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The Power of Love

Why do bad things happen to good people?
Most religions teach folks to “accept God’s will” and provide us with a list of platitudes like “misfortune is character-building”, that are supposed to help us accept – and basically to lie down and just take the bad times… A very frustrating response to trouble… especially when your life is a mess. There is another – more loving – way.

The newer forms of spirituality – and when you look closely, also many of the Native American and Eastern traditions – speak of that fact that we are ONE – ie One Whole System – that we create our own reality and we do so with purpose through our thoughts, feelings and actions…

I finally got the truth of that philosophy when my life seemed to have been just one disaster after another… there’s a good reason why bad things happen to good people – and it’s not because we’re building character.

Bad things happen to good people because good people think badly of themselves…

Over and over again I have found LOVE to be the missing ingredient in our creations… Like Magic, troubles began to dissipate when I noticed all my unloving thoughts, all the hurtful feelings and attitudes, all my little unloving actions, then started actively being much kinder to myself. The trouble is that when the downward spiral kicks in, it takes a lot of positive energy to balance it out. The worse things get, the more depressed we get, and the more badly we get to thinking of ourselves… So we really need to work at being loving, as often as we can, to think of anything at all that we love and use it as a kind of platform from which to think about the “soulutions” to our difficulties.

“Make me a Miracle, I just want it fixed!”

Love is a powerful healing force and once invoked, LOVE can work miracles… but if you really want to fix your life and keep it fixed, it’s going to take a little magic, and a lot of effort.

Working with The Magic of Love….

Love energy is typically seen as pink or green, so if you visualize your problems in some symbolic way and infuse these with pink and green light, you can actually feel the energy begin to shift and you often find that new solutions present themselves that weren’t obvious before.

Another magical way to shift “negative” energy is to see the purpose in your creations – including the painful ones, taking responsibility for what you are trying to teach yourself through these negative experiences. I can think of time after time when the minute I saw the purpose in some trouble, accepted it as a good thing for myself, and loved myself for allowing the lesson, it would immediately begin to clear up…

Love’s about deciding not to be a victim, and choosing to tap into your creative power… kinda hard when what you’re looking at is an ugly mess, but I often say that the seeds of our greatest triumphs are sown in the moments of our greatest despair – just a question of finding the seeds… and learning to nurture them, despite the pain and wreckage that might be around.

It’s really all a question of evolution – and it is my contention that we live with an evolving One – what looks like pain and destruction may in fact be something incredibly magical at work… Another important secret to understanding why bad things happen to good people is understanding that life as we live it day by day is an illusion… even the pain is a message for us, a way we have of communicating with ourselves – if we’ll just but listen to the messages…

It’s what we really BELIEVE, not what we THINK that counts, that manifests

How often the truth is understated…. belief is at the foundation of any outcome – yet we are so often out of touch with what we really believe – or are unaware of the conflicts in our beliefs – our minds can trick us into thinking we believe something… and in fact we might – but we might also believe something else – and that trips us up… For example, at the core of some of my issues around creating financial success were some conflicting beliefs about acceptance and perfection…. on the one hand, I was desperate to be accepted and loved by everyone, on the other I thought I had to be the best, to be perfect, in order to be loved… those values are in direct conflict with each other and led to a lot of self-sabotaging, especially when I discovered that I also believed that perfection is both impossible and boring… Every time I got close to achieving any kind of greatness in my work that also meant material rewards, I would get very sick physically – and ultimately lose everything I had gained… Got to the point that for quite awhile, I was afraid to let myself enjoy my work – or to try to achieve anything… thought I was just a sickie and might as well give into it…

But then I discovered the Power of Love – and that I was creating my own reality- with purpose. No, I didn’t find a mate, but I did find myself and learned to love honestly and wholeheartedly, and I learned how to look inside myself to start unraveling the conflicting beliefs that had tied me up so in life…

When I recognized that my world was a direct manifestation of my state of mind, feeling and my actions – and the presence or lack of love – it became easy to look in the mirror that my world was to start seeing myself clearly… and to start shifting the energy.

One exceptionally powerful way of manifesting your love for yourself – and also another magical way of shifting energy, is to call for help from the One, from your angels and guides… Most among the spiritual community have noticed an interesting phenomenon – something none of us can recall ever happening before… there appear to be legions of angels and guides standing in the wings right now – as if the entire universe were focused on what’s going on here on planet earth – and these beings are ‘at the ready’ – waiting to be called upon for help – but since this is a free will zone, they cannot intervene to help us unless we ask… so ask for what you need, you might be amazed at how easily it can come to you…

Alright, so I need more than Magic. What can I DO to fix my life?

Changing your mind and your attitude about life, filling yourself up with loving energy every moment are powerful first steps in “fixing” life’s problems, but as Thomas Mandel submits in this thought-provoking answer, it takes commitment, dedication and an abundance of self-love, to get things back on track when we’ve fallen into those disaster-stricken, unloving moments..

There’s only one thing that can fix your life, love. But it won’t come until you are ready and who knows about that. Are you ready? Well..

I’m afraid that there is no easy answer to the question of how you can fix things. Even if it were provided to you, you still would have to reorganize all your neuronal interconnections and that takes quite a while. All you can hope for is to finally get moving in the right direction and then what you have to look forward to is a lifetime of learning. Looks like hard work, I know, I’m sorry, but, hey, it’s hard work doing what you do after you come home from work (if you got that far).

Turning around to face the right direction might be the hard part. Incidentally, I’m not kidding about the direction, most of us start out looking for whatever outside of us, “out there. It’s like that story of the drunk looking for his house keys under the street lamp. A kid walks up, asks him what is he looking for. “I lost the key in the dark.” The kid thinks for a while as he watches the drunk…”Why are you looking here?” The drunk answers, “It’s the only place I can see…”

So we look for things like Love and Happiness and of course, God, “out there” because that is where we can “see.” Actually, it all comes from inside.

The joy of Love is not being loved, but in the LOVING!” Do you get it? OK, so I am jumping ahead. Love does come after everything else I suppose. What about LIFE? Well, again, the answer does not come from outside, as if one could find the secret of life in a book, or even by climbing a mountain. The answer is found in the living. Do you get it? I don’t know why that is such a big secret but it is. Well, maybe I do. Seems there are two “insides” to pick from. One is our rational in-tell-ectual symbolic thinking process, and the other is our intuitive, wholistic, systemic thinking process. I’m talking about the heart, not the head kind. The head is what is looking for the answers outside because that is where its referent is at. Get it? The heart is (a metaphor for) technically our “preconscious” mental process. This is our unconscious which operates in quite a different manner, as a system rather than as an thing.

This is why action is the key, a system is a network of “relationships” between “wholes” which are themselves relationships” So everything is interacting, that’s why any solution lies in the doing.

I don’t know what it would take for you to stand up an shout, “Hey, enough trouble!” but if you DID that, that would be the end of it. Little hint though, from that time on, you will be expected to do the right thing. And if you don’t, if you choose to do the wrong thing, then you will have to deal with the total situation. Like maybe you really want the wrong thing…and in a blink of an eye, you will be back where you started.

But, where you started is where you are now, and if you can do it now you can do it over and over.

Trust in the power of love to help you manifest both love and abundance in your life… Love is Practical Magic at its best!

My thoughts for the day…Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Love DOES make the difference …

the difference between health and disease,

the difference between wealth and poverty,

the difference between bliss, and ignorance…

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