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The Brown Suitcase

One day I got a message from Asia -my father was passed. I was 12,000 km away from him and had no chance to be present at his funeral, because of the crisis in Asia .

It was a great shock for me…because I realize I can’t speak to him anymore. To ask him some things about the past and the future. He was a strong man in his believing. The first evening I went to sleep, I was crying loud in myself, the hurt you cant describe.

So I had a question in myself…like daddy I haven’t got anything from you. I have nothing but your stories. He was the best storyteller.

During my sleep, I received a light upon my whole body.
It relieved my pain, and I felt my tears were melt away.
At that moment my father told me…look in his closet the brown suitcase and you will find a small blackcovered book.

As I woke up the next morning, I felt a great relief in my whole body. Told my sister the “dream”, as I went back to my bedroom (my parents bedroom), I was curious about this dream. So I go to take a look….and after 5 minutes…behind his clothes I found his brown suitcase. I was amazed! Happy! So I look into this…and you can describe it…his blackcovered book was present.

I took the book of his suitcase, and something felt down on the floor…it was a picture of my dad.

This book was about the history of our family from Asia until Europe . And all his speeches for several ceremonies.

I was crying because you can’t describe it.
I didn’t know about this suitcase and the book at all!!

So until now, I’ve learned to hear with your heart. And even your in deep sorrow.. at that particular time angels are able to most easily communicate with you.

Thank you dad!! Simons

The Cot that Talks

In the 1950’s and 1960’s my mother’s step-father became a ham radio (amateur radio) operator, using Morse code and later getting his license to “talk” to people all over the world. He had a little room for his “ham shack” and kept an old metal cot like an Army cot in the room because of his late hours, so he wouldn’t disturb anyone else. After he died in 1969, my grandmother (his wife) got rid of all his radio equipment and turned the room into a guest bedroom, keeing the cot.

Every time I slept on the cot, I could hear the high pitched beeping of the radio code, although there were no more radios in the house. Later, others who slept there also heard the code. Years later I inherited the cot and moved to the country. My daughter slept on it for a while but the strange sounds of radio code kept her awake so we stored the cot away until recently. I got it out for my three year old grandson as we needed an extra bed.

I slept in my big bed in the same room where I had set up the cot for him. In the early morning hours I was awakened by the loud radio code. I went into the near by bathroom and could still hear it faintly. I went into the kitchen, removed from the bedroom, and could no longer hear it. So it wasn’t in my head because it could only be heard in the bedroom where the cot was, not the other rooms of the house.

So, does any ham radio operator have an explanation as to how a metal cot carried the sound of code as it was in the radio room so many years ago? I can’t understand code so I don’t know what it’s saying, if anything. I have asked others to listen for the code and they usually hear it after lying on the cot for a while when it’s quiet. My aunt who knows code listened a few years ago but said it was too fast for her to get a message. The sound may or may not come from the bed itself but appears to be in the room where the bed is. It is hard to tell exactly where it is coming from. Any ideas what this could be? I have decided to put the bed away in storage again because it is too disturbing. Dorothy Hauschulz
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