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Ghost Dogs: Scary Apparations

Ghosts and Hauntings: Ghost Dogs

Scary Apparitions

This is something that happened to me when I was about 7 years old. It was when I lived in another house. In this house I had experienced a few odd things…nothing that made me think too much about them. For example, I recall constantly being woken suddenly from a deep sleep by a spine-chilling scream that seemed to come from just outside my ear. The scream was so shrill that it sent shivers down me and I immediately awoke from my sleep. This happened a few times, but it was the sort of thing that one can happily put down to dreams if one wished.The thing that happened after that, I can’t possibly call a dream. I was asleep on the top bunk, my brother asleep below. The room was opposite my parents room and we always left our door open.

One night…. I woke up, completely out of the blue as if I was forced to wake up. My attention was immediately drawn to the doorway, and there, sitting on its haunches, was a large black dog. I can only describe it as a solid shadow… there was no face, just a silhouette, but 3 dimensional. It’s ears were short and pointed and I often think of a Doberman when I recall it. Although it had no face, I could sense it was looking at me… and in the space of a few seconds I screamed. As soon as I did… the dog vanished.

Father rushed out from his room and calmed me down, thinking I’d just had a nightmare. I can’t remember how many nights later it was, but the same thing happened again. The only difference being, that after I screamed, a red glowing face appeared on the dog, with fangs. It did not go away after my first scream. My father rushed out again, and still the dog did not go away… he walked right past it to turn the light on. Once the light came on the dog vanished.

I’ve never seen it since. The years have gone by, I’ve read many accounts of people seeing ghost dogs…usually of the sort that become legends, like the Irish Wolfhounds of England. However, the closest I’ve come to finding a similar experience was when I watched an episode of ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ one night. The true story of a girl around my age at the time was portrayed. In it, the girl was sleeping on a wooden bunk, exactly like my one… she too woke up and saw a black dog in her doorway…. they later got rid of the bunk and the apparitions stopped. I thought this was very creepy having someone see exactly what I saw, and knowing I had a bed like that. People who have slept on the bunks we used to have have said they suffered restless sleeps frequented by nightmares of the bunk collapsing on them etc.

Could there be a strange connection between the ghost dog and the bunk? I’m not sure…. but till this day I sleep with my door closed.

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