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Practical Magic: Using the Magical Approach

Practical Magic is applied metaphysics, a way of creating what you want and need easily, naturally,

For the good of all, according to the free will of all.

Magic is one of life’s marvelous mysteries, yet even the most powerful witches’ spells are little more than ordinary actions made extraordinarily powerful by focused intent. Magic is about creative transformation.

Anyone – even you – can become an adept at magic – when you choose to believe that anything is possible and nothing is too good to be true.

It’s all about what you believe, how your think and feel… change your beliefs, your thoughts and your feelings, and magically, your world changes.

I was first introduced to my own creative powers through the Seth books by Jane Roberts, so I think it is appropriate that we open our discussions of Practical Magic with some of the Seth’s wisdom. This excerpt from The Magical Approach explains why we have included articles on belief and believing in this section along with insights on creating abundance, using the power in our words and feelings, and working with other natural elements like candles and colors to make magic….

“The magical approach” means that you actually change your methods of dealing with problems, achieving goals, satisfying means. You change over to the methods of the natural person.

The natural person is to be found, now, not in the past or in the rpesent, but beneath layers and layers of official beliefs so you are dealing with an archeology of beliefs to find the person who creates beliefs to begin with. As I have often said, evidence of clarivoyance, telepathy,. or whatever are not eccentric, isolated instances occurring man’s experience, but are representative of natural patterns of everyday behaviour that become invisible in your world because of the official picture of behaviour and reality.”

The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks About the Art of Creative Living A “How To” book on being the magician of your own life, November 27, 1999 a review by Carl Anderson: “As Jane states in an opening poem “What magicians we all are, turning darkness into light, transforming invisible atoms into the dazzling theater of the world….” A book of wonder, short but sweet and to the point. A critical work on creativity and how our industrial world attempts to enslave in the clock of 9 to 5. This book will help all overcome the dissonance between our overly rational work-a-day and dreaming selves. By opening to The Magical Approach you can grab the wheel of life and head out to the open road of creative living.”

“So – once more – you form your reality through your beliefs…

Seth from sessions 623 and 624 in The Nature of Personal Reality

As I mentioned earlier, your thoughts have a very definite vital reality. Beliefs are thoughts reinforced by imagination and emotion concerning the nature of your reality…

Now thoughts in general possess an electromagnetic reality, but whether you know it or not, they also have an inner sound value.

You know the importance of exterior sound. It is used as a method of communication, but it is also a by-product of many other events, and it affects the physical atmosphere. Now the same is true about what I will call inner sound, the sound of your thoughts within your own head. I am not speaking here of the body noises, thought you are usually oblivious to these also.

Inner sounds have an even greater effect than exterior ones upon your body. They affect the atoms and molecules that compose your cells. In many respects it is true to say that you speak your body, but the speaking is interior.

The same kind of sound built the Pyramids, and it was not sound that you would hear with your physical ears. Such inner sound forms your bone and flesh. The sound exists connected with but quite apart from the mental words you use in thinking.

It does not matter in which language you are addressing yourself, for example. The sound is formed by your intent, and the same intent – I am putting this simply now – will have the same sound affect upon the body regardless of the words used.

But usually you think in your own language, and so in quite practical terms the words and the intent merge. For all practical purposes then the two are one….

You are usually told that your emotions or beliefs or systems of values have nothing to do with the unfortunate circumstances that beset you.

The patient, therefore, often feels relatively powerless and at the mercy of any stray virus that might come along. The facts are that you choose even the kind of illness that you have according to the nature of your beliefs. You are immune from ill health as long as you believe that you are.

These are quite practical statements. Your body has an overall body consciousness filled with energy and vitality. It automatically rights any imbalances, but your conscious beliefs also affect this body consciousness. Your muscles believe what you tell them about themselves. So does every other portion of your physical body…

As I mentioned, inner sounds are extremely important. Each of the atoms and molecules that compose your body has its own reality in sound values that you do not hear physically. Each organ of your body then has its own unique sound value too. When there is something wrong the inner sounds are discordant.

