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What is Love?

An “as above so below” love story.

Back in December 2011, I’d finished writing my astrological forecast for 2012, and then I looked at what potentials could be in store for me personally. It’s always best to prioritize things in that order, no matter what kind of forecasting is attempted, it helps to keep the ego out of the equation. And without going into the boring details of my pals Saturn, Jupiter and Venus in particular, one overwhelming theme kept repeating itself, that I’d be forming some sort of very significant partnership, specifically in the May/June timeframe.

Yikes! No way! I’m too old for that stuff I said, shaking my fists to the skies. Well, after much gnashing of teeth, I finally calmed down long enough to try to define what love truly is, a question I should have been asking some forty years ago in high school but so be it, as one of Saturn‘s main lessons to learn is “better late than never.”

So, reluctantly at best, I asked my spooks what love is, and in no uncertain terms they shot back “Love is equal parts passion, compassion and dispassion,” to which I scratched my head, and it‘s taken me some fourteen months to figure that out, so here‘s what I’ve got so far.

It is in fact “as above so below” when we begin within the awareness that we’re all a part of the natural world, and by extension the entire Universe, or to stretch the imagination even further, within muliverses and higher dimensional planes. We’ve always been told that we are stardust, and that he purest of Universal energies is Love, so we might need to suspend our disbeliefs a bit, in order to grasp a few of these concepts.

First things first, our passions get us going, we simply love to do the things we love to do, whether it’s a hobby or sports, gardening, making music, working out, reading, whatever it is that makes us feel happy and alive. Then, take a look at the natural world, especially during Springtime, there’s no doubt that nature has many overwhelming passions of Her own, a vibrancy beyond words. Even during killer hurricanes and earthquakes, so how do we rectify the “good” AND the “bad” aspects of the natural world?

Well, doing whatever we love doing by ourselves doesn’t get us very far, so we “naturally” feel compelled to have our passions validated by others in order to get along with life itself. And this sense of belonging requires compassion, of being able to see our passions in an other, making friends and sharing our passions with like-minded folks is just what we humans do. We have that same relationship to the natural world – and She to us – in a strangely symbiotic manner, just suspend a few more disbeliefs.

(Belief systems are like toilets, we’ve all got one and they all stink!)

We actually learn the fundamentals of compassion as children when we play, hopefully as seen in the mistakes we make when we carelessly hurt one of our playmates, either physically or emotionally. Bullies don’t learn about compassion until later in life (if ever), and we the bullied can unfortunately carry those hurts for decades if we let them, more on that later. As children, we can see the natural world as if it’s all magical because it truly is, and wouldn’t we all want to return to that state of magic and wonder?

Yet as adults, we can often learn the hard way that too much of a good thing can lead to burn-out and addictions, so we need to learn to have compassion for ourselves first and foremost, in order to return to a more balanced sense of our passions. Caring and compassion can then be seen as synonyms, caring for ourselves first, well before we can have compassion for an other. Herein lies the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” but that’s only a first step. The natural world provides for us compassionately, and all She wants us to do in return is to take good care of Her, to keep things very simple.

However again, being too compassionate also has its pitfalls, the worst of which can be the under-appreciated malady of compassion fatigue. For instance, when a loved one continuously repeats the same hurtful patterns, either to themselves or to us, we need to step back dispassionately and say either silently or out loud, “This behavior needs to stop immediately!” We can also say this to ourselves, no matter how resistant to change we might be, it’s called self-evolution and/or self-redemption. The Earth is currently saying this same thing to we humans too, otherwise She will stop being so compassionate towards us, human-created climate change and all, She wants to be our friends but She doesn‘t absolutely need us.

Now, being dispassionate brings up all sorts of controversial subjects but I really think it also contains many of life’s best kept secrets, the first of which might include the concept of transcending. I mean, imagine being caught in an 8.0 earthquake, wouldn’t we all want to fly away above it? The trick here would be to know that becoming dispassionate is NOT necessarily the “fly or fry” fear mechanism kicking in, in fact it’s a rather hidden third aspect of what love truly is. Transcending is also tricky because others can see us as being callous or indifferent, so too much dispassion must be tempered with passion and compassion, the other two-thirds of this holy trinity.

