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Second Chances: Pets Reincarnating

Second Chances: Pets Reincarnating

This is a story of FATE!!!

In November of 2001 I got my 11 yr. old son a puppy. He was a Great Pyreness/Lab Mix. He was 2mths. old when we brought him home with us. My son named him “JAKE”. “Jake” was the best puppy in the world to me (HIS MOM), but we kept him on a chain because he was much too large of a puppy to be kept inside.

At the age of 9mths. I decided he needed and deserved a home where he could run and be more appreciated, so we gave him away to a man and woman that SUPPOSEDLY owned 3 acres of land. I thought that this would be a perfect home for our “Jake”. Well, I had informed this man and woman that I would be calling to check up on him. Well, I had talked to this man, and he invited my children and myself over for a BB-Q, so that my children could play with “Jake” and see that he was doing good.

Well, on my way out the door, I got a phone call from a lady stating that she had found “JAKE” 3 days prior and had tracked me down thru his Rabies Tag. Needless to say, in the past week, I had informed many friends how much I missed “Jake” and how much I had regretted giving him away. When one friend asked me about him, I was in tears when I told her I had found him a new home. I had only felt so strongly about our “Jake” throughout the past week. It was really strange that this lady found “Jake” on a highway, running loose and tracked me down thru his tags, which were registered over 50 miles away.

“Jake” had run away from the man I gave him too, he was at least 5 miles away from that man’s home. My son “Jonathan” was having a Birthday on the 31st of July, and “JAKE” was given back to us on the 28th of July. It is as if GOD gave us our dog back and allowed our Family to have a second chance at Loving Him. I TRULY BELIEVE THAT ALL THINGS HAPPEN FOR A REASON, and “OUR” dog “JAKE” WILL ALWAYS BE LOVED BY MY FAMILY!!! “JAKE” is where he BELONGS now!!!

Animals Reincarnate…

Is it possible to have the spirit of my great dane who died one year ago to come back to me as another dog? How will I know? Dian

Yes, often if an animal feels that there is still a mission left with an owner they will come back… although in their new life they will develop their own patterns, you will find that there are some specific similarities, memories from the previous life that will show up, especially in the first few years. You will know they have come back from their behaviour…

And sometimes the spirit of a loved pet will choose a new pet through whom to communicate, but isn’t actually the new pet… for example, I once had a most amazing calico cat named Squeak… some years later, I kept a kitten born in our home because she reminded me of Squeak, looked a lot like her… But Shadows is her own person and in personality is very different from Squeak, so I was pretty sure she wasn’t her reincarnation, even though she talked a lot, like Squeak used to…. One afternoon as we were both taking an afternoon nap on my bed, I felt her communicating some messages from Squeak… at first I wondered if Shadows wasn’t telling me that she was Squeak, afterall, since so much of what was coming through could only have come from Squeak – she spoke of her death and how we helped her then… and for a few days after the experience she even seemed to take on some of Squeak’s mannerisms… but then she went back to being her old self and some time later, I found Squeak in my consciousness telling me that because of the similarities between her and Shadows, she often visited me and communicated with me through Shadows.

So, I hope that answers your question, lotsa LLLove, Danielle

I have a kitten who I believe is a reincarnation of my 15 year old cat companion who died last year. There are a lot of heavy emotions involved with this experience & I’m desperately looking for anybody else who believes they have had this same experience. Do you know of any literature written on this or anybody else who I could communicate with? It’s not just the belief that animals reincarnate because to me there is no doubt of this. What I’m looking for is anyone who has actually had a departed pet return to them. Any leads or information you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lauri

I have no doubts that the animals we have love and lost do return to us in a younger body. I had a small cocker return to me in another cocker body and I know she came back out of love. My Maggie became my Cassie. Victoria

Kiro Returns

About four years ago my dog Kiro developed cancer. He had been with me for over 12 years. He was a great side kick. We would hunt and fish together and no matter where I went in the house he would stay at my side. So it was quite a shock when I found out the cancer was malignant. Our vet performed an operation that I hoped would buy him some more time. But that only turned into 3 weeks. I discovered many more tumors in his stomach. So I had to have him put to sleep before it became to painful for him.

This was very hard on me as I guess I felt guilty about putting a friend to sleep. Well a year passed and I began to have dreams of Kiro. At times I could almost see him walking beside me as I got up to have my first cup of coffee in the morning. It was all very strange to me but it was like he was still in the house. Yet something was missing, a part of me had an empty spot that just couldn’t be filled.

I certainly couldn’t go out and just get any dog to replace him…How could you replace a friend? It just doesn’t work that way. All and all it was a pretty sad time in my life.

