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Introducing a New Pet

Introducing a New Pet

How do you introduce a four month old male puppy to a household that already has a six year old male dog, without making the older dog jealous? They are both labs. Darryl

Good Luck! But to get you started it’s important to have someone else, preferably a neighbor or a friend that doesn’t visit much, be the one to actually bring the puppy into the house. That way your older dog won’t think it was your idea. Then you are going to need to ignore the puppy and make over your older dog so he won’t get jealous initially. This can all work out, but setting up the initial contact is important.

Steve Taylor, a long time dog trainer certified in training police and narcotic dogs, suggests that the first interaction with these dogs should be with a fence in between them. Just take some time with the introductions and things will run smoothly. He said, “Shoot, they’re labs! They’ll have great fun. I hope their owner can keep up with them.”

So there you go. Have fun! The sniffing and running party has begun. Laura

Here’s another article that you may find useful, came across it today… lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Does the age of your animal effect the way they will answer you? I have little 2 month old kittens and I never understand what exactly they are trying to tell me, but my 2 year old dog and my year old cat have no problem telling me what they are asking or telling me. Do I just need to work on this?

Y es, age does make a difference… just think of a human baby – takes them a year or two to learn to communicate… it is the same for an animal, everything is moving so quickly for kittens and puppies that it is hard for them to focus on words… but keep at it, send them images and smells along with your thoughts and it will be easier to make a connection… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have a diabetic dog who lost her eyesight & almost died about a year ago, prior to that by a year had a sibling of hers (a cat who suddenly got sick & died) then a month later her heart buddy dog died… have an 11 year old cat, very healthy who became happier after the other cat died, after her death, male cat got more attention which he ate up. yesterday got new kitty, female & the older cat is quite upset about it…growling, hissing, & doing his territorial thing. Wondering what I can do, how I can help the older male cat to accept with love & joy the new kitty??? The kitty is not to be intimidated by any of it. thank you, Nancy

You forgot to ask your older male cat if he wanted another kitten in the house. You just assumed. . . You know the real story about the word assume? . .When you assume, you make an ASS out of U and ME. In other words he thinks you don’t care about his feelings and now you are an ass to him and you are thinking he is an ass to the new kitten.

If you can, take the kitten back and spend what time you have with your older cat without adding another animal into your mix. He has been waiting so long for your attention. He deserves to be the center of your love and joy. Why did you rock the boat? You had to know an older cat seldom accepts a new kitten as a “cute” addition to the family.

You household had just settled down from all the health issues of the other pets. You still have the diabetic dog to deal with too? Why stir things up? Stress is not good for those guys. Think your actions over before you assume. Talk things over with your pets. Love, Laura

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