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Archetypes and You

Archetypes and You

By Ilona Granik

How is it that some people think they are secretly the real Cleopatra?

Why do some young teens always have a desire to dress in black and wear face paint ?

Here are some explanations that might help you understand why you choose one style over another and then all of a sudden change your look into a whole new image. Here is a little example test:

Who is your favourite movie star or actor/actress? pick one right now. Think about him/her for a moment… Now, list their qualities or what it is you admire about them. Perhaps it’s a physical attribute or an emotional response you have. Check in with yourself… .or tune into where you “feel” the connection most. Is it a trait you have now?

Anytime you choose a type of personality, especially for instance when you dress up for Halloween, what you are doing is “Pulling” in the vibration of that person or being. That person or being is really an archetype. An archetype is a model or first form; the original pattern after which a thing is made or to which it corresponds. They are blueprints for our inner selves. The part of yourself that connects with and expands to include all of the universal images and forms.

When you connect with an archetype you are communicating with the energy that mirrors your own energy. People contact their archetypes without knowing that they are doing it. Many years ago before I knew what I was doing, I was riding in a subway car late at night. I noticed that I was sitting in fear and when anyone looked at me I felt scared. I decided to pretend I was a police officer. All of a sudden my body sat up straight. I had a different look in my eyes and I was not afraid at all. This took a matter of seconds and completly shifted my state from fear to fearlessness.

Archetypes are collective energy fields that we all knowingly or not, bring in to our lives and dramatize. If you constantly “mother” people, you essentially are tuning into the Great Mother archetype. Like the kids I mentioned earlier, there is a place within that likes to rebel or create mystery. This is an attunement to the Rebel archetype or some other strong energy field.

Using archetypes to fuel personal changes

If you don’t feel that your life is working the way you intended, try this simple exercise. If you feel angry too much of the time, imagine an archetype that represents compassion and great patience. For instance, The Buddha is a perfect archetypal form. Find a good picture of perhaps, the Compassionate Buddha and wear her. Own that energy, become that energy. Chances are that you will start to feel a dissolve of erratic energy and a new type of energy surrounding you.

Or maybe you want to see what it is you have already tuned into and are wearing now. Perhaps you asked in a powerful archetype for protection. Warrior or Destroyer energy. Does it fit you now.? The most important thing is to call upon these energies when necessary, do you always want to display the Warrior or Nurse archetype?

Archetypes are very powerful for helping you notice what you are doing with your energy and also to be able to make your life a bit more exciting or relaxing. Depending on your own needs.

Realize that you create and recreate your experiences in life. Play with archetypes and enjoy what new energy you feel. I hope you have fun and can make a new shift in your life when ever you need to. All of life is waiting to be utilized for your benefit and healing. Happy creating.

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