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The Connection Between Humans and Nature

The Connection Between Humans and Nature

Kris Chronicles
Human’s Relationship With Nature

Channeled by Serge J. Grandbois and Transcribed by Mark C. Bukator
Recorded in Toronto , Canada on January 12, 2004
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© Copyright 2004 Avion Rising Inc.

I have had psychic experiences and believe in all this stuff basically, but the details of spirituality are very confusing to make out. One thing I just can’t come to grips with is: if our life’s purpose is to be nice to other people, what about the other millions of species on this planet. We are destroying them at such a rate that we very well may not even have a planet to live on in the near future. Also, there are so many humans on Earth, due to uncontrolled population explosion – which is just an infestation of one species – that I often think that one of the most desirable things on Earth is for a large number of humans to die – although who should die is a difficult question. Surely our treatment of the other species on Earth matters at least as much as our treatment of each other? I don’t personally think that humans have any more right to live and be happy than, say, orangutans ot chimpanzees. How can humans be so profound if we are killing everything else? Do you have any idea of where our treatment of the planet fits in, spiritually speaking? This is a really big question for me.

Serge submitted the following transcript of a Channeled session with his guide Kris, in response to this question…

We trust that you are comfortable and we wish you both a most plentiful New Year (Referring to our guests Andrea and Lida) Do you have any topic or anything specific that you wish to discuss?

Andrea: Maybe we could continue with The Nine Sisters.

Perhaps a tie in would be warranted. Something to create a platform to continue exploring the subject matter already evolved and from there create additional spin offs.

Your very human interpretations of the physical world, the emotions, the feeling tones and the relationships that you establish with the external outer world is far more intimate that you might suspect and much closer to your heart than your modern sciences care to validate.

The main reason why the intimacy of such relationships that exist between the individual and his or her environment is not yet explored or acknowledge in scientific circles or at least some scientific circles is because first of all, the notion that human consciousness stems from the human form, this notion is still very prevalent.

And trying to investigate and trying to show that there indeed is an intimate relationship between the world of objects and the world of your thoughts and emotions may very well, in the long run invalidate certain hard core beliefs central to the scientific model of reality hat more or less states that the physical world is little more than a mechanism, a machine, all be it a biological machine.

By extension the physical body itself is also a biological machine and when certain parts of this machinery break down you simply remove the damaged parts and replace them without consideration given to the whole of the body or the individual within that body.

Furthermore any research that would seriously consider and show that there is a relationship between the individual and his or her world risks showing that said world is not something that stands apart from the individual and thus apart from all individuals but actually stems from the convictions and their intricate relationships to the individual and to that world, going as far as to say that the very building blocks of that external or outer world is in actuality an extension of and constructed from the very building blocks that make up the individual first of all.

And in order to safe guard the old boys club,” the old guard”, such studies are often relegated to the world of the philosopher and the religious doctrines. Unfortunately by relegating or sometimes totally ignoring such thoughts science puts itself in a more perilous stance by refusing to acquiesce and recognize that it too is a byproduct of the various types of convictions and world views that exist to create the scientific model in the first place.

Mark: In other words, science is a religion.

It does not consider itself in that light thinking that it is above such appellations but it operates in many similar manners as do all the major religious bodies of this planet and like the various religious teachings each one claiming to be the only one with all of the answers and the truths in their pocket. Science claims as much.

Now we are not saying this as an attack on the integrity of individuals. We are just simply pointing out that much more emphasis is put on the maintaining an out dated modality, one that requires that the individual’s thoughts bend and take the form of the container that is the scientific model. Do you follow?

Mark: Again, they are conformists as well.


Mark: Science to me means that you are unbiased but they are VERY biased. If you don’t research the model then your funding is cut off and you are shunned from the community, all this just because you are not maintaining the status quo.

As well that if your findings in any research project end up being contradictory to the model and not clicking in with the acceptable facts than it is quite likely that once again your funding will be cut off until you conform to the status quo and many such researchers have gone out on a limb, been ostracized or excommunicated from the community of their piers only to be vindicated later when it is discovered that the status quo was and is no longer applicable and the new understandings happen to be already discovered by so and so and so and so.

These tactics and measures are utilized and it is unfortunate that very often the data that is uncovered that MAY be contradictory is shunned and even despised simply because it will create waves.

Mark: It is a well known fact that there are a lot of items found archeologically that don’t conform or match the model and are tagged and stored away never to be seen or spoken of again.

