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Lost Birds

Lost Birds

My ringneck parakeet escaped last Tuesday evening and haven’t seen him since. I called an animal communicator, but she didn’t contact him at all, but just went on and on about spiritual things. I spent $70.00 on this and it did nothing for me. Actually she made it clear first thing after the session started that I needed to be open to the bird not coming home. Then it was as if all she did was convince me it wasn’t my fault the bird left and so on. Finally I asked if she could see my bird and she said “Oh yes, he’s right here with us” I see him in a pine tree, but that’s all I see. I had given her my address and my street name is Big Pine Drive. I was very disappointed and am still very worried about my bird. I have spoken to a very good animal communicator before, but she wasn’t available that day, so I called another one I’ve tried visualizing my bird so many times and doing the beacon of light vision on top of my house, but don’t know if I’m getting anywhere. It’s as if I can’t concentrate properly. Can you give me any advice on how to do this an easy quick way so I can get started on trying to find my poor baby? I’m very depressed and worried that the longer he’s gone, the less chance I”ll have to get him back. Also, if he’s miles away by now, will he even see the beacon of light on my house from where he is, or should I try something else? Thanks for any help Lynne W

Tough situation! Birds are really hard to get back! When their owners let them fly around the house they have their wing muscles all built up and they have honed their skills at flying all over so they are ready to fly away and never return. The best thing a bird owner can do for their bird is to keep it caged all the time or keep it’s wings clipped in a way that it will have no lift off, or way to maintain loft. If people choose to let their birds fly around the house and not be clipped then they run the risk for having the bird fly off. That’s the reality for the choice they made and that’s the nature of birds.

It’s hard to respond to your letter. Having a bird myself and almost losing her when her cage fell over outside I more than understand your stress. However, because I never let Peanut fly around the house she had no strength in her wings to fly far. I was very fortunate that with my horse and cat’s help I found her about 4 hours after I discovered her missing. She was in some ground covering of stinging nettles and through her ability to talk I found her. I was convinced she’d taken off for Florida or somewhere tropical. I’m a firm believer in clipping wings and keeping a bird in its cage if it’s to live in a house. Then, there is nothing like experiencing the fright of losing a bird to make you a believer in clipping wings.

As an animal communicator who specializes in lost pet situations I most dread lost birds because they rarely come home. You typically only have about a 1 to 2 hour window of opportunity to get them back in your care. The best bet you now have of having her returned to you is for you to run an advertisement in your local paper and area papers for people to please watch at their bird feeders for your bird, describe her in detail with your phone number. She will be feeding at feeders as that is how you fed her. She has no idea how to find food other ways. You have a fairly good chance of getting a call this way but getting her to come to you can be quite tricky now that she has a taste of freedom.

My heart aches for your loss and I do hope you are able to find her at someone’s feeder.

Unfortunately for us, animals never pay attention to house numbers, street names, or license plates on vehicles. They seldom give more than a 5-6 ft. visual radius of what they see at their height. In other words an animal communicator can only give you the information that your pet gives them. The rest is guess work on your part. You only have the piece of the puzzle that the pet sees not the whole picture that we, as humans are looking for to find the pet fast. It’s frustrating but if you go on faith and keep positive thoughts on your pets return then your chances are much greater for a speedy resolve.

I would make sure my bird feeder was full if I were you and keep the thought that you’ll look out there and see her feeding at your own feeder. That would sure be a great way to get her back! Take Care and Stay Positive, Love, Laura

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