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Ghost Stories: Jody’s Haunted House

Jody’s Haunted House

By Jody Fox

Several years back my husband and I came upon an old farm house for rent. The place had been totally destroyed by the last tenants and was in need of a lot of work. We took the task on and started the clean out and repairs. Upon entering the house you could feel the sad energy that was filling the house from top to bottom and room to room. We did the repairs as needed and the decorating seemed to take on a life of its own. I knew exactly what colors went in what room and how everything was to be placed. I didn’t second guess the feelings I was getting, but to me it seemed to be coming from the house itself.

Was I wrong! As soon as we moved in the activity started….

My husband and I were always blaming one another for leaving taps running until we were both in the living room and heard the water tap start itself. We seen shadows in different areas of the house and even flashes of people. I saw a man standing by my basement door in full form, very tall, wearing overalls, staring at me. I have seen the same man by my computer desk. i have seen 3 males walk by my living room window. footsteps at night on the top floor, and many guests have heard the laughter of a little girl playing on my stairs with my cat. She has also been heard calling my cat by name. Of course we got used to the activity and welcomed them as long as they caused no harm to anyone.

This summer my brother and his girlfriend have been spending a lot of time here on the weekends. My brother and I were standing by my microwave (which is seen in the pics) when a gravy boat slowly slid off the shelf, hung in mid air and was set on the floor. Next time the broom was tossed across the kitchen and no one was in there. The activity was growing, the more my brother stayed here. The large male has shown himself many times to my brother, both in the house and staring at him through the kitchen window,

So I decided to get to the bottom of who this was. The night these pics were taken my outside door had opened and closed all by itself which totally scared my brother. I decided to grab my camera, walk into my kitchen and say out loud “You’ve been scaring people for weeks now and I’ve had enough. I don’t know who you are but I want you to show yourself to me NOW!” I had the feeling of wanting to snap pics of the window and so I did. No flash was used, no smoke was at the window. These images are what was caught when I demanded he show himself.










The activity has lessened again, but from time to time we still see shadows, the cat still plays on the stairs and the water still goes on by itself. I am looking into the history of the home to find out exactly who these spirits are. It just goes to show you that you NEVER know who’s looking at you through your window…True STORY……Happy Halloween!!! Jody

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