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Stories of Animals Talking

Stories of Animals Talking

Here are your heart-warming stories of how communicating with our pets is rewarding – for all of us!

Angel Animals

In May of 2001, I came home to find that my husband had left me. There was no warning that he was going to leave. He never cheated etc. I did learn that he had gotten his green card a month or so before. So basically I was used so that he could obtain residency. I loved him very much, so you can imagine my shock when i came home to find him gone.

If it were not for my two cats I would probably not be here writing this letter. The shock of my ex husband’s very sudden departure put me into a deep depression. I became extremely suicidal during the first two weeks that my ex was gone. It was the first time that I had stared death in the face and didn’t feel fear, I actually welcomed it.

Well one day I had planned my suicide. I had made arrangements for the care of my two cats Junior and Toomey, I told a friend of mine that if anything happened at all to me to please make certain that my cats were looked after and that they needed to stay together no matter what. The day I planned to carry out my deed I had laid out all the pills and alcohol on the kitchen table. Just as I was about to carry it out, both my cats jumped up on the table and stared at me. Toomey never ever jumped up on the table before, she never even jumps up on counters etc. but they both jumped up together at the same time. They stared at me, and I swear I could actually hear them speaking to me ( I know this sounds extremely weird) it was like they were telling me ‘hey what about us?’ ‘ don’t we get a say?’ I looked at them and they looked at me, this seemed to go on for a while. Through all my tears and anguish I had forgotten them. I threw the pills away and poured the alcohol down the sink. Junior and Toomey saved my life that day.

If they hadn’t jumped up on the table at just that moment, I know that I would not be here today. Since then we have moved to a new state and have started life over. I no longer feel depressed, in fact I am much happier now than I was during my marriage.

Junior and Toomey are the greatest cats a person could ever share their home with. I spoil them every day, and they show me love everyday. I am very lucky to share my home with them.

Oh, Sweetheart, what a wonderful story of love… as your cats were staring at you, I am sure they were channeling as much love as they could through their loving little bodies so you could find it in you to turn things around. God bless, how wonderful for you to have such amazingly sensitive creatures in your life. I am sure you will never overlook their love again. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

The Angels Who Watch Over Us

In the summer of ’76 I had been extremely depressed from the loss of my grandfather, the split with my boyfriend and the involvement in drug’s. I prayed to God to help me and if there was no help for me or I was not needed on this earth any longer, to please remove me from this suffering and despair. I wanted so bad to see my grandfather again. The one person in my life who never judged me and always loved me without any conditions.

Well a few days had past and I still felt deep despair, so I took an overdose of pill’s. I was home alone and ran to my old school which was around the corner from where I lived. I laid down on the grass wanting to be left alone to die, When out of know where this huge white German Shepard dog came up to me and started licking my face. I was happily startled, yet a bit irritated as he would not leave me a lone. So I got up and began to run and the dog which I now call Angel ran after me, every time I would stop out of exhaustion Angel would push his big self into me as though to keep me moving. I decided to go home, he followed so when I made it home I decided to put Angel in my back yard for safe keeping. I sat with him and talked to him for a while.

I then went in and tried to write my parents a note to explain why I felt the need to end my life. My eye sight became so blurred I had to stop. I went and laid down on my bed. I went into a deep sleep. My parents were at relatives in another city and my mother felt this strong urge that they should leave and come home. When they got home they found me in a coma and called 911. I was rushed to the hospital near dead and not expected to live. During my time out I saw my grandfather in what I call a near death experience. He looked stern and spoke to me through his mind. He kept telling me to go back, that it wasn’t my time.

Yet, the light behind him was so bright and wonderful. I wanted to continue towards it. He kept me from entering further into it. In this place there was no air and yet I could breath, there was no temperature, yet I was comfortable. No pain, No sadness. Next thing I recall I was being smacked in the face by this doctor. Then I saw my parents behind him and I felt like I was just born, I was happy inside and thrilled to see my family. I spent many weeks in the hospital recovering.

When I got out I asked my mother what happen to Angel the dog I found? She said there was no dog. Perhaps, she said the paramedic’s left him out. Well one year later my mother and I was sitting on the front porch of our home, enjoying the warm summer day, when a huge white dog came up to us, coming out of no where. He licked me and I gave him some water to drink. He sat by my mother and me for a while and then as quick as he appeared, off he went as though he had a mission to do. I know in my heart he was the same dog that came to me one year earlier on that most dreadful day in my life. I feel he came to check on me, to let me know my Angel will always be there for me.

Since that date twenty six years ago, my life that god gave back to me has brought me many wonderful things, one is my husband of 23 years and the other is my two lovely children. I certainly believe in Angels.

I dedicate this to my dear mother, a true Angel in life and in the after life!

Thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us!!! It is very likely that this dog was an angel manifesting in physical form – possibly sent by your grandfather, or even him – certainly the angels were watching over you to create the situation where you could be saved…. and chances are that this wonderful angel wanted to check up on you, as you thought, but also to affirm for you what had happened the year before… sounds like you got all the help you needed back then, to get back on a happy track and find joy in living… that is a great blessing. Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

Diamond Saved My Life

Her name was Diamond 9th. She was just a skeleton, and her limbs were worn out with swellings, and severe malnutrition, her ribs showed know the type, a bag of bones, and wrong in the head, had been whipped, and fought back, so she was to be slaughtered. Enter me, and my Father. I bought her, the pitiful sum of 150 pounds sterling. I was told by 3 top Vets, that if I was the richest girl in England, I would never be able to get her right, they suggested a lead pill (bullet). It took me 3 yrs to get her mind right, and her limbs, but I did it.

One day whilst out riding in a forest I came across a shallow stream, only about 6 ft across. she refused to cross it, pawing the ground and shaking her head, come on beauty, “I said”, I dismounted and stepped into the shallow water, and immediately sank up to my arm-pits, I put my arms out to try and stop myself from sinking completely, she had pulled back and now was standing some distance away, all she had to do was gallop off, back to the stables a distance of 1 mile through the forest. I called her, and said “come on my beauty, you can do it, throw the reins towards me, she listened, and started swinging her head and the reins towards me (she had to think of this), I caught hold of the reins, and asked her to pull back, she proceeded to do this, and pulled me clear of that bog.

I thought “What a wonderful Horse), and I was told when I bought her, she was a rogue, and attacked people.

I used to sing to her, she loved that, she became plump and a beautiful ride, her legs etc completely cured, in fact I was offered by Racehorse breeders thousands of pounds for her, but millions would never have bought her. She would only allow me to ride her. A beautiful, beautiful, Mare whom I owned for 16 yrs, and when I left U.K. I put her and a Mule into the Lockwood Donkey Sanctuary, at Guildford, in United Kingdom, run by Mr & Mrs Lockwood. animal lovers 100%. They had geese, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, horses, donkeys ,etc. hundreds never turned one away. God Bless them.

When Diamond passed on I knew, I felt a dull pain in my head, and pressure. I checked up and was told I was right and the date and time, which I knew were right, she had, a cerebral hemorrhage. from Valerie.

I had tears in my eyes reading about your sweet mare. I too have a mare that has a few knots in her head but with patience and love we get on famously. She doesn’t like rough men and has bitten more than once but when I’m on her I know she is “bomb proof” and time and time again I see how she actually looks after me when we are riding. She’s 13 now and I have many more years to look forward to working with her.

Thanks so much for your story submission! Love On! Laura

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