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The Mystery Harness

The Mystery Harness

I have an interesting story that up until the night of 3/25/04 I didn’t realize defied any real explanation. My dog Emily is a short-hair, female, Jack Russell Terrier. She is a very active dog and loves to be outside in the sun or doing something active like fetching a ball or running around. She especially likes to sit in the sun and is really more of an outdoor spirit. One day a while back she came in the house and her harness, which is a full body harness made of a strong nylon material, was cut. It looked like someone intended to cut her free so I was pretty angry and decided had better keep an eye on her. For some time after that I just had her on a regular collar and then I finally bought her another, same color, red.

She’s been wearing it for over a month now and it’s a very durable harness that I was confident would hold. It’s a TUFF product. So on the night of the 25th my girlfriend and I were with the dogs all evening. Emily had been wearing her harness again pretty much all day and it was in perfect condition. Normally I take it off but occasionally I leave it on due to how many times they seem to need to go out each day. My girlfriend let her out at one point and then after that she was in for the evening. When we turned in for the night she was still wearing the harness. I unsnapped it and placed it on top of her cage where the dogs sleep next to me each night.

When I woke to let the dogs out I realized her harness had been cut. However this time it was cut in two places in exactly the same manner that the first was cut. In fact the cuts themselves looked identical which I found to be striking. I had to scratch my head at first and looked around wondering where the missing piece was. I looked outside, under the bed, around the couch, downstairs, and it was no where to be found. Then it occurred to me that I had unsnapped the harness before going to sleep and given how active she is if that harness had been the least bit loose she would have wiggled her way out of it at the first signs of freedom. It would have been very obvious when I removed it as well and there were no signs of gnawing at the harness. I would have noticed the fraying if she had been chewing on it but the cuts were on a part of the harness she couldn’t reach while wearing it. I showed my girlfriend who was stumped as well. She mentioned that she had heard banging downstairs in the middle of the night and had even locked the bedroom door.

After undoing Emily’s harness that night I had placed it on top of her cage and it was balled up with Abby’s harness, my other JR. The harnesses hadn’t moved and yet somehow something had cut the harness with a level of precision that only a sharp tool could accomplish. I thought to myself, was it a spook, aliens, someone who snuck in my room just to snip my dogs harness? I can’t really figure this out. I don’t think anyone ever died in my house. An interesting aside to all this is that I have a grandmother who’s name is Emily who died many years ago. She was very found of me I’m told and I started wondering is it the dog or grandma sending me a message?

Anyway, it got me wondering if dogs could be psychic or tied to the supernatural. Maybe Emily was breaking her bonds because of her desire to be free of them. I never had this problem with Abby’s harness so perhaps I’ll save this one and the next time I get one for Emily I’ll have to keep my camera on it. If it happens again I might have to call the Ghost Busters. Hopefully “they” don’t cut anything else! Best regards, Kevin Nay

That is pretty freaky but I think it has to be a real object to do that precise and clean a cut. Is there a guarantee on the harness so you can take it back and ask some more questions about the damage? Could it have been like that for awhile? Any sharp objects in her crate? Better get in there and feel around, use a flash light first. Any barbed wire around? Glass? The usual culprits? Could it have been melted on something?

Too weird! Not time to get spooked but plenty to get freaked about! Love, Laura

No, I know with 100% certainty that it was in fact in tact when I took it off and it stayed in the same place until I woke the next morning. The likelihood of my dog chewing it into four perfectly sized pieces and swallowing them while in her cage is also impossible since the harness was out of reach after I removed it. Definitely an unusual mystery.

I have a grandmother named Emily, the same name as the dog who’s harness was cut. The interesting twist on the story is that my girlfriend who is a bit of an empath kept asking me about the color yellow and my mother without any knowledge of this told me that my grandmother had told her that she would try to contact her with the song the yellow rose of texas. Pretty strange if you ask me.

Strangely enough I found two more pieces in the backyard just the other day that look like they originated from Emily’s belly. They were cut in halve’s even smaller than the pieces I found, too small for a dog to chew up some cleanly. It would not surprise me that Emily desires to be more free because she loves to be outdoors and I have to keep her and her sister couped up in my office while I work because they still leave me surprises on the carpet when I’m not looking despite how smart they are. Nothing else unsual since however.

Maybe a message about freedom from the restraint of the harness? No longer feeling harnessed by the past? Cutting the traces… Feeling cut loose? ? ? ?

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