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Talking Animals

Talking Animals

The horse who spoke…

I have a true story of a horse who spoke to me. We’ll call her Daisy.

A few years ago, I used to help my sister feed horses in the early morning at a friend’s stable.

Most of the horses had a standard stall where the doors slid shut. Only one stall was supposed to be left open with a stall guard in place.

As I was feeding the horses, I got into the habit of sliding the doors shut. I went to Daisy’s door (the one with the stall guard) and began to slide hers closed.

She stepped forward, and in my head a voice spoke directly to me. ‘What are you doing?’ the voice asked, and it was clear it was her voice in my head.

I realized my error, apologized to her, and attached the stall guard immediately.

Communicating with Daisy felt as natural as breathing air. I am amazed at how simple her communicating with me was. Angela

Very nice!! I’m glad Daisy was so emphatic about her safety that she wanted you to know she was paying attention. Love, Laura.

Kitty Wants Up

My story happened today as a matter of fact, and seemingly irrelevant as it may be, I keep thinking about it and how it may now be a coincidence .. I was visiting my good friend with my boyfriend and whilst we sat on the chair, my friend’s cat Silla, padded into the room and sat down between us. It is probably strange sounding but I’ve always have a strange bond with the cat, like it was talking to me. And today i could of sworn I have a conversation with it. Not physically SPEAKING to it but I could hear a voice in my head which I somehow was aware was coming from the kitty. I was stroking it from the chair and asked it to jump onto my lap in which it replied quite cheekily “I cannot be bothered, please lift me”. With that I laughed out loud and told it that it was very lazy and I would by no means lift it onto my lap. After I said that, it got up from it’s haunches and I could feel it debating whether or not to leap up onto my lap and with that I said “you might as well do it, you’re up now and it will be so much quicker than the time you are wasting debating it”. A voice floated into my mind again saying “your quite right”. And with that it jumped onto my lap and settled itself down. I spoke to it no more.

Strange eh? tee-hee … not the scariest story … but I thought it was quite a humorous thing to happen. W.A.

Cute – funny what our animals will have to say, and what interesting personalities they have! Thanks for sharing Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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