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Talking Rocks

Talking Rocks

an Excerpt from
“Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals”

So many people have inquired about communicating with nature – rocks specifically, that I collected some of the best examples from the book for your reading pleasure.

Kate Solisti said: (Page 187)

“I had blocked out a lot of the memories of my childhood involving trees, wild animals, rocks. A lot of things have come back to me as I’ve worked to heal that part of me that was blocked… “There was a particular rock that I loved to sit on. I called it the Grandmother Rock because it felt very loving to me. Somehow, it had a real feminine nature. When I sat on that rock, I felt very accepted, very safe. At one point, she told me, she heard laughing. There was no one around, and she realized it was the essence, or whatever, of the rock that she was hearing. “I asked, ‘What’s so funny?’ Kate told me. “And the rock said. ‘Human beings are so funny. They race around like crazy, and they miss almost everything.’

I laughed when I heard that. I said, ‘I think you’re right.'”

Denise Kinch (Page 191):

“…In most of our culture, the shutdown comes right from birth. You’re told you can’t walk with nature. Well, I’ve always walked with nature. I see trees’ aura, they just dance. When I was raking leaves this morning, I was watching the trees with their brilliant color around them. If you talk to the stone people, you can be them, you can feel them. They have so much knowledge, so much power, because they have been there forever, they have been here before the trees. They have so much to give us.

“There’s so much violence and anger and torment and abuse and sadness and injustice in the wrold , but if you look at the broad specturm you’ll see that something is changing. I think the world is changing for the better. People think that the world is about to end, but I think it’s only going to end as we know it within ourselves, rather than on a physical level. I think we’re becoming more energy-bodied, we’re transforming our own bodies and minds.”

And Nancy Regalmuto (Page 193):

“It was a horrible thing to see as a very young child. (An older boy had crushed her pet turtle with a rock). All of a sudden somebody betrays you and hurts you to that degree. These kinds of things really cut me off from human life. I became very silent, very quiet, very into myself. I began to become an absorber of all living things. I learned to keep my mouth shut. I didn’t say much, growing up. I basically stopped interrelating in the human world; I shut down. “And as I became more quiet, I learned to hear things, things that other people didn’t get to hear because they were so busy talking, they were too busy thinking. I would go for a walk and I’d sit out in the fields and my quietness would draw to me the voices of the unseen, unheard world. And I began to have other experiences. Beings came to me to keep me company, for companionship, to be my friends and to guide me. To teach me about myself.

“God comes to you when you’re very still. When you’re moving about you’re moving too much for Him to come to you. Not only moving physically. Sometimes people come to me for help. They say, ‘I’ve been here and I’ve been there, I’ve been all over, but nothing helps me.’ I reply, “Why don’t you just stay still for a little while? Stop seeking for a moment. Stay still in one place, go on retreat and just pray. No outside communications, no TV, no radio, no telephone calls, no people. Just silence and stillness, and allow God to come to you.”

Well, I got a little away from the rocks, I guess. But sometimes when I read over some of the things these people told me it just makes me cry. It’s so beautiful.

If anybody has any paranormal experiences to talk about, send ’em in, we’ll print ’em. Especially if you’ve had experiences about communicating with animals, which is what my latest book, “Communicating With Animals,” is about.

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