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Coping with Fear

Coping with Fear

It is our attitude, our beliefs about ourselves and our world that makes or breaks us in life… when we are loving and positive, when we choose to see purpose in all that occurs, choose to take the lessons and to grow – as opposed to judging – we find ourselves making the right choices in life, no matter where we are. Choosing love over fear and judgment takes great courage and offers even greater freedom. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

First – notes on the physiology of fear

Fear is a powerful energy. Once triggered it immediately releases adrenaline and other chemicals into the body to help us cope. Our breathing becomes shallow as we decide whether to fight or take flight, our physical selves are on the alert, ready to take action to defend ourselves. Pulse becomes rapid, hearts pound – sometimes even stop… Our consciousness becomes focused on the object of our fear while our peripheral vision scans our surroundings for any signals and methods of retreat or escape. In a truly dangerous situation, all of these physiological effects work – they help us to act quickly to defend and protect ourselves, to even save our lives.

The trouble is that fear becomes such a habit, stress such a way of life, conditioned into us from our earliest days on the planet that we don’t realize that the physiological effects are burning us out. And interfering with our ability to psychically tune into our worlds so we can accurately choose the most effective way of achieving our goals.

The Coping Mechanisms

So, how do we cope with fear, to set it aside so we can tune in…

1) BREATHE!!!! To counteract the effects of fear, to ground yourself and get a clear fix on what’s going on around you, the first thing you want to do is to breathe deep… three big deep breaths will not only clear your head, but they will buy you a minute or two to deal with whatever shock your body may have dealt with as it faced the fear. Deep breathing brings oxygen to the brain, literally clears your head so you can make solid decisions in critical moments. Daily meditation and breath work will help you stay in touch with your fears, and to clear them.

2) ADMIT YOUR FEAR, NAME IT This isn’t the moment to go into denial with some form of positive thinking – that will come later… before you get to the point that you can start taking some positive action, you must admit that you are afraid, and specify it… somehow, naming our fears seems to take some of the steam out of them. As business partners, Mary-Anne and I are known to quite regularly sit down and scream out our fears to help us get past whatever obstacles we’ve been presented with…. It works. The release of energy associated with fear that comes from actually speaking them, helps to remove the obstacles, to gain understanding and open you up to finding solutions. One of the exercises we recommend when folks have hit a difficult cycle in life is to make lists of their fears and then burn them on the full moon…. Scattering the ashes in the wind or running water helps to dissipate some of the energy associated with the fears… which makes it easier for you to attract more positive energy into your life

3) STOP, LOOK, LISTEN…. CONSIDER YOUR OPTIONS – AND THE CONSEQUENCES Before you react to the fear in you, consider your options… there is more than one way to respond to every situation, and the consequences for each response can be devastating… so give yourself time to think – again, stop for a moment, breathe deep, look around you, listen to your inner voices, consider the possible actions, as well as the potential consequences of your actions then react, consciously….

4) REMEMBER THE LOVE IN YOU, HAVE COURAGE – The antidotes to fear are TRUST, LOVE and COURAGE. Be brave in the face of your fears, have faith in yourself and your ability to cope. Trust that you can handle whatever comes. This may not draw the exact outcome you hope for, but it will strengthen you to deal with what comes – and make the most of it. Think about the fact that you love yourself and your life… actively drawing the higher vibration love frequency into a fearful situation will diffuse a lot of the negativity in the air, help you find your balance. I visualize myself and my problem or fear surrounded in a gorgeous bubble of pink and green light, the colours of Divine Love. Time and again this exercise has enabled me to find solutions so I could gracefully retreat from the fear.

5) ACCEPT THAT BEING FEARFUL IS HUMAN, but REFUSE TO BE PARANOID Don’t feed your fears, or dwell on your problems. Because I know that my fears tend to attract trouble, I choose to avoid reinforcing my fears as much as possible. Trust is the antidote for paranoia… I have been fortunate in being able to choose safe neighbourhoods most of my life, but when I have happened into areas that are considered not so good, I have felt just as secure… it has always been a matter of trust, trust in myself that I could cope with whatever might present itself, trust that I would probably not attract trouble, and trust also that those around me would prefer to wish me well.

