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The Astrology of The Inner Child

The Astrology of The Inner Child

By our reluctant shaman Phil Reckard

The first thing we learn about astrology is what sign we are, or more specifically, where our natal Sun is. Boring! Including the Moon, there are eleven other planets out there, along with countless asteroids and planetoids, and more objects are being discovered every year. They are all expressing themselves in twelve different signs and twelve different houses at all times, and they’re all connected with each other in an infinite variety of ways. Telling ourselves that “I’m a Virgo” (or whatever) is like saying “I was born with a head stuck to my shoulders.” Duh.

The natal chart is a snapshot of the Universe taken at our birth. All the planets are “stuck” in this image: a basic design of the “strengths” and “weaknesses” in our personalities, and what our Souls have chosen to work on in this lifetime. Surprise! The planets kept on moving after we were born, and continue to do so. They impel and compel us to keep on moving as well, otherwise we can remain stuck in our birth charts, and stuck with our inner child.

The Law of Correspondences rules astrology, and unlike many laws of human invention, the Law of Correspondences is actually quite flexible and malleable. Our spiritual paths are dependent on this Law as well, and if we utilize our birthright of free-will to work within this Law, we get to see just how wide open it is, and this Law can become our best friend!

The Law of Correspondences simply states: “As above, so below. As within, so without. As the Universe, so the Soul.” This Law is the cosmic backdrop that lines our inner temples like a constantly radiating wallpaper, and is also the paving stones of our spiritual path.

A corollary to this Law is “this too shall pass,” and this speaks of (usually) an outer planet moving over one of our natal (stuck) planets. For instance, everyone born from 1990 to 1992 is currently seeing real-time Neptune moving over their natal Pluto, a roughly three-year process of – hopefully – spiritual (Neptune) transformation (Pluto). This isn’t just adolescence these teenagers are going through! Many are crying out for help, while others are tranced-out playing video games, and/or texting their friends instead of talking to them. On the other hand, some are busy making plans for how they’re going to help change the world for the better. Either way, us older (wiser?) folks should be listening to what they’re saying, or perhaps more importantly, what they’re not telling us.

“It’s just a phase they’re going through,” is another way of saying a planetary transit is happening, and this too shall pass. Eventually. A planet’s orbital speed determines how quickly a transit (or phase) will last, and in the above case, Neptune’s 165 year orbit of the Sun, moving over an even slower moving Pluto, guarantees this transit will reverberate well into their twenties and probably beyond. The planets can teach us that there is always the potential for a rainbow after every storm. We might need to create this rainbow out of seemingly thin air – the ethers – but this is what our free-wills are for. This is our birthright, to be able to create something out of seemingly nothing, making lemonade out of lemons for instance.

The planets also teach us that change is inevitable, and the “As above, so below” part of the Law directly implies that we humans must change as well. This is known as evolving, but what Darwin left out of his theory of evolution was that we humans can choose to evolve whenever we want to – it’s only a matter of exercising our free-wills in order to do so. This makes us so very different than the animals and plants Darwin was looking at. Again, as humans, free-will is our birthright, and we can voluntarily throw away our free-wills to stay stuck in the past, and stay stuck with our inner brat.

Admittedly, “evolution” is a tricky word that seems to suggest that we are moving toward something “better,” but not everyone is truly growing forward. Evolving is more a matter of unfolding into who and what we are today, or what we’ve unfortunately become while we’ve been sleep-walking through life.

We can always begin to own our evolved self, and this is what our Guides, our Souls, our karma, our Spirit – whatever you want to call it – wants us to do. Actually, our karma demands we evolve, and our Guides gently push us, and sometimes shove us, along toward evolving. Otherwise we get to come back here again and again until we “get it right.”

The natal chart is useful for finding out what kind of karma we need to work through, and the real-time planetary transits are like taking classes in a Universe-ity. Another astrological technique, the Progressed chart, shows us how we’re evolving, and shows us the trail the Universe has blazed for us to follow. I just spent a couple of hours trying to explain the Progressed chart, and I’ll never see those hours again. Oh well, how it works isn’t necessarily as important as the fact that it does.

One of my favorite truisms is that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood. The playfulness of our inner child can be so neglected the more responsibilities we pile on ourselves, and many of us have learned how to cut back on our duties – the false responsibilities that no longer serve our best interests. Stopping to smell the roses reminds us of that inner child, so thrilled to experience the finer things that our physical senses can provide.

Learning how to cut some slack with our inner adults allows the inner child abuse to go away, and of course, this cycle of inner violence must come to an end if we want to evolve.

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