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Astrology: Retrograde Madness


By Mary-Anne Alvaro

When the planets go retrograde, they appear to be moving backwards in the heavens from earth – and this can wreak havoc for some.

To help you be prepared, here are the astrology retogrades for the next year. Note The Dates for the Next Retrogrades:

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The Sun does not do it
And neither does the Moon
But all the others turn around
And go backwards far too soon

When Mercury does retrograde         Feb 23 – Mar 17 ,  Jun 26 – Jul 20,  Oct 21 – Nov 10
We should probably all stop talking
Likely best to go outside
And just to keep on walking

When Venus turns around on us        Dec 21 to Jan 31, 2014
Ex friends and old lovers
Can fly into our thoughts again
Are we sure it’s really over?

Mars switching directions            Retrograde until April 14, Direct until March 1, 2014
Can burn us just like that
We may want to race forward
But have to keep on turning back

Jupiter, oh Jupiter             Nov. 7 until March 6, 2014
When you do your flip around
Expansion is a no no
We must work within our bounds

Saturn feels backwards           from February 18, until July 8
Almost all the time
In truth, he only turns around
When he’s picking up lost time

For Uranus, Neptune and Pluto                  Uranus: from July 17 to Dec. 17,  
They reverse for half a year                          Neptune: from June  7 to Nov. 13
Awakening, mystifying and intensifying   Pluto: April 12 to Sept. 20
Not again – there’s that old fear

So all the planet’s energies
Revisit where they’ve been
They have to them a specific point
To go over everything

There’s a time in life to look behind
And a time to move ahead
And if you are confused at all
Just retrograde back to bed.

To get ahead, we need to go back once in awhile…

The madness, it does end you know
And all things do resume
But just when you think you’re straight again
Another one lowers the boom.

Do the ‘re’ stuff and the retrogrades can be easy!

We can survive our retrogrades
We do it all the time
Let’s look again at what we’ve done
And do it right this time.

To get ahead, we need to go with the flow…

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