There are many, many instances where there have been claims that one perception or given model is absolute and unflinching only to fall like a house of cards mere months or years down the road when new discoveries are made. Now they have pushed back by thousands and thousands of years, the acceptable date where man was created. That as well fell to new data that man is far older than suspected and that mankind has been on this planet for far longer than imagined. So always there are changes being made and when the changes are made the voice announcing the change is often very small in hopes that the new perception will be forgotten and that the old will still hold.

Mark: So in essence we are talking right now about “ Creator ” (one of the Nine Sisters) and the creation of beliefs and convictions that hold us and advance us to a point and then we start deconstructing those beliefs and convictions in order to construct new ones and advance forward.

You need to constantly revise and update your model of reality and your world view for what today is considered a truth may prove tomorrow to be iffy and questionable until new realizations dawn upon you and your dreams bring you new information and the world will be changed upon your awakening.

So your interactions with that external world are far more intimate than you thought possible because whenever as an individual you change, you take on a voyage of self discovery to a certain degree, you are changing the nature of your relationship with yourself and your world and though some the changes may be so subtle that you barely notice the changes while others may be so significant and drastic that indeed you know without hesitation that you as an individual has changed. Therefore the entire system has changed with you perhaps leaving a sufficient echo to indicate that you have become the new path.

The nature of your physical world is as fluid as the flow of your thoughts and emotions but its appearance is more steadfast and it appears indeed as we have discussed in the past to be solid and immutable. That is the result of your own ability to seamlessly create and project outwardly, creating a three dimensional vision of your existence and this is projected upon the building blocks of reality and your …??? the tides of your emotions, the feeling tones, all of which ensue from your convictions, literally carve out and mold these building blocks of your physical reality so that it matches your singular and collective expectations.

Therefore it seems to you that your physical world, your world of physical objects, of the events and circumstances has very little to do with you as a person. That as an individual obviously you are not related to the trees, you are not related to the events that occur at the intersection that you are at, that the people and even the shape of the things in your office may not be related to you.

That the events at home have little to do with you but you could not be further from the truth if you believe that. By mentioning this we are trying to bring home the point that everything that occurs in your physical lives, in your days and in your nights, in your dreams and in your waking, for in your waking dreams if you wish, are inter-related and inter-woven in such ways that it often difficult to explain but that you would still be able to understand.

Through biochemical and electromagnetic properties of your own bodies and brains you translate the energies and the powers of your feeling tones and convictions in such a manner and with such stealth that you are unaware that the process is occurring even as we speak. That you are maintaining these walls and these furnishings and you think that you are obviously separate from the table or from the dog or the walls and yet they are projections of your own energies.

We want to bring this point home because by developing and the practicing an awareness of this actually helps bring back a most ancient(in your terms) primordial state of awareness where perception is not limited to your physical senses as they are encased in the physical body and that consciousness or perception is all around you.

You are all around the self. You are in the trees and other forms around you and it is quite possible with some practice to be able to understand and live through such an experience knowing that you are part of the physical world in ways that may not be fathomable to you as such but yet still exists. Do you understand? Let us take a few moments break.

8:10 Pm Break Starts

(Shortly after break starts the doorbell rings and Galo arrives and after exchanging pleasantries we begin to summarize for Galo the conversation that he just missed. Kris likes to eaves drop on our conversations during break to make sure that we have understood the message that he was trying to convey. While we were trying to explain to Galo what he had missed, Kris jumped back in.)

8:15 PM Break Ends.

And welcome to our young friend and may the New Year bring you much ado and many other blessings.

Now there are obviously always bases to maintain any type of conviction. Perceptions are always entertained because there is some kind of pay off and something can be maintained through keeping the “Old Guard”.

The idea that the old world, the world of nature has nothing to do with the individuals who live within that nature such as human beings eventually enables certain models of thought and their practices to freely and with great impunity plunder and pillage that nature. Thus your planet is being plundered on an unprecedented scale. Forests are being stripped bare at an incredible rate. Your waters are being polluted with complete disregard despite many efforts to clean up the environment.

It seems at times that your environmental protection agencies are fighting an overwhelming battle and to all sides it appears that because nature is not related to you physically, personally then little consideration is given to the activities of strip mining, clear cutting and so on and so forth, sometime in your own backyard and other times in other under developed countries, where all of our resources are considered a waste where they are not used by the local population and therefore for the taking by he who has the biggest dollar. Do you understand?

