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Reading Your BluePrint

 By Cherie

Before coming into this earth life we all had a ‘meet-up’ with our spirit guides,teachers and guardians to plan what and why we were coming into incarnation. This spiritual conference included a review as to what had been left unresolved by the soul, what remained unhealed and incomplete and what agreements would be set in place to give the soul an opportunity to grow and heal. This would include agreements with other souls we had ‘outstanding debts’ and unfinished business with. This would be what we call karma with other people. Included in this spiritual conference would be agreements of family origins, mate agreements and people we would arrange to connect with at certain times in our lives to be pivotal facilitators for growth and life lessons or tests.

There would be a blueprint of sorts that would guide and direct our lives which also allows for free will at all times as to whether or not we would follow through with these agreements.

When we meet someone that has a great impact on us, there is a strong possibility that they entered our lives based on a soul contract.

Our souls grow tremendously through our relationships and our “mate agreements” with other people provide opportunity for much growth. These mate agreements are not something we have to follow through with and one soul or the other may decide to renig on the agreement due to their personal free will. A certain degree of betrayal and sense of abandonment can be felt if the other party backs out of the agreement or runs in the other direction when faced with true change,growth or karmic clearing. There is nothing we can do about that but know that the time will come in this life or the next that we will meet with these souls again for completion or resolution.

In terms of our pre-birth agreements regarding soul purpose and soul path, our pre-birth conference with our angels allows us the chance to map out our destiny, set objectives and arrange to meet-up with certain souls to assist us in fulfilling that destiny or soul objectives. This does not mean that every little thing is pre-destined and there is no guarantee others will fulfill their roles in our lives.

That is why we have angels. They are there to support our path and guide us when we get lost, which is often.

The main objective of any soul in any incarnation is to learn about love and reach closer to our divine birthright of God perfection.

We return to earthly life again and again to regain lost power, lost parts of ourselves and to help each other along the way.

Our astrological charts are a tremendous indication of what those pre-dispositions are, what our destinies are and presents us with the strengths and weaknesses we came in with. We can utilize this information to gain insight into our pre-birth plans and agreements.

The Akashic records are an etheric record of everything we ever did, every thought and feeling we ever had and can be accessed to gain insight and information to serve us in understanding these soul agreements. Only information that will serve an individuals highest good will be given. It is not a spiritual Walmart that we can go to and get whatever we want just because we want it. The Akashic Records provide insight that will help us heal and grow and sometimes not knowing is what helps us most of all. Not knowing allows us to learn to trust God, the Universal flow and our own selves. Whether or not we know all the reasons for everything, we are still living out our destinies, still walking the path set out for us and still being guided by the teachers and angels that are there for us.

In gaining insight into our pre-birth agreements, we can find more inner peace that we are on the right path, we can find insight into the complexities of our relationships and we can receive clarity and understanding of our personal blocks,fears,issues as well as our gifts.

Our families,mates and children are all part of these soul agreements and insight into these relationships can help us deal with these significant people with more patience,love and compassion.

Understanding more about these agreements mostly helps us develop more patience,love and compassion for ourselves.

Whatever our circumstances in life, we are never a victim. We are always co-creators to what is being played out in the drama of our lives. We always have the capacity for transformation of anything that no longer serves us.

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