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Tarot, Ritual and Your Pets

Tarot, Ritual and Your Pets

I have a spaniel ( my boyfriend & I found him 12 years ago). He likes to partake in each & every rite or ritual I perform! He doesn’t really participate per se – as I do not allow him to enter the Circle, but he INSISTS on sitting just outside. He pays such intense attention, if he doesn’t understand what’s going on, I DO believe he is getting some kind of enjoyment out of it. Is it in any way, wrong, to let him stay in the room where I am performing a ritual?

I asked this of another site a while back, and they made me feel horribly guilty – whoever it was that answered me told me I was doing the wrong thing & that he/she NEVER let his/her pets anywhere near them when doing rituals. After that, I tried in earnest to keep my dog, Sam, out; I put up a gate & sheet to block his view, but he KNEW what I was up to & whined outside the door ’til it became so distracting that I had to concede (he IS the boss, here, anyway!!). Am I, in fact, doing something wrong?

I usually go with my instinct & it hasn’t proved wrong so far – but being corrected is how we learn. If you think it detrimental, I will most certainly be more vigilant this time in keeping Sam out. Again – I LOVE your site! It is one of the better sites on the Internet & I plan to visit it often! Blessings ~Tara

It’s okay for Sam to watch. He is what is sometimes called a “familiar”, a spiritual guide sent to you to help you out with your journey here in body and to help protect you from “places and things” that might harm or cause confusion. He is a strong spirit and he is learning from watching and seeing the results of the things you chose to be involved with. Just be easy with what the other person said to you. There are energies that are not always easy for animals physiologies in some rituals but Sam knows how to protect himself and he is mostly there for you to protect you from anything harmful.

Just be easy with intentions and thoughts. Stay positive and clear. Everything will be fine. If there are others at the circles/gatherings that feel uncomfortable with Sam there, pay attention. You need to remember it’s their issue, Sam is your protector, and maybe you shouldn’t be part of that circle. Remember it’s not always good to partake of rituals with just anybody. . . Watch and learn, like Sam.

Here is another way you can involve Sam in the circle. Have Sam draw a tarot card on a question. Or when you are pulling cards, runes, I Ching, what ever, let Sam participate. See what his spirit wants to tell you in those kinds of circles. Then take it with a grain of salt and see how it plays out. You might be pleasantly surprised.

My animals sometimes participate and other times they could care less. But every time they do It’s profound. (Once in awhile they joke with me, but so do the oracles when we need to lighten up.) Laura

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Almost all of my animals at one time or another have participated in whatever rituals have gone on in my home. Like your Sam, they have insisted on being part of it, and I have learned to trust their instincts.

No matter where I am working, I always let the animal decide whether and how they want to participate… those who wish to will appear at the edges of the work – or right in the middle of it depending on what they perceive is their role there. Our animals work with us in these environments when we let them, grounding the energy, protecting us from negativity, attracting love and light to our work.

Years ago I recognized that my cats were helping with my reading work. One or the other of them has chosen to be my designated “point spirit” when I am working. These days it is Midnight who has decided this was the perfect job for him. The moment I open a reading for a client, he will arouse himself from a deep sleep on another floor of the house to come and get in his basket on my reading table. He will sleep there until he decides the reading is finished… then he tells me that it’s enough by coming and laying on my cards… and all my cats have wished to spread out over my readings at one time or another… They see this as part of their job, absorbing excess energy, helping me to focus on what it relevant….

Frankly, I think whoever advised you to keep Sam away was not very smart about their work – or was running too much fear to do the work effectively, certainly doesn’t understand the whole picture and how animals connect to it… whenever work is done in love, for the good of all, according to the free will of all, animals are welcome participants… animals have been a part of ritual from the beginning of time… we need their loving energy for balance.

