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Superstitions About Elephants and Their Trunks

Superstitions About Elephants and Their Trunks

Trunks up for Good Luck

When I was a girl living on an air base in Germany, a family friend began bringing my mother an awesome collection of intricately carved ivory ornaments. I remember the ivory elephants most especially – and that my mother insisted their trunks had to be up….

Are ornamental elephants unlucky?

Ornamental elephants are supposed to be good luck, very lucky really. Wooden they say or best,.. and they should have their trunks up… But they are good in groups of eight or nine and should be placed in a wealth area of your home .

Here are more superstitions about these fascinating animals.

1953: Folklore: I was once at a marriage in Morecambe when the bridegroom did meet such a beast as he drove to church, and afterwards received numerous congratulations on his singular good fortune.

Elephant to the Door for Prosperity

I wondered if it was true that elephants must face the outside of a window, I had them facing in towards my living room and the arguments were ripe between me and my hubby, once they were facing outside, calm was restored. coincidence? Should I get rid of it or keep it. I do actually like this ornament. cheers……. Gaynor

When I checked, the superstition seems to be that the elephant should be facing the door through which folks enter the room in order to bring happiness and prosperity into the home… Hope that helps… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

From 1969 comes this reference: If you own a drawing or a carving of an elephant, it must always be so placed in a room that its head is facing the door…. It was suggested that the death of my father in 1967 was affected (or portended) by an ornament being accidentally turned round some weeks earlier.

So… elephant want to be sure it can bolt for freedom at the first opportunity???

Elephant – Symbol of Power, Strength and Royalty

In his book Animal Speak, Ted Andrews speaks of elephant as a powerful totem animal. “In India and southeast Asia elephants are venerated, and the symbolism of the elephant is multiple. It is a symbol of royalty and fertility. The Hindu god of wisdom and success, Ganesha, is usually depicted with an elephant’s head. The god Indra held several roles in which an elephant plays a part. As the king of gods, the elephant was the royal mount. As the god of warriors, the elephant was Indra’s super weapon. As the god of rain, Indra used the gray elephant to bring forth the monsoons.”

Ted goes into some detail about the symbolism of the elephant. He says: “The elephant has a most auspicious symbolism. They embody strength and power, especially power of the libido. male elephants are more likely to rage out of control when in rut. Because of this the elephant is seen as a symbol of great sexual power.”

Ted also notes another interesting connection -between elephants and clouds: “because of their size, color, shape, elephants and clouds have been linked together. They were seen as symbols of clouds and many believed that elephants created clouds.” So, the next time you’re watching the clouds in the sky, look for an elephant, you may very well see one flying high above you…

The elephant’s trunk, according to Andrews has some special symbolism associated with it: “Because the elephant has relatively poor eyesight, it relies heavily upon its sense of smell… the sense of smell is a long time symbol for higher forms of discrimination…. smells may become an aphrodisiac for those with this totem…. it (the trunk) reflects that through increased sensitivity of smell that the elephant stimulates, you can open to energies and worlds otherwise unaccessible.

Elephant as totem animal is a powerful guide. “Those who have the elephant as totem will usually find themselves in a position where the opportunity to reestablish family and societal ideals will occur. Mutual care of the young, respect for the elderly and the sick, being strong in your own self – these are the foundations of a great person or society. If elephant has come to you, you will have the opportunity to work toward establishing this within your own life or the lives of others. If elephant has come to you prepare to draw upon the most ancient wisdom and power. You will have an opportunity to either help yourself or others reclaim your most primordial royalty.

Of all elephants, the white elephant is considered the most sacred. It is said that mothers of great teachers and masters will dream of white elephants. One story of Buddha’s mother tells how she dreamt a white elephant had entered her womb.

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