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As we move along the path to developing psychic ability and spiritual awareness, it becomes obvious that we also need to take a look at what we believe about ourselves and our world.  To build personal power, we need to heal ourselves, to begin to adopt more life-affirming attitudes, to change the way we think… and what is fascinating about this work is that our lives begin then to change in some wonderful, magical ways…. and in  fact, that natural, positive magic can transform our lives… sometimes in an instant….

Self Empowerment With Magic

By Cate Cavanagh

Many people are overwhelmed in these times of stress, insecurity and fear regarding safety from terrorists and money problems. Common symptoms are headache, sleeplessness, digestive problems, depression and general tiredness. What contributes to these symptoms – which in fact are reactions to feeling helpless over one’s destiny – is the loss of spirit power.

Spirit power is the self claimed right to access energy boosts from the Universe and from the earth itself. Most people do not realize they have even lost their spirit power until they have reclaimed it. What does spirit power feel like? It’s being clear headed and focused with the ability to develop coping and practical strategies. It is the ability to use magic effectively despite whatever worries or concerns ails you. It is feeling energized with trust in all that is around you that will indeed keep you strong, focused and will deliver some sign of hope along the way.

The lack of spirit power is pure despair and the inability to see oneself moving forward. It is akin in this way to depression but can be resolved by regaining self empowerment. There are some magical ways one can do this.

One way is to take a salt bath. Bathe or shower as usual and then pour a salt solution all over your body and air dry. Do not rinse it off until the next day. To add more power to this, and this is very uncomfortable, add ice water to the salt solution. BRRRR! You are thinking, but think this: Buddhist monks sit under freezing waterfalls to rid themselves of negative hindrances.

Our Mother the Earth is a great nurturer. Find a comfortable place in a park or in the country and simply lie down on the Earth and ask Gaia to please draw away anything that is blocking your spirit power. Be patient. Take as much time as you need. In time you will feel a regaining of strength. Be sure to leave an offering for the earth in exchange for the energy you have received.

Another way is to go to a beach and wear old clothes and shoes–items you will discard after. Say a prayer to Yemaya the African Goddess of the oceans and ask her to help you remove blockages and bring strength and a new path to you. Walk into the ocean backwards and drench yourself in the ocean.

Go change into new clothes and discard the old. Leave offerings of bananas and yellow flowers on the shore. A word of caution. A ritual such as this brings change but it can be painfully dramatic. Yemaya often removes obstacles quickly but in the process be prepared for painful awareness and painful endings of the familiar if they are a problem with regard to spirit power.

Remember with magic if you are trusting the Universe, The Earth and any deities they will clean up your life as they see fit. So, although you might experience sudden turmoil. Have trust that in the end your life will be better for.

Magic is not a wave of a wand. Magic is a total comprehension and acceptance of how things may have to change in order to obtain the desired effect. Change is often painful and sometimes it is painful with magic – true. If you are determined to obtain spirit power back you must also be determined to take what comes with change whether you will like it or not.

If you can trust, then you can do magic for self empowerment.

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