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Ghost Stories: Last Good-Byes

Ghost Stories: Last Good-Byes

From Robert Mah

I had been away on vacation and when I came back I listened to my phone messages. There were only two. One I recognized, the other was very eerie. The voice called my name and I instantly recognized it as my mother’s. She had died six years ago from Cancer. The voice was almost a whisper, but it had the accent and intonation of my mother who is British.

It would be very difficult to fake this voice, but I phoned my sisters and brothers to see if they had been contacted. The eerie thing about this voice is the message was left on December 28th and my mom had died on December 28th.

Wow, it sounds like your Mom found a way of getting through to you, she must have loved you very much! Spirits do seem to have a way of leaving messages on tape, my own guides spoke to me once about my “telepathic answering machine” because my machine used to misbehave regularly picking up voices and sounds that weren’t real, or at least not from this dimension… – I finally went to the Bell service to avoid some of those problems… I hope you saved the tape of that message. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

From Krista:

When people in my life die, I feel the need to see them one last time to say good-bye. Well, one night, when I was in grade 6, I was asleep in my bed. It was a little after midnight and I was sound asleep. And I just woke right up and I sat right up and my heart hurt and it was beating real fast and my chest hurt and I just couldn’t breath. This went on for a couple of minutes and I was wheezing and I was trying to call for help, but I just couldn’t say anything. All of a sudden, everything went back to normal and I was alright again. I was just fine. And I felt as if something had been ripped from me. I knew someone close to me had died and I cried myself to sleep. It was scary knowing someone died, but not knowing who.Well, for a whole week I never heard anything. So, I thought that maybe it was just something freaky that had happened. Then, about a week and a half later, my mom told me that our neighbours son at our cottage had died on that day. She said that they had already buried him. I was shocked. That night I was crying so much because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to say good bye. Then, all of a sudden this really bright light floated into my room. It stopped right above my head. I knew that it was baby Michael. It didn’t say anything, it just looked at me. And I said “Good-bye Mike, I’ll miss you.” I blew him a kiss and he smiled at me and nodded towards the window because he had to go. And the two angels that were holding onto his arms, carried him out the window and up beyond the clouds. It was the weirdest and most beautiful experiences of my life.

Thank you, Love Krista

From Patti Summers

My father died in spring of 1978 and sometime between the Fall of 1978 and Spring of 1979 I had a dream Dad had returned, he said, “God had given him a weekend pass” something we could understand. All my brothers, sisters and mother were there. Dad walked passed mom’s picture window, dressed in the same bib overalls and plaid shirt we buried him in. Dad began to tell us not to worry about anything in this world. Everything has been taken care of and no matter what we were not to worry about him because he was fine. This was the first time and the last time he was coming back.

Everything was done telepathically… we could not talk, he did all the talking. But he kept insisting, not to worry about anything everything was fine and everything was going to be fine.

I remember, we had to take Dad back to the graveyard he laid down on the grave and said one more time “not to worry about anything.” Then he vanished and I woke up. Never to have another encounter like that again.

This dream changed my outlook on death. This is when I decided they NEVER LEAVE US no matter what. We will miss them but they still have us.

Your father gave you a great gift, not just in the visit and the assurance of his wellness, but also in the shift it created in your beliefs… You are right… really all that happens with death is a change of address… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

From Pat

My father died in 1979 we had his ashes at home until my Mom’s passing in Oct of 2001. At my Mom’s funeral, a good friend of my brothers told us that he was signing the guest book, he looked up and saw a man in a uniform, he swears that it was my dad, he did know my dad and my dad did wear a uniform, it made the hair on his neck stand up. Was my dad coming for my Mom?

Now lately this incident happened to me. I do not play the lottery game pick 3, but one day I was standing in the gas station waiting for my husband to fill up the truck. I do not know what made me play but I remember saying ok what 3 numbers should I pick? Then I said to myself 542 Johnson Avenue which was my mom’s address and where I grew up. The next day, I forgot about the ticket (as I mentioned I never play pick 3), anyway, on my desk in the morning was one of our employee’s receipt for work book, and they have to write their name and employee name, sometimes I get one across my desk maybe 1 a month. That morning there was 1 on my desk, and guess what the employee numbers were? – 542, a reminder for me to check the numbers. I checked the numbers and it was 542 and I won 1,400.00. I believed that was my mom coming through to me. Then 1 week later I picked my dad’s number from years ago, he used to play at the race track, 471, and yes that was the numbers drawn, and I won another 1,400.00, that convinced me that that both my parents were coming through to me. I can not explain it. Pat

Great! Mom and Dad both sending you presents from the other side! They are obviously watching out over you… and yes, your dad was there to greet your Mom and help her through the transition, and his appearance at the funeral lets everyone know that he has her in his care now… and like her, he came to see who showed up and to enjoy the gathering… spirits tend to do that with funerals. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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