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How can a psychic increase profits?
This series explains how psychics can help a business achieve its goals…
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You may well ask yourself what these two, apparently diverse paradigms, have to do with each other. One, the area of the psychic seems subjective, “New-Agey”, perhaps consulting a psychic is what you do to entertain yourself on a whim! A perk for clients and staff, alongside the annual Christmas party. And then there’s the world of business: hard facts, bottom line objective data, cold decisions. However, these two worlds may not be as far apart as you might at first realize.

There is an intersection of the two systems on the people or interpersonal level. People and their dynamics can make or break a business. The collective intention held by a corporation can spell its success or demise. This is where a psychic comes in!

Psychics read the energy and subtle signals. We notice where the energy is flowing well, and where it is blocked, and we can see the openings, and hidden opportunities. Psychics can keep things moving and smooth out the rough spots.

I started working as a psychic a few years after I left the corporate world. In the last seven or eight years of my business career I had the good fortune of working for a brilliant East Indian man who was naturally inclined to trust my knowings. My work kept me out of the office for days at a time, but I was always up to date with the office gossip, who was happy and who wasn’t, and usually why…. occasionally I would see something that I couldn’t explain or deal with directly… so I would trudge along to S.’s office… “It might be a good idea for you to talk with Joe today, something’s up, can’t tell you what”… minutes later I would watch him call Joe into his office and soon after their meeting he’d pass my office with a thumbs up, signalling that the issue had been dealt with… I rarely knew what I had seen or how it was resolved, just that some challenge or obstacle had been cleared away…. I recall a time when I arrived one bright Monday morning after being away for several weeks. I didn’t take time to hang my coat before marching into S.’s office: “What’s up? You can cut the air with a knife in here.” When he told me to shut the door and sit down, I knew I was right. The tension in the office was very real, we had missed an important deadline, a key analyst had quit in frustration, the company president was on his way down to sort things out with a set of very unhappy clients…

My knowings were valuable at work… I was involved in million dollar transactions, consulting with very large corporations in numerous specialized industries. By the time I left that world, I had traveled North America from coast to coast, and from Edmonton to Baton Rouge. I was the top selling account executive year after year… why? I give a lot of credit for my success to my good intuition….. Although I hated cold-calling, I was actually very good at it… again, especially when I allowed my intuition to lead, to know when to call and what to say to engage the prospect in conversation about their business. My style was to consult even while I sold… as I got the client talking, my intuition zeroed in on what was important. Being a reader of energy, I could easily understand how the business flowed, how it worked as a unit and how my solution could fit the requirements… and as a reader of people, I could see where the client was engaged in the process, and how I could encourage him to commit.

There are so many ways that psychics in business can make a good business more profitable, or help to save a struggling operation. In the past many years I have often been invited into an organization to read for their staff and clients… and they always report an improvement in morale after we’ve been on site. But our results have been more obvious in many other cases…. from being able to advise a client about the risks around equipment purchases and capital expenditures, to directly impacting the bottom line with direction about new products, services or markets that might be available.

I think, though, the most valuable service that we psychics can provide business is in teaching our clients to tap into and trust their own intuitions, to learn to rely more on their good instincts…. S. was a man of instinct, a gambler who had an awesome talent for reading the people and the situation… his instincts made him a multi-millionaire…… That is why we present this series on psychics in business… first to prove that psychics are valuable in the business world, and second to help our visitors to notice their businesses in new ways, to learn to read the subtle signals, to see and follow the energy flows. We believe that developing your psychic abilities actually increases your IQ, it nurtures your business creativity – and in business it can mean the difference between good and great, success or failure…

Every business is something of a gamble… by reading the possibilities and probabilities, psychics help you increase the odds of success.

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