ever came into this room. At least, nobody living. I counted and recounted – still 37 chapters. There was indeed a chapter missing. What was missing was the shortest chapter in the book – only four pages of manuscript. It was about the ghost of a lady music professor at Wesleyan University in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Although a lot of my spirits’ shenenigans entertained me and actually reassured me – after all, if you’re a writer about ghosts who has never seen a ghost, it’s nice to have some indications that there are such things – this particular caper made me very nervous, as well as irritated. This was something new – they were tampering with the finished product! Suppose that I had not noticed that the chapter was missing. Conceiveably, I told myself, the book could have been published without that chapter. And I liked that chapter. I especially liked the title I’d given it – “The Lady and the Time Warp.” I didn’t sleep well that night. `

The first thing I did the next morning was look to make sure the missing chapter had not shown up overnight. It hadn’t. So I ran off another copy of the chapter on my computer printer and inserted it where it should be. Then I called a psychic whom I had heard lecture recently, and who had impressed me considerably. Her name is Nancy Regalmuto, and she lives in Bellport, New York. Nancy had talked about communicating telepathically with animals. In fact, through having heard Nancy, I eventually wrote my newest book, “Communicating With Animals.” Nancy plays a large role in that book. She is an extraordinary mystic – not only with animals, but with humans, and with a variety of other beings.

I called Nancy by phone early in the morning. All I told her was that one of my chapters was missing, and that there was no earthly way I could imagine that that would happen. She asked me:

“Are you currently working on a chapter about California?”

This in itself was quite a feat of mysticism. I hadn’t said anything about California.

“Yes,” I said, “come to think of it I am. In fact, I’m working on two chapters about California. One is about Natalie Wood, the little movie star who fell off her yacht and drowned.”

“No,” Nancy replied, “that’s not it. Are you working on a story that involves a little girl and a grown man? They both died many years ago.”

I told Nancy that these two were indeed in my chapter. The little girl is one of the most often seen ghosts at Camp Bodie. She is sometimes called The Angel of Bodie. When alive, she had become very attached to one of the miners, and had followed him all over the place. One day, without realizing she was standing closely behind him, the miner raised his pick over his back and stuck the little girl in the head, killing her. This tragic story was part of the legend of Camp Bodie.

I told Nancy Regalmuto that this had indeed happened. In fact, it had just occurred to me that I had been writing about this the day before.

“That’s what it is,” Nancy said. “You have two spirits there – the miner and the little girl. The miner lived the rest of his life in anguish at having killed his little friend. He could not get over it. And when he died, he became close to the spirit of the little girl. He doesn’t want you to write about it, and he influenced the little girl to steal a chapter from the book.”

It wasn’t clear – at least to me – what he was hoping to accomplish in taking an unrelated chapter. Get my attention, perhaps. Or why he would have the little girl do the dirty deed, rather than doing it himself.

But it was one of the most intriguing psychic achievements I’ve ever had a medium perform for me.

When I hung up the phone, I decided to have a talk with the ghost of that miner, even if I couldn’t see him. I told him he ought to be ashamed of himself, putting his little friend up to such tricks. And that it was foolish to dwell on something that had happened a century and a half ago. That everybody knew it was an accident, that it wasn’t his fault. I told him that I didn’t know much about the afterlife, but I wondered if he was somehow holding the little girl’s spirit back, preventing her from going on to higher spiritual planes, which for that matter he should be doing himself. I said that I was not only going to put in the story of the little girl’s death and subsequent haunting of Bodie in the book, but also go into detail about what had just happened the past few hours – namely, the case of the missing chapter. Then, with some indignance, I sat down and proceeded to do just that.

A half hour later, I had finished writing that portion of the chapter. And I was beginning to get a little uneasy. Who am I, I thought, to rail so aggressively at a ghost? Maybe I ought to back down, remove what I had written in the past half hour. I wondered what the miner and his little friend might have done now to the manuscript. Would the new chapter I had printed about the lady professor still be there? So I looked: and there were now two copies of that chapter. The original had returned from outer space.

So I left the full story – as I had completed it during the previous half-hour – in the book.

Art Myers, the well-known reporter of paranormal phenomena and writer of ghost stories has just released an exciting new book “Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals”. Now available in your local bookstores.

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