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Snakes and Spiders: Symbols of Death and Rebirth

Snakes and Spiders – Symbols of Death and Rebirth

Creatures that embody our superstitious natures…

Superstitions About Snakes

We’ve had so many queries about the symbolism of snakes and spiders, especially in dreams, that we decided to check out what our trusty book of superstitions had to say about them. Fascinating!

When I woke this morning I found a small brown snake in the hall way going into my daughters rooms. Is there any meaning to this or am I just worrying over nothing? Thank you sincerely, Mary S.

Since this was a brown snake, I believe it is a harmless garden snake that has lost his way. However, the universe is communicating with you. The snake totem is here to teach rebirth into new powers of creativity and wisdom. They are symbols of change and healing. With this totem you can expect death (transition not an actual death) and rebirth to occur in some area of your life.

The color has much to teach as well. The snake’s color was brown, the color of the earth and of grounding. This may be a time for you to ground yourself by gardening, creating through art, scrapbooking etc… taking time to breathe. This will help you with the expected change that will come quickly. Also, if it was a garden snake, this may be a sign that gardening may be a great way for you to ground yourself and listen to your guidance.

Snake has much to teach us. A great book to read and learn about animal totems is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. Many blessings, Sally Bates, ATP

Snakes are fearsome creatures, highly symbolic in esoteric circles, often representative of a reptilian species that is supposed to have dominated the earth at one point and still attempts to gain power… but surprisingly, we have not so many superstitions about them. Here’s what we’ve found so far:

1608 If hee see a snake unkilled, he feares mischeife

1895 It is unlucky to dream about snakes which are your enemies. If in your dream you get safely past them you will overcome all your enemies.

1922 If a snake or a viper do cross your path, watch out for false friends.

Superstitions About Spiders

Spider is the “money spinner”

What does it mean to hallucinate about a red spider(not tarantula) in the light alpha state of sleep before entering into deeper sleep. No drugs involved! When I am under stress I can see a red small ball around the size of a 10p which then turns into a spider in the alpha state.. I have no fear of spiders and I don’t have repressed issues around motherhood and fertility to my conscious knowledge. I’m 37 and in good health, I think. Rachel

Spiders can also be a totem about creativity. Writing especially. Webs symbolize that you are the creator of your reality/ world just like the spider. Think about what you are creating in your reality. What we think about/ put focus on is what we attract through the Law of Attraction. Do you like what you are creating in your world? If not, put your attention on what you want not what you don’t. What is your heart’s desire?

The color red also has symbolism. Red is the color of passion and strong will. Are you getting enough passion in your life? Are you stressed? Do you have money worries? Are you making your own choices?

Take some time to meditate and connect with your angels and higher self for guidance on this totem.

Ask the angels of Scorpio and Archangels Michael and Gabriel to help you interpret the messages in your dreams. I wish you much joy, Sally Bates, ATP Angel Therapy Practitioner

Last night I awoke actually screaming, it felt so real I didn’t even realize that I was sleeping. I usually never remember my dreams, so this has really been bothering me. I even woke my partner. I swore to him that a huge spider jumped at my face and was on my pillow. See I am terrified of spiders and always have been so this really shook me up, I just kept on looking for a spider. Finally I realized it must have been a dream and went back to sleep. What does this mean? Michelle

In the Native American tradition a spider is a message a “Grandmother”- deceased female ancestor, is trying to get through to you. Apparently this was a big message from a very big Grandmother. Only you will understand the message. What’s been going on in your life that that can give you a big fright?

Be easy with it and lighten up on the spiders. They are your relatives too. Love, Laura

Just from our data alone, I have to say that spiders are a huge fear of many people and also a frequent symbol in dreams – especially folks who are particularly afraid of them. Because of that, sometimes I feel the spider in dreams is literally a confrontation with a person’s fears.

In some general dream symbols, spider can be an aesthetic or artistic person or one’s own dark side. Sometimes, intrigues are planned. In a woman’s dream, it can indicate conflict with the mother. The pillow can be a (rather obvious) symbol of rest, relaxation and domesticity – so – one level of this coming together could indicate a rest from – a peace from – any pre-existing conflict with mother – resolutions of which could be surprising. Or the aesthetic symbology could be significant if you are an artist, or in the process of creating something at this point.

I hope that helps. Mary-Anne

For the past 2 to 3 years, I have been having frequent nightmares about spiders that leave me screaming and running out of the bedroom. In real life I am not overly scared of spiders and do not believe in people killing them. The spiders in my dreams vary in numbers, sizes and appearances, as well as if they appear in a web or not. They are often coming at me, landing on my face or chasing me, but sometimes they are just watching. Any ideas about why I may be having these dreams and what they mean? Your help would be much appreciated. Sharka K.

Usually spiders mean you are creating your own web of things. If you are not spinning your own web of new things in your life, than the spider is telling you to get to it . There must be something you have not done or should be doing in your life to make it complete. Also the spider can represent that you have angels or spirits with you. These will aid to helping you with the project you need to put in order. I do hope this helps you. Barbi

Spiders have been the object of superstition for hundreds of years, as this listing shows….

1507 When a man fyndeth a spyder upon his gowne it is a synge to be that daye ryght happye.

1594 If a spinner creepe uppon him, hee shall have golde raine downe from heaven.

1662 When a Spider is found upon our clothes, we use to say. Some money is coming towards us. The Moral is this, such who…. Imitate the industry of that contemptible creature… may by God’s blessing weave themselves into wealth and procure a plentiful estate.

1732 Others have thought themselves secure of receiving Money, if … by chance, a little Spider fell upon their Cloaths.

1780 Small spiders termed Money-Spinners are held by many to prognosticate good luck if they are not destroyed or injured or removed from the person on whome they are first observed.

1816 A spider descending upon you from the roof is a token that you will soon have legacy from a friend.

1923 If a big black spider comes into the house it is a sure sign of death

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