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The Power of Beliefs and Thinking About Our Options

The Power of Beliefs and Thinking About Our Options

by Danielle

Our beliefs and attitudes about ourselves shape our realities.

Our beliefs act like programs in our lives. They define how we will react to the stimuli and stresses of living. We filter thoughts and feelings through the framework of beliefs that we hold about the world … this means that feelings of fear and contentment are triggered by what we believe. So… if we change what we believe, we change what we think and feel.. and we can change the world…. Yes, it really is that simple.

Belief drives us… think of the person, let’s call her Mary, who is so terrified of a mouse that she jumps and screams and runs the other way at first squeak… now think about it, what can a mouse really do to her? And wouldn’t the smarter reaction be to sic the cat on the mouse, buy a mousetrap, or at least call a friend to help? Sad Mary was driven by some irrational fear to flee for her life at first sight or sound of a mouse… the mouse triggered a fear program, established by some old belief that mice are fearful critters… the program triggered immediate action – without thought…

Belief acts like an “on” button in our lives. Once established, our inner systems are designed to respond automatically to any outside stimuli that will trigger it, like the sight of a mouse. This automatic reaction saves us time – processing our thoughts and feelings does take time… this is useful in a truly dangerous situation, but silly when the belief becomes “old” and no longer serves us.

If only Mary would give herself the time to think through the fear, to look rationally at the situation… no matter how you look at it, Mary has the power over a mouse… just by virtue of size and intelligence if nothing else. The only being that should be really afraid here is the mouse… But in this story at least, mouse comes out the winner because Sad Mary was too scared to try to get him out of her life.

The trouble is that a lot of our beliefs – and associated fears – are irrational… superstition is a great example of this – beliefs driven by what happened once long ago, handed down from generation to generation, culture to culture, beliefs that trigger an immediate reaction, without thought… We urge our clients and visitors to get the book “the Power of Your Subconscious Mind” by Dr Joseph Murphy ISBN:0136879721 to help expose those irrational beliefs and old programs that drive us to in a sense “jinx” ourselves in life.

We write about superstition with the thought that once folks begin noticing and thinking about what they believe, the possibility for positive change opens up…. We can rethink our beliefs and establish new patterns of thinking about our world – and the ways we react to it.

An interesting story for you… some years ago, the Amazing Randy began pushing us to take his challenge… a million dollars if our psychic ability could stand up to his tests… Mary-Anne and I were tempted for a second or two, a million dollars is a lot of money… but since we understand the nature of belief, we knew it would be a waste of our time and energy, and another ego trip for dear Randy, so we declined… we wanted to invite him to take our challenge… to read for as many clients as we do in a month and get the same response that we get… our clients validate our abilities time and again…. let him pass their test also… but of course, we simply chose to ignore the challenges. Randy’s belief system precludes any possibility that we could be true… and his “position” wouldn’t allow him to reconsider, to open up to the possibility that psychics may be real…

A number of people over the years have challenged my belief in the spirit world and paranormal phenomena. My response over the years has remained the same… in order for us to believe that we are more than a body, that there is life after life, and purpose in all, we must experience it… a moment of cosmic consciousness is all it takes, a life-changing moment when you connect with your source and your Soul/Spirit Self. For some this comes as an unexpected Out of Body Experience, for others it comes in a Near Death Experience, for others it comes in a visit from a dead relative that cannot be ignored, or a an experience with deja vu, or a vivid dream that comes true… However it comes, when we are open to it, these paranormal experiences challenge us to shift our beliefs about ourselves and our worlds.

What has always been interesting to me is how we hang our hats on what we believe – rightly or wrongly, and thus miss the opportunity to grow. The trouble is that when we lock ourselves in – as fear tends to push us to do, freezing us in place – we overlook our options…. And often the solution to the problem. unfortunately that scary mouse is still hanging around Mary’s kitchen, waiting to scare her at the first opportunity. She has other options besides running in fear… and the best solution ultimately will be to face the fear, buy a mousetrap, or borrow a cat and get rid of the critter.

(As an animal communicator, I would first warn the mouse that this was the plan, so if it feared for its life, it might best move out… this has worked with bees and other insects in my home… haven’t had a chance to practice much on the mice, the cats are quick to do their jobs.)

As for The Amazing Randy, I can only say that I am enriched by the experience of living in a much larger, more fluid and purposeful world. My beliefs enable me to connect with nature and my life in a more direct and fulfilling way than many folks will allow… but I cannot discount their choices, as I said, it is about the experience of it – being open to the experience, to considering the options, and especially to shifting your position, perspectives, and beliefs…

If you are interested in developing your psychic ability, knowing what you believe – and how it influences you – is essential. Opening up to other dimensions of yourself will challenge your belief systems… and force you to release yourself from your attachments… especially where you are attached to what you believe. So, let go, open up, notice what you believe and think of your options… Here’s an exercise to help you along the way.

What do you believe?

An exercise in noticing and shifting beliefs…

I am 4’11” and weigh around 100lbs soaking wet, so. it would be natural for me to believe that I am small… and this belief has a big impact on my life… it determines what type of car I will own, how I arrange my kitchen cupboards and my closets, even what type of dog I prefer.. Believing I am small also means that I believe that shopping is difficult for me, that I won’t be able to find anything I like in my size, so I rarely go shopping… and the list goes on… even to one of my signature lines: “I am one of many, and small afterall..” Imagine how that belief impacts my life – and gets me off the hook for trying anything BIG in life…

The other day as I was preparing to go out, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror looking at least 8 inches taller than I am.. The image stuck… In it I was wearing a plaid shirt and denims, reaching for something on the back of a green couch that was next to me – even though I was actually wearing a burgundy sweater and dark blue pants, and had a wicker hamper at my side… good reason for the image to catch my attention… my hair was a little darker, certainly not so grey… I was the same frame as I am now but slightly heavier as would suit a taller woman, nicely proportioned… I looked good! The sight of this much longer, somewhat larger me me shocked me into rethinking my image of myself… perhaps it was my guides’ way of triggering this article and exercise…

  • list 10 beliefs that you hold about yourself… for example: I am short — Life is a struggle, I am a good cook… I have too much to do… nature is beautiful – and harsh…
  • consider how any negative or limiting beliefs impact your life, look at which beliefs hold you back in life, – and what your options are, how could you shift your perspectives around those negative beliefs
  • notice how these beliefs trigger your fear buttons and hold you back…
  • reframe the limiting beliefs, for example, “I am big enough to achieve any goal I choose in life, I have courage and learn from any challenges on my path, I live in harmony with nature….

It can be useful after such an exercise to burn the lists on a full moon and scatter the ashes in the wind, or in running water. This helps you to integrate the energy shift.

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