The unharmonious sounds have become a part of that portion of the body as a result of the inner sound of your own thought-beliefs. That is why it is vital that you not reinforce these inner sounds through repeating the same negative suggestions to yourself. Verbal suggestions are translated into inner sound. This passes thought your body in somewhat the same way that some kinds of light do.

While you are physical creatures, then your perceptions must be largely physically oriented. Even your bodies exist in other terms than you usually suppose.

You perceive them as objects, with bulk, composed of bone and flesh. They also have ‘structures’ of sound, light, and electromagnetic properties that you do not perceive. These are all connected with the physical image that you know. Any physical disability will show themselves in these other ‘structures’ initially.

The sound, light, and electromagnetic patterns give strength and vitality to the physical form that you recognize. They are more mobile than the physical body, and even more susceptible to the changing pattern of your own thought and emotion.

I told you that thoughts are translated into this inner sound, but thoughts always attempt to materialize themselves also. As such they are incipient images, collectors of energy. They build up their own embryonic form until it is in one way or another physically translated.

Mental images therefore are extremely powerful, combining inner sound and its effects with a clear mental picture which will seek physical form. Your imagination adds motivating and propelling power to such images, and so you will find that many of your beliefs are entertained by you in an inner visual manner. They will have mental pictures connected with them.

One such image may represent one particular belief or it may stand for several. As you make lists of your beliefs you will find some of these pictures coming into your mind. Look at them as you would a painting you have created. If you do not like what you see then quite consciously change the picture in your mind.

These images are interior, yet because they are so a part of your beliefs you will see them exteriorized also in your experience….

There is light then that you do not see with physical eyes, as there is sound that you do not hear with your ears. These combine to mentally form the physical image that you know, so you must work from the inside out. Your beliefs are your palette, using the analogy of a painting again.

Your thoughts give the general outline of the reality that you physically experience. Your emotions will fill in the patterns with light. Your imagination will forge these together.

The sound of your inner thoughts is the medium that you actually use. This is far more than an analogy, however, for in simple terms it explains quite clearly the way in which your beliefs form your reality.”

The Nature of Personal Reality: Specific, Practical Techniques for Solving Everyday Problems and Enriching the Life You Know (A Seth Book) (Paperback) by Jane Roberts
This book is, along with “Seth Speaks”, and a few of the other “Seth” books, the most important set of books I have ever read. The information comes from a personality known a “Seth”, a teacher who was channeled by Jane Roberts. Seth has lived many lives on Earth, and his perspective, as one who once lived here but now “resides” in another dimension, is riveting. I know many people will find it very weird to consider the idea that a “dead” person could channel information, but after reading this book I think you will be convinced.

The book is about meta-physics in the truest sense of the world – above physics. Unlike religion, which presents a set a dogmatic beliefs, this book presents non-judgemental information.The approach is “try it; if it makes sense to you, use it.”

Some of the insights have to do with how we shape our own reality. Seth teaches us that we always have a choice about what is happening in our lives, and provides insights as to why seemlingly bad things may be happening. In all cases, these things have to do with something that we have chosen. Its not about karma, or retribution, or atonement. Its more about creating the kind of life you want to have for yourself. Once you realize the mechanics of things and how the universe works, you can shape your life to better suit you.

This is what I mean by meta-physics. This book is almost a “how to guide” of the universe. Once you know what the mechanisms are, you have a much better time understanding how to use them.

I don’t mean to say that this is simple. The lessons are often complex and difficult to make sense of. Part of that has to with the notion that the way in which our earthly thought process works only captures a very small part of what the universe is all about. Our brains don’t always “get it.” But the good news is that our “souls” do.

I can honestly say my life was dramatically improved by this and the other Jan Roberts books. They take a lot of work – you have to be willing to let go of lots of concepts you’ve spent your whole life building. But if you do, the world starts making a whole lot more sense. What more can one ask of a book? Matthew G. Belge

The best explanations of the type of Practical Magic that Global Psychics promotes comes from two of our favourite books on the subject: Natural Magic (ISBN 0919345808) by Doreen Valiente and Positive Magic (ISBN 0960412875) by Marion Weinstein.

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