The more that individuals refrain connecting with the natural world the more endangered it becomes, in a way. There have been many films that, whether through symbolism or allegory such as “The Fellowship of the Ring” book and also another example is “The Never Ending Story”.

Though one (film) may speak about believing in fairy tails and the imagination and the other speaks about fantasy world, still they are allegorical because they speak directly to the individual about his or her relationship with inner realities, the world of the imagination and the individual’s original primordial connection, the world of the mysterious, the world of the Elves and the Fairies which is symbolic for the natural extensions of human kind, mankind and his or her consciousness in the land, in the mountains, in the lakes, in the valleys, in the peaks, in the rivers, in the oceans, in the multitude of emotions that are all part of his or her own body.

That relationship is from time immemorial. At such a time individuals understood that they were all aspects, projections of each other, expressions of each other joy and honored each other in that light. That included honoring the physical world, the natural world in the same vein.

It was quite common for so called primitive savages, the uncivilized pre-humans to consider themselves part of their very physical environment, part of the rivers and the lakes and the mountains and the valleys and the animals within them. Ancient cave drawings often show through simplistic artwork, an individual or many individuals dawning animal skins and pretending to be a deer or a lion or any other number of animals.

It is also very typical of anthropologists and others of their kind to claim that of course these depicted sacred religious rituals, whilst in actuality many such cultures were merely leaving behind notices to others who would follow in their tracks that they too are part of the deer, the lions and the bison as well as any other kind of animals in the vicinity.

And that was depicted as a man-animal or an animal-man combination. In such times there were no clear and distinct fear based separations of consciousness with the natural elements of the world. So you did not for instance consider that physically speaking you stood apart from nature but that you were also known because you were part river, part mountain, part tree and in terms of consciousness you understood and knew that your village areas, your compounds because your greater body extended into those vicinities.

That enabled early humans to maintain harmonious balances or relationships with their environment, never damage it but actually cultivating that balances because it also signified their survival to one degree or another and they knew that. This is exemplified in the relationship aborigines entertained with their environment for many thousands of years until western man showed up with his different views that “the environment was made for plundering or extracting and for the sale of real estate”. To this day many aborigines (still) do not understand how one can own others since they still view themselves as part of the land. Do you understand?

By understanding such things it is easier for you to rekindle those ancient echoes of the relationship that you still have with the natural world and it provides the opportunity for a greater sense of balance because you can experience it not only in a theoretical philosophical way but in a quite tangible manner that indeed you are related to the environment which you find yourself in. Thus a greater sense of well being can be cultivated from the recognition of that relationship. Does that make sense to you? Now do you have questions perhaps?

Mark: I think that it is quite ironic that we are in a civilization that has become disconnected with nature and because we plunder it that this civilization may fail. If this civilization does fail as a result of our plundering our very bodies will be used to fertilize and replenish this planet.

It has been done before which is nothing new. This would not be the first time but fortunately you may have individuals who will remind you of those ancient relationships and that you on your own may try to bring back a sense of balance by understanding that you are part of the world around you whether it is the jungle or the city, still you are part of that world. Does that make sense to you? Take a few moments of break.

8:30 PM second break starts.

8: 40 PM —

To sum up this small presentation this evening, understand that for all of the claims and regardless of the credentials and the loud voices of your modern sciences, first and foremost, this edifice [Science] will ultimately crumble unless it affirms that the human heart and human experience is the result of consciousness, as is their own science (loudly – with much emphasis)!

For the human heart invariably will “only” recognize that ultimately the natural world, the world of nature and the imagination and the artistry thereof is of interest to the human individual for his or her very survival depends upon that relationship of consciousness. It does not depend upon the latest methods to wash your colors or your darks or your whites and it does not depend upon the information that is contained in a microchip.

Human survival depends upon the relationship that exists between humankind and the natural world. And that is where the final vote will count.

Do you understand? Yes .

Now again this is not an attack upon science. But more so of an observation upon some of the failings that are prevalent and dominate, and upon which that edifice is being built. It is being built on quicksand. It is being built on refusing to acknowledge the primordial relationship between humankind and the natural world.

If it acknowledged and respected and honored that ancient timeless bond then you will have technologies and sciences that would not pillage and ravage the world but indeed enhance it!

Not at the expense of the many for the few, but where all can share equally of the bounty that comes from honoring that relationship.

Now do you have other questions? After that statement, NO! (laughter)

Now honor yourselves and that honoring will be acknowledged by nature and do have a most pleasant natural evening!

End at 8:50 pm

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