6) STAND TALL AND FACE THE FEAR I remember a time when I was suddenly asked to replace a speaker at a conference of some 400 parents, teachers and several high-ranking government officials. This was as important a speech as I had ever delivered, a plea for funding for the developmentally handicapped, and I had only 15 minutes to prepare. To make matters worse, our sound system was failing, and thanks to the storm raging outdoors, the repairman couldn’t fix it… So I knew I was going to have to command attention with just my voice and my passion. As I opened, I could hear the silk lining of my skirt rustling, my knees were shaking so badly…my voice quavered, my hands twitched …. I just wanted to melt into the floor… instead, I took another big deep breath and delivered the rest of my opening statement… Lo and behold, I had their attention. To this day, I can’t account for what happened in this moment… perhaps it was the love of my son that drove me… but I dug in then, the rustling in my skirt slowed down, in 15 minutes, I presented an intelligent and impassioned case … and was rewarded with a standing ovation. Taking flight from our fears is rarely more than a temporary solution to whatever problem exists… at the end of the day, the solution lies in having the courage to stand tall and face the fear.

7) LISTEN FROM YOUR HEART So often our fears are rooted in misunderstandings, perspectives that are out of whack with reality. This is why it is so important to STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before reacting to our fears. Listening is a function of the heart… when our hearts are open, we can hear the truth, – the truth indeed does set us free, and free from our fears, especially. I think to the time my next brother and I were deep in a heart to heart when I told him that I was afraid that I could never have the kind of success and prosperity he had… he in turn looked at me in some shock as he blurted out that he had always been afraid that he would never be as comfortable speaking with people as I was… each of us had skewed perceptions of the others’ life that once shared, were proven to be invalid. Neither of us had anything to be afraid of, really… Facing your fears means also that you have to have the courage listen, and then to change your attitudes and beliefs about yourself and others…

8) LAUGH A LOT! Laughter is the best medicine, for healing, and for fear…. It takes the energy out of the fear, lifts your spirit, quite literally raises your vibrational frequency so the object of your fears can no longer hurt you. Joyful exuberance, enthusiastic acceptance of what IS reverses the flow of energy around fear, boomeranging it back on its source.

9) KEEP MOVING, HAVE COURAGE Fear holds us back in so many ways when we let it. The worst of it is that a lot of the time fear holds us back from activities, people and events that we might really enjoy – and even have some success with. Fear even prevents us from taking some actions that are necessary for our good health. How many of us put off the dentist and the doctor visits as long as we possibly can… and suffer for it unnecessarily? I bet there have been times when you have been embarrassed, as I have, to discover that I had been living for months with some silly fear that had no basis in reality. A little bit of courage, and a quest for knowledge can go a long way in resolving your fears. One of the ways to keep moving when you are afraid is to learn about the object of your fear, to be willing to follow through and check out what is really going on and then to have the courage to test the waters.

10) PRAY, INVOKE THE LAW OF ONE, CALL ON YOUR ANGELS AND GUIDES There are legions of angels and guides waiting to help you, if you will just ask. This is a most powerful prayer when youare afraid…

The Law of One

We are all One
When One is Harmed, All are Harmed
When One is Helped, All are Healed
Therefore in the name of
Who I Am
One with All, Omnipresent, Omnipotent,
Omniscient and All Loving
One with All the Masters, Saints and Prophets,
with All Beings and the Christ
I ask that only that which is
the highest good of all concerned
happen here:
I ask for the greatest Beauty on the physical plane,
The greatest Joy and Love on the emotional plane
The greatest Illumination and Wisdom on the mental plane
And the greatest Unity on the spiritual plane.
Now I give thanks that this is done.

Eleanor Roosevelt wrote about fear, “You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.” . . . .

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