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Pet Grooming Tips

Pet Grooming Tips

Our team of animal communicators answer your questions about pet grooming

I own two beautiful, unique cats. One of them is a tabby, mane-coon, and the other is Persian, himalyan. My Persian has knots galore, I’ve tried to cut and trim them from underneath, but he hates to be washed, brushed, trimmed. etc. He fights with me, cry, scratches, bites. I’ve shaved him from a professional every other year, cause he gets really bad. When my husband and I try and do this, I start crying because it sounds like I,m killing him , when I,m trying to only help. Its starting to cost a lot. I took him to the vets to get advice. They told me he has a oil gland problem, they’ve tried to suggest their products,but I refused, do to chemicals. Do have a natural solution? My other cat, hates to be brushed, but his fur is soft, no knots, beautiful. I love my cats dearly, I put them on a pedestal. My husband says, I pay more attention to them than I do him. My cat has suffered enough, I need help. Thanks, Hope to hear from you soon, Tanya

There is a great product called Miracle Groom by Absorbine and it really is a miracle the way it works for cat, dog, and horse hair. It’s a detangler and it cleans the coat at the same time. Absorbine is a company that depends on the health of the animals that they care for so stop thinking those chemicals will hurt your pet. Now, for tips on how to use it on your cat. You definitely DO NOT want to spray it onto your cat! Just spray some on your hands and rub it into his fur. Then when you use the brush or detangeling comb it will not pull and it can become an experience you both can enjoy.

I found Miracle Groom at our local farm supply store. If you are unable to find it go to a place that sells horse things. There is the very same formula in a bottle called Show Sheen, by Absorbine, for horses so buy one of those and comb in comfort.

I have a 120 lb. Newfoundland dog that I do not shave. She has always been very patient with me combing and pulling mats and burrs out of her fur. Now she really loves it when I get out the Miracle Groom and give her a complete comb out in about 2 hours. I used to take me days to do her whole coat and I know I’m not hurting her anymore pulling out the mats. I don’t even have to cut them out anymore I just soak them with the product and out it comes.

It’s truly a stress saver! Take it easy, Laura

Unfortunately you have no other choice but to keep trying to comb out his fur and PLEASE DO use an animal hair product to help the both of you out. These companies are thinking only of your animals best health care and would not put chemicals into their sprays that your cat will not tolerate.

Go to the store and buy a product to help you comb out the mess. Then see to it that the mess does not return. Love, Laura

I have learned that doing a little bit every day makes it easier for our cats to tolerate the grooming. I talk to them, and send them images of how handsome they will look and how much better they will feel when the knots are gone. I surrond them in a bubble of pink and green light – the colours of Divine Love to help soothe them while I work and keep telling them how much we love them… It usually takes us a week or two to get them completely groomed, but this method does seem to work eve on our cranky old male. Hope that helps some, Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Do you have any tips on how to help my and my cat, Dickens? He is a silver persian… beautiful long hair. He hates to be combed and to have his nails clipped. I am very gentle and careful when I comb him and clip nails, but he growls and tries to bite me if I don’t let him get down. I put off grooming him because I know it causes him stress, but he has to be combed/clipped to avoid clumps/knots in his fur, etc. He also has alot of brownish eye drainage which I attempt to wipe and clean about once a day. He hates it when I wipe them, also. The vet has said he is temperamental. He is also very timid and frightened by house sounds, etc. He is about 9 months old and lives with me and another 8 month old kitty. Any ideas? Barbara

I know there are products available to help untangle fur. I got something at the animal supply store to help with grooming my (120 lb.) Newfoundland dog. I know that cats might need a different formula but call up the local groomer and see what they suggest. For Dickens’ temperament I’d try some diluted Rescue Remedy rubbed on his ears to calm him down a bit before you attempt grooming.

You’re going to have to come up with a treat to give him when he behaves during the process to keep Dickens happy. Dried liver treats, something like that. That will perk him up for his trouble. Good Luck! Love, Laura

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