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First-Aid For Finding Lost Pets

Finding Lost Animals: A heart-wrenching challenge

We've had so many desperate inquiries for help finding lost pets, that we decided to publish some tips from our experience, a set of remedies for those in need, and some success stories to give you some hope…

An Important Update

My little Tucker boy took an opportunity to escape out the front door recently and by the time we missed him 30 minutes later, he was well away from the neighbourhood. We immediately got a search on, neighbours and friends spread out looking for him. I had a sense of where he had headed so my son and I drove around that area calling for him, but no sign of him…. at this point my friends sent me home to start working the social media.  In addition, I was given three specific web sites that posted lost and found pet notices for the area. I felt guilty sitting at the computer when I really just wanted to get out and find him, but my friends were right,

The web is an apt name for this system that's become so much a part of our lives. Posting the notices with a picture on Facebook and the lost pet sites was like casting a net around the whole city – within an hour or less of posting, up came Tucker.  A very kind lady called to tell me he had been found and taken to the London Animal Care Centre. I could claim him in the morning. What a relief!

Even just a few years ago, it would not have been so easy to find a lost pet, and certainly in rural areas this system may take awhile longer than it did for me. But the number of Pet Rescue and animal care groups has poliferated in the last years – how wonderful that there are so many loving folks reaching out to protect our beloved furry friends – and so there are many more people who notice a frightened stray and are willing to do something about it.

So, if you've lost a pet, in addition to the tips you'll find below, I urge you as one of your first steps to get to a computer and get connected. Use Facebook and any other social media to post a picture and a description along with your address and phone number.  Then Google Lost and Found pets.  Look up the Humane Society or Animal Contol sites and any rescue groups in your area… most have web sites now that will have an option for you to list your lost pet immediately. Then calm down and stay by your computer and your phone, let your friends and family do the searching for you.

First Aid in a Traumatic Moment

For a pet owner, there's probably no worse moment than the one when you realize your beloved friend is not answering your call and isn't coming home. For us at Global Psychics, the requests for help finding lost animals are some of the most heart-wrenching letters and calls that we receive. Our first reaction is to apply a little "first aid" – to try to calm the person. Since your pets respond to you from your emotional centers, all that fear and anxiety you're projecting can interfere with the psychic's being able to tune in for you – and with your pet's ability to "zone in" on you and find their way home. But you may not need to get a professional animal communicator "on the job", if, in addition to working the web, you do these exercises to help you guide your pet home:

  • Walk your neighbourhood or the area where the animal was last seen, calling their name loudly – and in your mind. The vibration of the call seems be as important in communicating as your voice is. (If your pet is frightened, this calling often gives them the courage to come out of hiding and find their way home.)
  • Visualize your home as a huge light beacon and mentally send that image to your pet – often!
  • Consciously sending images of love and your warm inviting home out to them can also help them to pick up on your 'etheric scent', to find their way home.
  • Post signs throughout your neighborhood, at the local pet shops, and at the local vets

Sadly, under certain circumstances, even the best professionals can have serious problems connecting with a lost animal. The longer the animal is away, the more difficult it is to pick up their vibration – and if someone has stolen the pet, or the pet has deliberately chosen a new owner for some reason, the psychic may be confronted by a smoke screen – a "holographic image" – an image deliberately set in the ethers that protects them like a screen and will put you off their "scent". Recently we hit upon a case where we believe the animal was hurt and through various traumas has developed "amnesia" about his former owners, so he's confused by and unable to respond to the animal communicators' calls. It's as if he knows his old name and responds instinctively to it with an "I'm here", but when you get there to talk with him, he doesn't know why he responded, and since he’s comfortable and happy in his new situation, has no desire to help us locate him for his previous owner.The success stories keep us accepting the calls and doing our best to help folks find their lost animals, but too often we are forced to explain to our clients that our pets come to teach us important lessons in life – and sometimes these lessons are about learning to accept our losses and move on. Whatever the reason for an animal's disappearance, you can be assured it has purpose, that your pet was ultimately involved in making the decision to go at that time, and that the pet left a message for you. The circumstances of the disappearance and the timing are clues to the message. Communicating with the missing animal can help you determine why they have left at this particular time and what their message is, but doesn't always guarantee that they'll come home. When they return, celebrate with them, and if they don't – have courage, celebrate their life, let go with love, and move on….

Natural Remedies, a first response, says Laura Here are the first aid remedies that Laura recommends you begin taking the moment you know your animal is missing: You definitely need to get some Bach Rescue remedy, or Ellon's Calming essence, or California Flower Essence's five flower blend to calm yourself down so you can focus better — you need to be focused so your animal can "zone in" on you to find their way back or help you find them…. If you're having trouble coping with the loss, use a homeopathic remedy called ignatia that helps with despair and hopelessness. Get into some deep breathing, try to relax, and to think like your animal… and if you need help, call a professional as soon as possible.

