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Ghosts: A Ghost Story From Gloucester

Ghost Story From Gloucester, MA

From Christopher Ree 10-20-09

Here is a true ghost story in time for Halloween.

In 1966, I witnessed a truly amazing set of events from May to November. A dear friend of mine was traumatized by the death of his girlfriend, who was raped and murdered. He had got her pregnant and, as a result, she ran away from home to Denver, Co. My friend and his girlfriend were young, still in high school, and in 1966, getting a young girl pregnant was not the thing to do, especially in our New England town of Gloucester, Massachusetts. She could not face her parents. She chose to leave, have the baby, put it up for adoption, and come back home to pick up the pieces of her life. She never made it. She was followed back to her studio apartment in Denver and was raped and murdered.

Needless to say, my friend was very upset. He had not told anyone what was going on, so he was tortured by keeping this secret. He started acting very strangely with me and our other friends. One day I confronted him about his behavior. I accused him of doing drugs because of the way he was acting. I had no knowledge of what was really going on. He became very upset with me and challenged me to hear the truth. He declared that he was not on drugs, but his weird behavior was due to news he had received from the Denver Police Dept. He showed me the letter they had sent him in the hopes of identifying a girl they had found murdered. He had been sending her letters with his return address on them. He was their only real lead as to who she was. They wanted to know who her next of kin were, etc.

I immediately felt sorry for my friend and told him I understood now why he was acting so strangely, that he must be experiencing tremendous guilt, having gotten her pregnant and causing her to run away from home in the first place. He told me this was not the main problem! The real problem was that she would appear to him and sit on the edge of his bed pleading with him to join her in death.

This was a little too crazy for me. I kept my mouth shut, and tried to comfort him. He still continued to act strangely and challenged me and some other friends, who were also concerned about the way he was acting. He told us that he could prove that what was happening was real. We all agreed that he should prove it and he did. He told us that his girlfriend could come through him and speak to us. He said that she would tell us what had happened to her. We all agreed with him to go ahead and let her come through. The next thing we knew he keeled over off the couch and on to the floor. I and another friend rushed over to see what had happened, to see if he was all right, to see if he was still breathing!

I remember crouching over him when his eyes suddenly opened and a voice came out of his mouth saying, “Aren’t you going to help a lady up?” It was like an electrical shock went through me. We helped him/her up and sat him/her back on the couch, when this voice, not my friend’s, started talking to us. “She” told us her name, that she had been murdered and that she had come back to join her boyfriend. She told us what it was like to be dead! She described having an astral guide. She described this big Book that contained every single thought ever thought on Earth (Akashic Records?)! She said that extraterrestrials have been on Earth for a very long time! She said that all the planets of the Solar System are hollow! (That’s why you can’t see any signs life on the surface of Mars–there are people in Mars, not on it!) She even spoke of a lost treasure hidden off the coast of Gloucester . The conversations with this ghost went on throughout the summer of 1966 and well into the autumn.

This experience changed my life forever. I will never forget it, though my friends, who witnessed this as well, would rather not talk about it. I have written it all down as there is a lot more to this story than space permits here.

Gloucester, Massachusetts is only 16 miles north of Salem, Massachusetts, by the way.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Sincerely and truthfully, Christopher Ree

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