Killer earthquakes and hurricanes can then be seen as Mother Gaia’s dispassionate tough love aspect, they happen. The choices for we humans are then, what do we do about it? The answer is to return to our core passions and compassion, both of which become self-regenerating, just like the natural world does after such a calamity.

Along those lines, there are simply moments when we need to become dispassionate about the pains and suffering of others but perhaps most importantly, we need to become dispassionate about our own pains and suffering. IOW, if we can make our miseries powerless, we become more powerful, if we can only keep it that simple. This then allows us to return to a more balanced centeredness, where our passions and compassion can be equally expressed, in a much more reasonable and sane manner. It’s within that core of our being, within our centered heart of hearts where G-awed lives and always has been, just waiting for us all to reclaim and re-own that most essential birthright of ours, within any given here-and-now moment we choose.

And that’s the realm of Buddha’s teachings in a nutshell, that “all desires lead to suffering,” or all of our passions – including the desire to always be compassionate – can lead to suffering. Jesus even echoed that sentiment while channeling the Christ Consciousness (in the secret Gospel of Thomas 42), “Become passers-by,” and that’s some pretty good company to keep, I’d have to think. Sure, the Universal mandate is that we must love and be compassionate for others but the secret here is that we’re not absolutely required or obliged to like everything someone else might be doing, in fact it can be quite impossible. For instance, we should never condone the actions of a bully tyrant but know in all certainty that the monster is only holding a mirror up to our faces, and what we’re seeing as the monster within them is the same monster within us.

Or not! The choices are always ours, and this brings up the whole concept of “creating our own reality.” Right now for instance, I’m creating a reality of articulating love (as I currently understand it), and a few hours from now I’ll be dealing with psychic vampire jerks at the store. I’ve “simply” been creating an awareness of “Hey, I’m creating a reality of peace and joy within this here-and-now moment, you might be expressing anger or fear but that’s not my reality, you are certainly welcome to your own reality but…” The trick there is to practice, practice, practice, and to then avoid the temptation of trying to be perfect at it, it’s just not going to happen while we still have these faulty human brains of ours…

This awareness is also very helpful whenever we have a stray negative thought pop into our heads, and we can then say “This is NOT MY thought, go back to the hell from where you came from!” It might easily be seen as a stray thought from our past-life status as the victim of a bully but it doesn’t absolutely need to be our present-time reality, the same reality we’ve created for ourselves in this one here-and-now moment. Yes, it’s certainly a trick of the mind, the mysterious realm of the Trickster whose role is to “simply” keep us on our toes, in this case to become dispassionate about the pains and suffering of our otherwise feeble human brains. Our brains then become a tool rather than a puppet-master, showing us that we can own compassion from our true intelligence, the intelligence of our hearts (where G-awed lives!).

This in turn can allow us to know that there are at least three different types of intelligences that are constantly in motion in our lives; the faulty and inconsistent brain intelligence (a filter that needs constant clearing which is always subject to change and delusions), the pure and loving heart intelligence, and what can then be seen as a Divine intelligence, an intelligence coming from “on high“ if you will. Well, by tuning into our heart’s intelligence, we can know beyond a shadow of doubt that this is where the Divine really is, speaking to us and through us.

And by extension, expressing equal parts passion, compassion and dispassion is the realm of forgiveness, of us compassionately forgiving ourselves and others for being so humanly clueless (dispassion) would be a good place to start, when our passions (or their’s) is imbalanced. It’s also about “for giving” ourselves and each other a cosmic break when we realize we’re being too hard on ourselves, so a heart-felt forgiveness allows for Universal Love to show up as a perpetual state of Divine grace

So, what happened for me in that May/June timeframe mentioned way above? I found, raised and kept five three-week old orphaned baby kittens who were born under my front porch, their mom had mysteriously died the week before. IOW, their eyes had opened and their mother was nowhere in sight (until they saw me), with no food for their past week, and you had better believe that I keep reminding them that I saved their lives!

And they’ve been great teachers for me, always chasing their passions (and their tails) around the place, being compassionate toward each other, and I’ve had to learn how to become dispassionate about my stuff they break. Perhaps most importantly though, they’ve re-taught me that it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, the time and place where I didn’t know the meaning of the words fear, shame and guilt, those learned emotions that keep me – and all of us – from knowing what true Universal Love is.

Or, at least that’s my current level of understanding of what Love is, subject to change as evidence to the contrary presents itself, but so far so good!

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