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The Art of Noticing Your Business

Psychics in Business: The Art of Noticing Your Business

by M.L. Danielle Daoust

Tuning into your business psychically, learning to intuitively act, to be in the right place, at the right time, demands that you be awake to the past, present and future energy flows that come together to make your business a whole.

This isn’t so hard – or so esoteric – as you might think. In fact, most really successful entrepreneurs and small business owners are highly intuitive around their businesses – they just don’t know that they’ve tapped into this aspect of their inner selves and are actively channeling product ideas, inventions, along with art and music and the innovative ways of marketing and selling them.

Being psychic in business is valuable – and profitable!

I teach a number of different methods and techniques for tuning into one’s self and one’s business. Meditation is one of the the most useful processes for getting clear and tuning in, and scanning is another useful tool for monitoring the energy of any entity, including a business. One of the simplest processes for analyzing and assessing the energy associated with a business is to evaluate it based on its five key functions, each of which can be related to a specific energy stream or field.

  • Marketing – associated with Mind energy: responsible for planning and for communications
  • Production/Operations – associated with Body energy: responsible for producing the outcomes – creating the products or services of the organization
  • Sales/Services/Delivery – associated with Will/Feeling energy – responsible for understanding and satisfying the needs of the organization and its customers
  • Administration/Accounting/Personnel – associated with Heart energy – accountable for the organization’s performance, responsible for the systems, procedures and resources of the organization
  • Management – associated with the Soul’s energy – responsible for co-ordinating all aspects of the organization, for motivating, decision-making and for maintaining the balance and sustaining growth.

Each of these energy streams has its own dynamic. Mind energy moves rapidly, erratically, Body energy is dense and slow, Will energy is highly magnetic, Heart energy is all-pervasive and all too obvious when it is lacking, and Soul energy is fractured, chaotic when an organization is out of balance, harmonious and expanding when an organization is fully active and aligned in all of its fields.

Once you begin to isolate the parts of an organization into its component energy streams, it becomes relatively easy, even for a novice, to begin reading the various streams and the patterns within them. All it requires is a willingness to notice what is there to be seen, and to listen to what is there to be heard.

Now we’re talking about “inner” noticing, learning to develop one’s inner listening skills and to trust that your imagination knows what it’s doing when it triggers certain thoughts and images in your mind.

By meditating and focusing on the ‘energy” of the business, first its marketing, then its operations, sales. service, delivery and administration functions, you will hear words, or whole messages, or you’ll see pictures or images like a movie playing in your head, or you’ll hear sounds or get smells that trigger you to think of certain people or activities…. then by zeroing in on these sensations, you can get useful information that can guide your analysis, decision-making – and ultimately improve profits.

I can go on and on about this process and provide case after case when applying this energy model has produced real results in terms of fast turnarounds and improved profits, but I think the most remarkable still is the first time that I applied the model. (In fact, this was the first time I SAW it.)

In the late 80’s, when I still lived in Boston, I was approached by a Harvard professor for help in setting up a private business through which she could disseminate her knowledge to a wider audience.

Dr. O was a nationally known psychologist who had dedicated her life to teaching architects about designing space for the optimal development of its occupants. She had been the brain child behind many famous spaces in the Unites States, but she was tired and wanted to retire and to take up the study of Sacred Geometry, geomancy and Feng Shui. Now she had a seminar program that she wanted to market, both to raise the extra capital for her private interests, and to “empty her brains” of all the knowledge she had gathered in 25 years of teaching and consulting. She had been several years in the planning and thinking by the time she met me and felt she had the funding and other resources to get on with the job. But because she was unfamiliar with the world of business, she hired me as a Business Coach., to lead her through the process of setting the business on its feet.

Everything started out wonderfully. We had several long brainstorming sessions over a period of a month and at the end, had a clear plan for the program she wanted. Over the next month, we produced a detailed budget, but when it came in much higher than she anticipated, the project stalled. She couldn’t believe the numbers, so she took the plans to her accountant and lawyers who all affirmed what I laid out. No matter how we looked at it, what she wanted to do was going to cost her a lot more in time, energy and money than she had originally thought.

For the next two months Dr. O was frantic. She took the plans to a number of other experts, all who came back with basically the same answers I had given her. Each response made her even more desperate to do something, anything, to forge ahead.

Finally I became very concerned that would she either lose the opportunity – she did want to retire soon afterall, or she would spend her money foolishly. As I sat in meditation, I “saw” the energy of this business she was planning, as clearly as I can see the words on this page. It formed in the shape of a pyramid, with the four corners representing her marketing, production, sales and administration functions and the peak, her as the manager and owner. As I watched the pyramid form, it was clear that the marketing and production side were strong and clear, but there was very little heart or will in the business, so only half the pyramid was showing with any strength.

In this meditative, almost trance state, I then asked what other product Dr O could produce besides the seminars and workshops and immediately a new and much stronger pyramid formed in my minds eye – around a book. I was stunned, of course that was the answer, and one the good Doctor could manage easily. She had already published several on commission for others, she could certainly produce a much more interesting and profitable work to her own specifications!

I called her that afternoon to arrange a meeting. Fortunately, she had originally hired me because of my spiritual background, she had felt it would give us a common platform from which to work, so she was willing to listen when I spoke to her of my visions. And the pyramid gave me a very good structure from which to identify the problems with her business plans, not just on an energetic level, but on an actual physical level. She could see what resources she didn’t have and why it wasn’t a good idea to pursue her original plan. More importantly, she saved herself hundreds of thousands of dollars and the precious hours it would have taken to develop a business she could never have loved.

Several years later, I received a heart-warming letter from Dr. O. She had just published the book and it had produced the funding she needed to meet the goals she had originally stated. By now she has retired from her life as a teacher and consultant. Today you’ll find her somewhere in Northern New England, comfortably enjoying her new life, pursing the spiritual interests that drove her to retire in the first place.

To be successful in business you need a vision – and then the willingness to notice whether what you are creating is aligned with your vision. Dr O had a vision, and she even had a lot of the resources to follow through on her vision…. The success in her story is that at the end of the day, while she let go of her business visions, she still managed to live her personal vision. This came from noticing the energy in her business plans, seeing where it was aligned and what that alignment would best produce…

Noticing your business is truly an art. Listening to its soul takes imagination and patience. You can hire a psychic to help you focus, to see and hear and sense the business clearly – or you can hire a psychic to teach you how to “psych” out the business for yourself. In either case, a focus on “the Art of Noticing Your Business” produces positive results – and at the bottom line.

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