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Superstitions About Black Cats

Superstitions About Black Cats

Will you worry the next time a black cat crosses your path?

Why is Black Cat a Symbol of Bad Luck?

We recently responded to some queries about the superstitions surrounding black cats .

Black cat, the shadow-walker, ancient symbol of playfulness, mysticism, witches and bad luck?

The black cat is found in many cultures and again has different but similar beliefs or representations, depending on the culture.

In the tarot, the black cat is found on the Rider Waite deck lying below the Queen of Wands. The cat at her feet is represented here as a domesticated instinctual energy. It shows the energy of playfulness that is anchored closely to the consciousness mind.

In Egypt, the cats had a place of reverence in both their homes and temples of worship. In Egypt there had been found a cemetery, that contained thousands of mummies of black cats therefore they were also treated a royalty. If a cat was killed in those times, the punishment was death of the assailant.

The Egyptians saw the cat as a nocturnal creature that walked the shadows in great confidence with the fine ability to feel and sense the surroundings in the dark of night. Therefore would be seen as an animal of the afterlife.

In Europe, the cat was seen as a negative animal and particularly if black in color. This was associated with the practitioners of healers, herbalists and black magic and evil crafts.

The lunar eyes of the cat is watching the pupil change shapes is represented of the moon phrases therefore the ability to invoke cat medicine to see the unknown was and is still used today.

That all witches would be in possession of a black cat hence the reasoning of a “black cat crossing your path” would bring misfortune and negativity to you.

In ancient India, cats are held as sacred.

In Scandinavian countries, the bride would try to marry on a Friday that was in favor of the cat-goddess Freya.

The cat teaches us about respect and dedication. The sensual nature and will only accept affection on its own terms. A proud animal, independent and capable of viewing both worlds at one time. In watching a cat catch a mouse it will sit quietly with much patience and observe the patterns of the prey.

The cat will begin to see beyond and know the mouse’s next move therefore interfere with this and capture the prey.

Last night a black cat with no tail crossed my side path at 11:11 pm. Thus, I have a few questions for you: Do tail-less black cats represent something spookier than black cats with tails? Since it didn’t cross my direct path does that mean it’s not bad luck? AND Is the time (11:11 pm) significant? Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you shortly. Shannon

Cats signify, mystery, magic and Independence. Fertility is also a sign of the cat.. Look around you to see what you need to see and open your self to the magic it reveals.. Please keep in touch and let us know what your magic was about. Thanks Love and Light, Barbi

Some people believe that a black cat can be our familiar. According to the book Animal-Speak, by Ted Andrews. Seeing a cat is an indication of mystery and magic that is going to be entering your life. There is great protection around the color black. It also may mean that you will have to make some sacrifices in order to obtain magic in your life. hope this helps Love n’ laughter Kimmi

According to my sources, what happened here is actually lucky. It is only unlucky for a black cat to cross your path – on your wedding day or on the way to fishing (yep – that’s what they say) or to market. However, if a black cat approaches but does not cross, it is considered a good omen. The tail of a black cat is considered lucky in that it is a remedy (in those olden days) for any type of eye difficulty. They actually used to cut the tail off to rub on troubled eyes. Nothing we’d do now of course – and probably didn’t even help, but the idea was set and believed for a very long time. My sense from what you have written is that if this is a sign of anything (including the time 11:11) it is likely good luck which can come in the form of a bit of a surprise or shakeup first but leads to good news. Mary-Anne

I personally have not heard of any superstitions with black cats with no tails nor do I ‘personally’ feel that it is very bad luck. Such belief is in the ‘eyes of the beholder.’ You may visit on site and see the information pertaining to black cats in general under superstitions.

As for the number 11:11 many find that these numbers resonate to new energies that are currently filtrating from the Universe to Earth. Most times when one sees double digits or examples of 1:11, 2:22 etc take a few minutes to see what messages there is for you. There is a whole lot of information found on the net about these digits and is too much to go into here but when your attention is drawn to this there is a significance occurring in your life right at that very moment. Listen and reflect to see what your angels, guides or the Divine is speaking to you in your heart. Be well. Namaste

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