Finding Lost Animals

Says Art Myers in "Communicating with Animals: the Spiritual Connection Between People and Animals" "I got Laura Simpson onto the subject of finding lost animals, and she said: "The first thing a person needs to do if their pet is lost is take some Rescue Remedy. It's a Bach flower remedy. If you're wigged out or under stress it takes the edges off." (I might mention that a couple of years ago in Florida I was seriously stressed and markedly wigged out, and I tried some Rescue Remedy. I wasn't aware of any change in my condition, but I guess I'm hard to rescue.} Laura was saying: "If you're wigged out, you're not really helping the pet or yourself. Because the pet tries to keep in touch with you through telepathy, and if all they're picking up are your emotions, the whole fear scenario that you're manifesting, it's not helpful. You want to stay grounded and calm. "And if you're not getting any results – right away call an animal communicator who specializes in finding lost pets."

Finding Lost Birds

I have a suggestion for lost pets, I recently had a friend in Florida who lost her dog. I also read animals, The first thing I told her was to check the city pound. You have to go to the pound not call and ask do you have my pet they see many animals on a daily basis. Kim put off going to the pound she called them. Finally four days later she went. She found her dog there Yea !!!! I know how hard it is to go and see all the dogs and cats but people working there do not know your animal from another. Dudlee could only show me a gas station and fence. I could sense I want to go home. I believe it is very important people know to go a check the pound and not just call. maybe you can pass this tip on. Dudlee was in a kennel facing the gas station. I have had other similar experiences with the pound sometimes you have to check near by cities too those pups can travel. I can't blame the pounds employees they just see too many. beside who would recognize your pet better than their you. Thanks Love and Light Mary Jane

Note: Laura is no longer available to help find lost pets

Miracle's back – THANK YOU!

Well, this is a story about Laura's gift and how it helped me find my lynxpoint Siamese "Miracle". It took several days to find your website and Miracle had been missing for a week. Laura told me to calm down, take a glass of water with Rescue Remedy added (a flower extract I actually had on hand) and walk out from my house 3 blocks on a compass direction and start calling her. Well, 3 blocks from my house, exactly where she said she would be, was Miracle. She was being fed by a kind lady. Miracle had crossed a busy street with 6 lanes of traffic. I had never thought she would have been brave enough to do that. Thanks to Laura I have Miracle back. She is doing just fine and is expecting a litter of kittens in early October. You see, Miracle is a Grand Champion. Thank you Laura. You are truly a Miracle worker. And a dear person who really cares about the work you are doing. Patricia Wilson Pernet, Miracle and the little Miracles to be

Amos Returned!

Martie, just got the call from Laura that Amos has been returned – I am so pleased for you… looks like the energy work helped, and probably the newspaper articles… and at least you know that Amos was loved while away and probably treated to the best of everything… One last comment that you'll probably get a kick out of… Amos has no idea how small she is – she shows herself to me as a big girl, the size of a lassie and certainly has a lassie personality… When I mentioned it to Laura, she bust out laughing "these little twerps always think and act BIG"… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Hi Danielle: Thanks so much for all of your prayers and energy expended. You are so right. Amos is the smallest of all of the dogs, but she dominates – or tries to – the rest of the pack including her mom. God Bless you all, Martie

Gumbo's Back

At about 10 a.m. on a very cold morning, our cat Gumbo managed to slip out of the house and out of our sight. We looked for him desperately for an entire day, but were losing hope because it was so cold out, and we hadn't heard or seen any sign of him. I contacted Laura that evening and provided information about myself and Gumbo to see if she could help us find him. The next day, we still hadn't found Gumbo. In the early evening, Laura let me know that Gumbo's paws were cold but that he was OK and close by to the East. Just as I was speaking with her, our neighbor's son came to tell us that he thought Gumbo was under his deck. We went to look and saw that he was indeed under our next door neighbor's deck, which is East of our home; however, we couldn't reach him and he wouldn't come out on his own. Laura advised me to go out and sit near the deck alone with some food and to call him quietly because he was extremely frightened by the frantic atmosphere created by everyone trying to reach him and calling his name. She also mentioned that he might have some grease on him that she hadn't noticed before. I bundled up and was prepared to spend all night out there if I had to. I sat under the deck and called Gumbo quietly a few times, and when I opened food for him, he made the first sound he had made in almost two days. In a few minutes, he was eating in my arms. After he was home, I did notice some blood on his hind legs (which is probably what Laura sensed to be grease or dirt). However, when the vet examined him, she found him to be perfectly healthy. He is now home again — happy, healthy, safe, and warm. I can't thank you enough, Laura!! Dawn, Medinah, Illinois

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