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Animal Rescue Remedy

Animal Rescue Remedy

Animal Rescue is the name of a flower essence designed to rescue animals from anxiety and fear. The anxiety and fear is especially prevalent at this time as the Animals are aware of the earth changes and the anxiety felt by their owners, they pick all of this up and have anxiety themselves.

Animals are super-sensitive and have abilities that we do not. They are neither dumb or stupid. Animals are able to know about the earth changes long before we do. Take for example the elephants in Indonesia at the time of the Tsunami, they had moved to high ground long before the storm hit.

Animals [as are we] are connected to Nature, are part of Nature and they are able to pick up the subliminal signals, they just know [we have lost this ability because we have come to believe that we are separate from Nature not part of it].The animals know when storms, bad weather, rain is coming. Just watch your cats; they will be indoors long before rain comes.

Dogs and cats know what you are going to do long before you do it and often will be in a room or ready before you are. They pick up the mental pictures you broadcast [this is how you communicate with animals by thinking in pictures].

The domestic animals that live with us or who we have close relationships with which includes horses and donkeys know when their owner are in emotional turmoil and distress. Cats and dogs will come and sit with you if you are crying or upset. In fact they work hard to take this emotional energy from us and if they are allowed outside will discharge this energy to the earth. [You may have noticed them rolling or shaking there legs when outside.]. If they are unsuccessful in discharging this human energy then they become ill. Our domestic animals now display the same illnesses that we humans have alongside their own. Most human ills are caused by unresolved emotional trauma and baggage.

It is part of the relationship and bargain that the animal kingdom has with us, we feed and care for them and they help heal us. It is a two Way Street except this can become overloaded on the animal’s part.

The earth changes are causing anxiety in humans that they are not even aware of. Many people are in a state of anxiety for which they do not understand the cause. Mother earth and the nature kingdoms are in distress and because we are part of nature we are picking this up. Many people do not realise that the earth quakes are becoming larger and the volcanoes are quite active, unusual and severe weather is the most obvious to the majority of people that something is happening on the planet. Humans are displaying anxiety in the form of road rage, our inability to slow down and our frenetic life styles.

The animals are picking up not only the earth changes but also their owners reaction to it. Many of the animals have very angry owners and unfortunately in some cases crueler than before. The animals have to cope with themselves and their owner’s anxieties.

Your animals may be displaying anxiety in unusual behaviour. Dogs may follow you around all of the time, they may go off their food, lie around not be interested in whats going on, mope, they may start scratching or nibbling at themselves. Cats may be jumpy, run from room to room not knowing where they want to be, be unsettled and ill at ease. You may find your cat is your constant companion wanting to sit on your lap all of the time. Horses may begin weaving, pace in the field, and stand by the gate constantly waiting to be taken in. Horses ears may be back and heads up with spines shortened displaying tenseness. [Relaxed horses elongate their spines], they may show aggression and also be jumpy and flighty.

It is for all of the above reasons that Animal Rescue essence has come into being, this is for the domestic animals. All other animals farm and wild are catered for by Harmony for Nature essence.. These are something you can give to your animals so they do not suffer anxiety. See the website. By Robina Hearle.

Robina Hearle Rose Cottage Flower Essences.

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