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One of our visitors wrote in recently hoping that she wasn’t being scammed. Sue had been promised a large sum of money by a Nigerian official, having been named as the recipient of an inheritance from a long lost relative… Most of you will immediately recognize a familiar con, but this woman was new to the web. We of course, immediately advised her to stop all communications with these individuals and suggested that she research the Nigerian scams on the web. Cate’s response to this woman really caught my attention, she empathized with the woman’s financial stress and made a simple and more practical suggestion about how Sue could attract more money. It struck me then that times are still very difficult for many people. It is time to offer more tips and ideas for attracting prosperity, so here we go…

Prosperity – From the Global Psychics Team:

Place a parsley plant in a window in your house. Light a candle and ask for a way to make money – you will see improvements. Blessings to you Cate

I absolutely love doing things to improve my prosperity. I don’t think it is because I actually think I can manifest any more than I am already blessed with but more that its fun and there is something to measure against. I think we have all figured out that it is the energy we are resonating to that opens us up to receive. That is without a doubt. Let me tell you a few of the other things in my life that I do without even thinking about it.

$ – I always keep a citrine in my wallet or purse,
$ – I have a lucky cat and a lucky frog facing my door at home,
$ – I try to give something away when I’m feeling tight financially whether it be a $1 like my friend “Give Away a Dollar a Day” indicates to do or something I don’t need at home,
$ – I always have a running list of things that I want to manifest in my life,
$ – I bless money when it comes and when it goes, $ I keep my negativity to a minimum (nothing stops the flow more than saying you are poor),

I am embarrassed but my list goes on and on. One though that works and takes a lot of faith and trust and a strong letting go and has been used since the beginning of time is “tithing”. Giving 10% (or whatever works for you) of all received income to a spiritual source or someone who has provided you with joy. Ask yourself who has inspired me this day/week/month and give it to them. It takes guts and believe it or not it’s hard to decide who to give it to but it works. It tells the universe that you always have enough. I’ve read that God takes his 10% anyway so once you start tithing what happens is your money lasts longer and you get deals on things. It’s a miracle really. I’ve done it before and it does work without a shadow of a doubt but when times get tough it’s hard to give away 10% for some reason which is the strange part because that is exactly when we should Tithe. Abundant Blessings my Friend, Sharon

Hi all, This week’s stone is jade. Jade is a highly revered stone. The Chinese and Japanese are very fond of it. The Mayans put great stock in the stone and saw it as a currency of heaven. Pieces of jade were placed in the mouths of the deceased to “pay” their way in heaven. Jade is also a stone of prosperity, particularly the green shades. There are two kinds of jade one being jadeite and the other nephrite. Jadeite is the better of the two, being classed as a true gemstone of value, nephrite is more common and therefore more affordable. Both carry the same vibration. A tumbled piece of nephrite jade in your pocket lends energy to your wallet! Jade is also known to help people with kidney problems. Notice the name nephrite and its relationship to the kidneys. Carved jade frogs are used for good luck money charms in China.

Jade, Emerald. Adventurine, Green Turquoise, and Malachite, if fact most green stones attract money. As you know, I am partial to using stones and I do keep a piece of jade in my pocket all the time! Even wearing the color green is a good idea. The color green doesn’t just symbolize money. It is the color of Abundance and Life. Green stained glass in your windows sheds a green glow throughout the room. Just a few thoughts here. Love, Light, & Laughter,

We need to change the ‘mantra’ we have playing in our head. This will help to change our vibration. It’s kind of like when we buy a new car and suddenly it seems like EVERYONE is driving that car. We hadn’t noticed it so much before, but now they are everywhere. If we can transform our thinking, acting AS IF we are already in possession of everything we need (or want), then we will begin to see it everywhere.

I used to dream about finding money. But in my waking state, I would only find, say, a penny once in a blue moon. But once I started being grateful for the pennies I found, actually saying, “Thank you, Universe, for the abundance this penny represents,” I started finding dimes and one day found nearly a dollar in change in one spot.

Now I realize those dimes and nickels aren’t going to change my financial status. But they do pay the tax on the next thing I buy at Target! ;o) And if I could begin to be grateful for larger things than pennies, then I would begin to see larger things being ‘magnetized’ and materialized in my direction. A thankful heart and mind are a great advantage. They change us from the inside out, causing us to have a higher vibration and thus manifesting what it is we are already in possession of in our grateful state.

