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Summer Comfort for You and Your Pets

Summer Comfort for You and Your Pets

Laura Simpson gives some simple, common sense advice to make this a great summer for everyone in your household!

Laura’s Advice for a Stress-Free Summer with Your Pet

With summer here it’s time to make sure that your pet can handle the stress and heat. You must provide fresh cool water to your outdoor pets twice a day. Remember that bugs are drawn to the water as well as birds and other animals wandering in your neighborhood, so take some time to wash out that water dish, often!

Make sure your pets have shed their winter coats. Brush those critters out! It’s hard enough to stay cool in the summer. It’s a huge handicap to have your winter coat all matted up as well. That will allow you to meet and interact with his fleas, check for skin infections, pull off tics and burrs. Now doesn’t that feel better?

Outdoor Pet Owners, P L E A S E NOTE!!!

It’s a very good idea to get your outdoor cats and dogs on a monthly flea protection program. Program, Sentinel, Frontline, Advantage, they all do a great job! They are well worth the effort!! Those awful flea collars only work around their necks, and your pets will lick off the sprays and slowly poison themselves. Our pets insist on eating things that we would never consider a good food choice. The pills or oil keep your pet healthy and alive longer and with less strain on their systems. It isn’t just the fleas that are bothersome, but fleas bring with them constant parasite infestations, and the ensuing tape worms that come with summer and summer hunting…

The outdoor rodents that our pet friends find are typically full of round worms and whip worms and let us not forget that they can be carriers of rabies. Those pretty birds that come to your feeders and your cat occasionally captures could be carrying lice and whip worms.

Is feline leukemia lurking around in your neighborhood? Ask your Vet!! If so, VACCINATE!



Now for those of you who keep your pets indoors…

For all intents an purposes you should be able to avoid some of summers surprises mentioned above, however it doesn’t hurt to put your pets on a monthly flea protection program. Pets can pick up fleas from you or your friends of they have been around animals that are infested. That’s right! Those pesky critters could be hiding in your pants cuff or hanging onto your socks. If there is an occasional mouse their fleas end with the mouse. Not with your pet , your carpet and furniture all experiencing an infestation.

A good worming can help here too. If you see what looks like dried rice on your floor or around your pets’ “under tail” area – IT’S TAPE WORMS! DO GO GET A GOOD DEWORMER AT THE VETS!!!

Please think about placing a bird feeder near a window that your cats like to sit or sleep in. They will love the activity. It’s a simple way to entertain your indoor cat and feed the birds. Bird watching can be a shared activity for you and your pet.

Make sure that that sunny spot that you put the hamster and the birds in the winter isn’t too hot for them now. They can over heat too.

ARE YOU STILL PUTTING OFF SPAYING OR NEUTERING YOUR PET? WHY?!?! Get that taken care of! If you feel you can’t afford it talk to your vets. You might find one that will takes payments or one who offers a discounted rate for the procedure. GET IT TAKEN CARE OF NOW!!

Enjoy the summer and make it fun for all the household! Love, Laura

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