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Astrology: Luck and the Stars

Astrology: Luck and the Stars

My objective of writing is to seek for an assistance from you or your organization, if you can be of help to my request. I will like to help me with the keys to code 12x pool betting or the lucky number to poolbetting. I will be very grateful if my request is being giving due consideration. Mr SAmson

Well, from an astrology point of view, somebody a while ago did do a study of lottery winners, and if you were born with a positive Jupiter/Uranus or Jupiter/Pluto aspect in your chart, activating, say, a midpoint between Venus and whatever planet rules your 5th house of speculative enterprises like gambling, along with a few other notable aspects, then it would be worth your while to play the lottery when the ruler of the 5th forms, say, a sextile or trine to your Point of Fortune, or various other transits….. To tell you whether you have the aspects of a lottery winner, and when those aspects are triggered, well, you guessed it, you would have to book a reading….

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