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Astrology and Making Predictions

The Fine Art of Making Predictions

By: Craig Grant

As psychics, it is our job to make predictions, some of which we might prefer not to… we are sensitive also to the truth that our thoughts and feelings create our realities, so it may not be such a great idea to publish some of our predictions… yet, again, as psychics, we ate asked, called even, to observe and report on the energetic patterns we see at work around us and what the likely outcomes of the current movement will be… these observations – like all predictions, prophecies and simple psychic readings are about providing information… when we know what is building around us, we know what to do about it – and can avoid the negative consequences… let us pray… One of our visitors “called us” on our predictive work, and Craig responded. We felt this was worth sharing.

Dear Craig,

When you predict war and terror and pole shifts in your own column, are you really being a quantum astrologer? If you took those dire meanings and focused them to an individual level, would you really speak that way to a client about their personal lives? There are more dimensions of experience available to report on through the movement of the planets than doom and gloom, I think. Have you ever run across this book called “Future Hype: The Tyranny of Prophecy”, by Max Dublin? It’s about how futurologists err in making predictions based on current trends. They tend to just run the scenario out to its current-seeming end-point; a somewhat myopic vision. In his prologue, Dublin warns,

“Predictions have power: there is no rhetorical or propaganda device more powerful than prophecy. Predictions do not simply describe the world — they act on it.”

He also says, “…the real issues that are raised by the role of modern prophecy in our lives have ultimately to do with the relationship between the virtual infinity of real possibilities of development which exist compared to the few that are presented by our prophets.”

For that reason, and because you have some of the public’s ear with your column, I find it worthwhile to mention to you the efforts of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his world wide movement to create peace with large groups of Vedic pundits and Yogic Flyers influencing consciousness from a quantum level.

All of the research on Transcendental Meditation (TM) over the last 30+ years demonstrates that consciousness displays a field effect, in terms of quantum physics. One of the demonstrated physiological effects of the TM-Sidhi Program (an advanced practice of TM that includes Yogic Flying) is that it creates brain wave coherency in its practitioners. When large groups get together for group practice of Yogic Flying, that brain wave coherency radiates out in a field affecting the population. The benefits of this are demonstrated in several large studies showing a decrease in crime rates, hospitalizations, bombing incidents (Lebanese war controlled study of group practice of Yogic Flying; Rand Corporation involved in collecting quality of life indicators) and an increase in economic gains.

Quantum physics explains that an action taken in one area of a field affects other parts of the field. In my opinion, true “quantum” astrology must take the field effect of consciousness into account.

Aside from that, I’m disappointed that you didn’t take the opportunity to explore more positive dimensions and possibilities in your look forward.

Yours truly, Nancy More

Thanks for the note, Nancy. I believe that you’re absolutely right – within the constructs of your own belief system. And there are as many belief systems on the planet as there are people. You have to follow the prompting of your own inner intuition, not anyone else’s, and that’s all I’m doing.

I happen to believe that the world goes through a cycle of construction and destruction, and right now, we’re at the end of one phase and about to enter another. The Hopi call this the end of the Fourth World and the beginning of the Fifth World. The Hindu call it Kali Yuga. The Mayan call it the End of the Mayan Calendar.

I know there are a lot of Lighworkers out there, fighting against the Dark Forces, ie, the American Corporate Entity, which is more responsible for the dire straits that the planet is in than any other entity, in my own humble opinion. I’m sure they’re doing a great job. But there is a chance that what they’re doing won’t quite be good enough. That there aren’t quite enough people meditating, to cool down the planet’s quantum field. Just like there weren’t quite enough votes that could be found, down in Florida, to keep Bush from grabbing power.

I think you have to have a back-up plan, if the best laid plans of mice and men should fail.

Right now the planet is going through a very nasty part of the Milky Way Galaxy. We’re travelling through the tail of a huge comet that passed through these parts back after the Big Bang. All kinds of cosmic debris is smashing into the sun. That’s why this current sunspot cycle just won’t stop. Just like it refuses to stop every time the Mayan Calendar comes to an end. That’s why reports of near-misses by asteroids are on the rise. That’s why the polar ice caps are melting. Throw into the equation, the return of Niburu – which sometimes causes havoc on its return, sometimes doesn’t – it all depends on how close it comes – well, you do have some cause for concern.

All I’m trying to do is talk a few souls, for whom all this rings true, to move to Nelson. Or Whitefish, Montana (the absolute best place to be, according to Ed Dames; there was even a crop circle near Whitefish, that seemed to indicate a pole shift – it was a circle with small degrees of energy at 11 o’clock and five o’clock…….) Or anywhere else within the Stronghold – which, for those who are reading this column for the first time, is that triangle of solid granite that stretches from Jasper, Alberta, down to Spokane, Washington, over to Missoula, Montana. The spine of the planet, according to a shaman named Robert Ghostwolf.

And if the poles don’t shift, when Uranus squares Pluto in 2011, well, Nelson, for example, is nestled by a beautiful lake, between some beautiful mountains. There’s lots of fresh air, and fresh water. It’s not really all that bad a place to live.

As for the quantum astrology aspect of it all, the approach I take is similar, but more on a molecular level, as above, so below. See my article, WHY ASTROLOGY WORKS, where my point of view is explained in some depth. And if I saw someone whose Uranus was being squared by Pluto, in, say, the 8th house of death, well, yes, I certainly would say something about it. It’s not a good time to go venturing down any back alleys after midnight, in Gastown, in Vancouver, that’s for sure. Or to run across any busy freeways. Which is the rough equivalent of where the planet Earth is right now.

I will give you this, however: I’ll not add to the psychic flux of the quantum field of the planet by again mentioning the possibility of impending pole shifts…… until, oh, 2009 or so…….

All rights reserved, Craig Grant, 2002

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