Animals and Spirits

I’m a 23 year old pet lover from the Philippines. I have a dog named Bebe. I’ve read somewhere about communicating with pets. I ‘talk’ to her, using esp, whenever I’m sad. I noticed during those times, her eyes seem sad too. I’m an insomniac, so I spend my time in the porch with them [my dogs]. This I’ve noticed on many occasions: Bebe seems to see someone else. She stares in space, like looking at someone else, then looks up at me, seemingly asking me if I’m seeing what she’s seeing. Every time this happens, I ask her who is it. She doesn’t seem to react negatively to it. Could she be seeing something? There are times though that she barks and growls at whatever she’s seeing, or she acts afraid and runs up to me. I had an aunt who sees elementals and stuff. When she was alive, she would tell me she sees elementals wandering in our surrounding but never able to enter our house. Could Bebe be seeing these elementals? I hope u could enlighten me on these matters. Thank you!

Bebe “sees’ all sorts of things. Is she an older dog? This kind of thing becomes quite common with age. They see through “the veil” more so than younger dogs. She sees spirits and your angels as well. At night when your outside she mostly sees a woman who has passed on and is somehow connected to the house you live in. If I were you I would say a prayer for the woman and ask Jesus, (Mother Mary, and or Saint Michael) to come and lead her into the light so she can find peace.

Bebe sometimes does not like what she sees around you and gets rid of “it” for you by barking the interference away. Good Dog!

Just be easy with it. Bebe is there to protect you, not frighten you. Love, Laura

Thank you for responding. I know this question may sound silly but just how did you know about this woman? You see, she could be my aunt who passed away. She was quiet attached to our place. She was gifted too, could see and hear things we normally don’t see or hear.

I’m working on trying to open my third eye. I’ve been meditating. I noticed though that I get heady and I feel something in my hands, a tingling sensation. I hope this is nothing to be alarmed of. You maybe receiving lots of queries about this matters, sorry I had to be one of them. Stuff like these get scoffed at here in our country. I’ve been looking for someone to guide me in these matters. I solely rely on books and online literature.

Thank you and more power to you. God bless Jen

I just reported to you what Bebe told me about. Meditation can help you get the silence so you can receive information, or hear your intuition, better. If there is a Reiki class near by you might want to look into getting your first level attunement. The Reiki will open up your third eye and protect you, energetically. You can find out more about Reiki at

I know, from the TV new, that the Philippines seem to be having a lot of unrest. I hope things are safe where you live. Love, Laura

Our dog was really sick and was about to be put down. So one day I was eating dinner and I quickly looked at our dog I realized above her I saw a body shape of a girl with blue around her and a yellow halo. Do you know what that was or was it anything?

My guess is that you saw an angel that was helping your dog through her transition. Be easy with it, Laura

How can I teach my dog to not be afraid of thunder and fireworks?

This is a tough one! My dog Larry was afraid of thunder and fireworks too! Larry, yes her name was Larry – I didn’t name her, had been left outside by her former owner during a tornado! Larry was also shot by a neighboring hog farmer with buckshot before she came to me. She had two of the b-b’s in her nose and flank. What is the history of the dog you are asking about? Could something similar have happened to them? The homeopathic Phosphorus is called for here. In fact it might be the constitutional remedy for this dog, as “thunder and fireworks fear” is one of the indicators of the phosphorus constitutional type. Aconite is for fear, you could try that. Another one is Stromonium, for fearful agitated states, it also works for nightmares. With homoepathics you try one, see if it works and if it doesn’t, try another. Get yourself a homeopathic reference book and read carefully the symptoms and physical indicators. A place to start though is with Bach’s Rescue Remedy, Ellon’s Calming Essence, or the FES Five Flower Essence.

A good friend of mine cured his dog of gunfire-fireworks fear by taking her hunting with him. He kept her on a leash until he’d shot something. Then he gave her some of the raw meat as he immediately field dressed the animal. He hasn’t had a bit of trouble with the dog since, and she will hunt and retrieve for him. I don’t know if you feel comfortable with that remedy or not but it does work. As for the thunder..remember they look to us for reassurance. If you spook or get worried during thunder storms.. don’t forget to take the homeopathics and rescue remedy yourself. Your pets mirror your fears and emotions back to you.

Good luck! Laura

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