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Our Beliefs: Believe and It Will Be

Our Beliefs: Believe and It Will Be
by M.L. Danielle Daoust

The magic in “Yes, I can”
Getting what you want out of life is as easy as believing that you will….

Our beliefs, about ourselves and our world, form the framework of our reality. Our world behaves much as we expect it to – as we believe it will. And we get from it pretty much what we think we deserve… Those of us who believe we are poor sinners, victims of the circumstances of our lives, pawns of a judgmental, vengeful god, will continue to find that bad things happen to good people, that they must struggle to get ahead in righteousness- and every time they make progress, they’ll find some bogeyman waiting around the corner to steal some of their hard-earned stuff. Because that’s what they expect, that’s what they believe will be waiting for them.

On the other hand, when you get that you are responsible for the life you have created, that you created it through your thoughts, feelings and loving actions, through what you believe about yourself and the world, through the fear and love you generate within and around you, you begin to discover just how much power you have to have what you want…. Changing beliefs – letting go of negative beliefs like no pain, no gain, adopting a more positive “Yes, I can attitude based” on beliefs that are nurturing and nourishing can literally make the difference between life and death. Today, on our book shelves we’ll find, not dozens, but hundreds and thousands of books on the nature of reality, consciousness, positive thinking, letting go…. All written with one primary objective: to expose the conflicts in our old belief systems and provide us with new frameworks, new attitudes that affirm rather than deny our power and release us to the life of love, good health, abundance and ease that is our natural birthright. Yet, at the end of the day, changing your beliefs is as easy as changing your shirt… Once you decide you can, you will… as long as you believe you can’t…. you’re stuck…. This story shows the power in our beliefs about ourselves.

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The Learners Permit

When we moved to Massachesetts in 1985, my son quickly discovered he was old enough to get his learners permit in that state . He’d wanted to drive since he was four, and I’d been waiting for this day for many years…. Pat is severely learning disabled, at 34, considered developmentally disabled… at 15 still hadn’t mastered even basic reading skills. So I made a deal: Sure, hon, I’ll be glad to help you get your license – but first you must past the written test.

For the next two years Pat lobbied everyone, his teachers, counsellors, grandparents, aunts and uncles, his friends, my friends, the family doctor, his father, to talk to me. Mom, you know I can’t read, I’ll never pass that written test, why can’t I take the oral exam, like other disabled kids? To each complainant I responded the same: I believe Pat can learn to read and that he wants to drive badly enough that one day he will. He’s still got time to learn and until I’m proven wrong, I will not relent.

The battle wore on, until one day, I found him extremely angry and frustrated, flipping through the book, cursing to himself that he couldn’t read, he’d never be able to read, he was never going to be able drive. He was approaching his 18th birthday and by now most of his friends had their licenses, a few even had their own cars, and he still hadn’t mastered the first few sentences in the book. At last he was ready to listen….

Pat, think about this. Every time you say ‘I can’t read’, your brain gets that message. When you pick up a book, your brain immediately answers, ‘this boy can’t read’. So no matter how hard you try to make sense of the words, your brain keeps saying – ‘we can’t read’ so none of the words make sense. Think about it. Try this. See what happens when, every time you pick up the book, you start by saying ‘I can read, one word at a time, one sentence at a time, one page at a time, I can read and understand every word in this book.

I guess my timing was on that day, because Pat “got it” somehow, I saw a light go on. Seconds later, he jumped up from the couch exclaiming, Mom that makes sense, I’m going to give it a shot! and suddenly the agony and the arguing about learning to drive was over – forever.

Several months later, I noticed his Driver’s handbook sitting in the steps, now all dog-eared. I chuckled to myself sensing that it was soon time for the next steps. Sure enough, just a few weeks later, Pat came to say he was ready to try the written test… and indeed he was!

My heart exploded from my chest that bright shiny morning when he came roaring out of the test trailer, license in hand, whooping, I did it! I did it! I did it myself! Today Pat is 35, an excellent driver, who loves to read about cars…. All it took was a moment of realization, an awakening to his own power – the power of believing in himself, believing that he could. One “I can do it” decision changed the course of his life, freed him to try many other things he’d believed he couldn’t do. A magical life-changing moment.

As a psychic, I believe in magic, what I call practical magic, the kind of magic that comes from understanding how my beliefs change my world, and how saying “I can”, in the blink of an eye, changes your life forever….

Are you wishing for some special magic in your life right now?

Make Yes, I can as important in your life as the words: I Love you, then watch the magic begin…

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