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The History of Animals Talking

The History of Animals Talking

Mary-Anne Alvaro, talks about the history of the work in the field of parapsychology involving communicating with animals.

I want to begin with a bit of history here, not so much from the perspective of the psychic practice of animal or nature communications, but from parapsychology’s perspective. Through the end of the last century and the beginning years of this one, interest in spiritualism, mediumship and many different psychic matters grew among the general population into a widespread movement. There were many quite talented magicians who perpetrated many hoaxes. Despite this, beliefs held, our fascination grew, the stories kept coming and a few scientifically minded folks took to the research and investigation of such matters as telepathy, remote viewing, clairvoyance, mediumship and general spiritualism. Thus parapsychology was born – the serious exploration, using scientific methods, of paranormal occurrences.

The term “ESP” or extra sensory perception was coined in those times and a young scholar by the name of Joseph Rhine was taking an interest in applying the methods he had used to study botany to the matters of human psychology and paranormal experience. He devised many testing methods and basically dedicated his life to the study of the paranormal and the establishment of parapsychology as a “real science”. At one point in the course of his long career, he explored the field of ESP in animals, or anpsi (as the parapsychologist calls it). His reasons for this seemed quite practical – he surmised that the animals were easier to control and could be counted on not to cheat or exaggerate. He experimented with various animals, – rats, pigeons and cats and through the 1950’s ran a series of secret tests for the U.S. Army to see if German shepherds could be trained to detect land mines through ESP. They seemed to have some skill, but dogs also have an acute sense of smell, so results were inconclusive. From the Time-Life Book called Psychic Powers comes this piece on the subject:

“The term extrasensory perception implies unnatural, even supernatural, abilities. But research into the senses of some animals suggests that the line between sensory and extrasensory may be finer than previously imagined.Animals have sense organs that react to stimuli humans cannot even detect. For example, some birds hear infra-sound – noise in ultra-low frequencies indiscernible to human ears. Many migrate for thousands of miles, using sensory navigational skills scientists have yet to explain. “Birds are not living in the same sensory world that we live in,” explains Stephen T. Emlen, a professor at Cornell University and a leader in avian research. “They are hearing, seeing, and sensing the world expanded from ours.”Emlen’s statement holds true for other creatures as well. Marine animals communicate underwater by sound beyond the limits of human hearing; schools of fish move and change direction simultaneously, presumably cued by signals. Flying bats are guided by their heightened sense of hearing; some distinguish between poisonous and nonpoisonous prey by using sensors on their mouths.

Some psychic researchers theorize that senses such as these may once have existed in humans, only to be submerged somehow in the evolutionary process. Perhaps, they say, people with apparent psychic powers are merely tapping into once-used but long-forgotten abilities.”

A Sad and Happy Story: Sparrow’s Dancing

by Joy Metcalf

I had a kitten (Sparrow) who developed FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis), which slowly eroded her ability to walk and balance. Time after time I asked her why she clung so tenaciously to life–she WAS NOT ready to go. Finally, when she was about 18 months old, on the day when she couldn’t even eat because she kept falling backwards from her food dish, I explained to her that she could come back in a new body.

Reluctantly she agreed that it was time to go. I called my vet, who came to my house. She injected Sparrow through the stomach wall with a drug which should have taken about 10 minutes to work. Thirty minutes later, my vet said, “I think I’ll give her another dose in a vein.” As she searched for a vein in Sparrow’s little leg, I closed my eyes to be with her. Suddenly, I felt a whooosh in my head and saw a burst of light and I knew Sparrow had gone. A moment later, the vet said “I think she’s gone now.” But I already knew–I’d been there with her. Still, I found myself grieving, so about an hour later I tried to make contact again. When I connected with Sparrow, she was *dancing*. She was soo happy to be free! She cried, “This is *wonderful*! Why didn’t you tell me it would be like this? I’d have left a long time ago if I’d known!”

When I think of Sparrow now, I don’t think of her suffering. I think of her with a smile on my face, and I feel the joy she felt when she was dancing.

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