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Ghost Stories: Sharon’s Haunted House

Sharon’s Haunted House

By Sharon

When I was married to my first husband we had this beautiful home in Cookstown but boy was it haunted.

We were young and thought nothing of it. Looking back, it was quite weird the things that happened. We would think nothing of our cereal being moved to the porch or things going missing to show up later exactly where we left them.

I remember going to work one day and the keys were no where to be found. It was one of those strange events too when the house was spotless so there was no where for them to go. I had to leave the door open all day. When I got home they were in the middle of the table. A clean table. (To some the clean table and I might be scarier then the ghost, ha ha). Now looking back they might have found the keys for me and left them there. Who knows though.

There was the creepiest basement. It was a dug out basement and going down there was awful. I had to do laundry there. My sister said oh Sharon get a grip it’s not haunted. Then she stayed over one night and she heard footsteps loud and clear going up the stairs then a door opening and shutting.

Then my older boy decided there was something in his room. He was young at the time and sleeping in his crib. He started yelling and pointing to the corner and he threw his bottle at the corner. My sister and I grabbed him and slept in the living room. He never touched his bottle again.

I remember one night having the hair raise up on the back of my neck. I was too weirded out to turn around. The best thing that happened was my husband at the time fell sleep on the couch and something woke him right out of a dead sleep and the vacuum went on. That would be ok but it wasn’t plugged in. It was a beautiful house but there was a lot of strange things that happened there. Sometimes I drive by and think I wish I still owned it and then remember. Sharon

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