After all, we know this works in reverse, right? Ever notice how something not so good can continue to draw not so good stuff? My daughter experienced this just the other day. She burned her neck with the curling iron, then went to work and slammed her hand in the sliding door. Later something else happened. Oddly enough, it wasn’t until she went to see her brother perform in a comedy competition and she got to laughing that things turned around for her. Laughing had upped her vibration. BTW, the brother, my son, took first place that evening! He had been doing all the right things, believing in his own abilities and knowing how possible it was for him to win. He didn’t let doubt cloud his belief.

Anyway, if we can attract negative things into our life, negative people, etc, then why not use that same energy to attract positive things and people into our lives?

Try this ‘mantra’–on a regular basis (write it down and put a copy somewhere you’ll see it every day and put a copy in your pocket with one of the stones Chris will suggest and let its weight remind you off and on throughout the day to pull out the paper and reread this statement of FACT!): I have everything I need. I am grateful for all I have and know beyond a shadow of a doubt I will always have everything I need in any situation that comes my way. It is my birthright. I have all the potential ever needed to acquire that which is necessary for my ability to walk in the world and do that which I have come to do. It was with me at my coming. It is with me even now. I cannot fail if I remember this Truth. All I am and ever hope to have or be is at my disposal. I need but ask.

And here’s the thing: ASK! A.S.K. A sk. S eek. K nock. This is a progressive activity. Ask . You don’t need to ask over and over. Just ask, believing, knowing, that you have every right to ask. Then Seek . Seek the answer. Look for what you have asked to be found around every corner, down every street. Yes, this requires something of you. But it also implies the knowledge that what you have asked for IS COMING! So go LOOK for it! Then, Knock . Knock for all you are worth! Knock, knock, knock. ‘Hello? Is this the right door?’ If you have found the right place, the Universe’s holding place, perhaps we could call it, then knock. ‘I know you’re in there! I know what I am asking for and have sought after is in there! Open up and let me experience it!’ Knock, knock, knock. It is in our persistence we receive. Otherwise, how is the Universe supposed to know we mean it, that we really want what we have asked for? We have to hold on to that asking and see already that we have it. If we ask and then go on our way, we might even miss the opportunity to receive because we aren’t looking or remembering what it is we have already asked for. And you know we all do that. We get impatient. We don’t believe. But the more we practice this, the better we get and the sooner our answers arrive. So A.S.K.

I believe good things for you. Now believe them for yourself. Know your worthiness to ask and receive. The Universe is filled with wonder waiting to be bestowed upon you. It is able to do exceeding abundantly ABOVE all you can even ask or imagine. What it relies on, though, is the power that is at work within YOU! It’s a team effort. Do your part and open your heart, mind, AND HANDS and expect good things for yourself. If all things are possible to those who believe, what are you waiting for?!


One more afterthought here: When we give, we receive. Remember those who are less fortunate and when someone asks of you, give. I have found in my experience that on the days I give, I receive almost automatically. When I am in a hurry to do my ‘own’ thing, things don’t seem to work out as well if I have rushed past a giving opportunity. Remember: We are not in this alone. We are not here just to improve our own lot. We are here to make the world a better place, and that includes helping those less fortunate than ourselves who haven’t had the opportunity to learn what we have or are learning. When we give, we open up a door that recognizes we are trustworthy enough to receive more. it doesn’t matter if you are giving someone money, time, love, clothes. Trust me. When we prove our trustworthiness in any area, we are then entrusted with more to share. (Glad I remembered that before I hit ‘Send’.) ;o) Teresa ;o)

PS I carry a stone in my pocket, a beautifully marbled turquoise green malachite, for just such a thing. In fact, Aquamarine is also good for money and luck. It opens the heart chakra, which might also ‘make room’ for new beliefs. Calcite is good for attracting money, and helps with centering and grounding, which could also be a good idea in helping that along. Chrysoprase- Prosperity. Emerald, my birthstone – Prosperity, Mental and psychic abilities, Dreams, Meditation, Visual acuity, Love, Peace, Inner/outer balance, Opens the heart Chakra. Again, these are things which can help us do what I have suggested in aligning ourselves, picturing our future and lifting our vibration. Lapis Lazuli, a beautiful stone, one of my daughter’s ex-boyfriends brought me a gorgeous piece set in silver from Afghanistan – Courage (to believe), Joy (as in Thanks, Universe!), Prosperity. Mother-of-pearl brings wealth. (A pearl is created from adversity. Mother-of-pearl could be like the mother of all adversity and yet I allow it to bring about something beautiful and valuable). ? Pearl is for wealth, too! Opal for prosperity. Ruby same as Lapis above. Sapphire, Tiger’s Eye, Topaz, Tourmaline, Turquoise also. Brass, lodestone, pyrite, and silver are for money; copper, tin and gold are for wealth (which is lots of money, right?) ;o) Teresa

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