Well back to the dreams, 6 more months had passed and I had a third dream but this one was different. I was camping in the woods and I could hear Kiro walking up behind me. I turned and there he was with that silly open mouth grin he seemed to have. It was then I saw a white light begin in his chest and begin to get bigger. It became so bright that I had to shield my eye’s then the light seemed to go away.

When I was able to see, Kiro was not there anymore. In his place was a smaller black and white patched dog and it was still sitting there with Kiro’s open mouthed grin. I woke up in a cold sweat. My hands were shaking and I was wide awake. This created a whole new set of problems for me. I do feel that Kiro was trying to tell me something but it took three tries to get his message across to me, because in this world the average dog sidekick is fairly dense in the head.

Well here was my problem. Do I rush out to the nearest pet shop looking for the dog I saw in my dreams or do I wait for some sign or event to let me know if this is the right dog. I didn’t want to make a mistake and if this was Kiro trying to tell me something I didn’t want to just miss him. So I waited.

Six more months passed and I had two more dreams in that time frame. Both dreams with this black and white dog in them. But still no dog showed up at the door or no bolt of lightening from the sky. Until one day I was on an errand for my job and found myself on the road leading to the city pound. The fact that I was on this particular road was strange because it was 180 degrees in the opposite direction in which I was heading back to work. I felt the strange desire to keep going and pulled into the parking lot.

I have to admit I was operating strictly on emotions at this point. I entered the office and rather embarrassed, told the very nice woman behind the counter the whole story. I guess I had to get it out of my system and she did look at me very strangely, at least until I described the dog. After all I had seen it three times and could be very accurate on it’s markings. This was when her eye’s seemed to get much larger and the color seemed to leave her face. All she said to me was “You had better take a look through the door there.”

So I did, not expecting to really find what I had came for. Picture a long row of cages and dogs of all sort vying for attention. All barking wildly, but in the first cage to my left was a dog who was not making noise. If the dog had not moved I would not have known it was even there. I turned and looked. It was as if I had suddenly stepped into an ice cold shower. This was the dog I had seen in my dreams and with Kiro. Every marking and even down to the tuff’s of hair on it’s ears.

Needless to say the dog was a female and nearly a year old. She had been at the pound for quite awhile and her time was almost up. The day I adopted her would have been her last day on this earth and she would have been put to sleep that night just after the pound had shut down for the night.

Well she has been with me for the last two years now and the spot that was empty isn’t empty anymore. It’s amazing how much like Kiro she is. I named her Abby the day I brought her home, she seemed to like it.

For years I’ve known that something lives on within ourselves and death really is not the end. But the realization that animals are part of this and somehow we are lucky enough to draw to us the loving spirits of such animals is a bit overwhelming. And to know that a little bit of Kiro is within Abby that I can see and feel makes me feel very blessed indeed.

As a closing note when it came time to have her license renewed I looked closer at the date on her adoption papers. It was Valentines Day. Rusty Leimbach

Dreaming of Chewy’s Return

Aloha, I wanted to share with you real touching incident that involves my daughter and my cat “Chewy”. Chewy had been missing for about one week which was really unusual because he never leaves the yard and sleeps in the house at night.

My daughter Neysa is really close to my Chewy. One night she woke up crying from having a bad dream. I asked her to tell me about her dream and she went on about Chewy wanting to come home but he can’t because he is locked up in a lady’s house. She said he was hiding in a corner and looking out the screen door. She kept crying and telling me she misses him and he wants to come home. I never gave up looking for him.

At least twice to three times a week my husband and I would go to the Humane Society here to check if anyone reported they found a lost cat. He had been gone for exactly one month now. I took my daughter down with me to the Humane Society and this one lady that works there said that there was someone who called that fit the description of my Chewy.

As soon as she gave me the phone number, I knew that it was him. I just that this strange feeling come over me that it would be so hard for me to explain, but I just knew it. I called the phone number and a lady answered the phone. She gave me such a hard time and hung up on me. I told my husband that I was going to trace the phone number and get an address and to go down NOW!!!! Sure enough he went down, he was gone for about one hour. When he came back, there was my Chewy sitting in the car waiting for someone to pick him up. I started to cry, I was so happy that my baby came back to me.

He told me that Neysa’s dream described exactly where Chewy was staying. I was amazed that something like that could happen. I always knew that there was some connection with people and their pets. But Neysa’s dream I know my husband and I will never forget. Today, Chewy is happy and very close to my daughter. Just this past week, Neysa was feeling sick and Chewy never left her side. He normally goes outside to play during the day but for two days he didn’t want to go out at all. Another thing, is that when Neysa cries or has bad dreams at night, Chewy runs to her aid. I’ve never seen a cat that behaves the way he does. But I must say, we enjoy it and we all feel the connection. He’s a good boy and we love him. I’m glad he chose us to be his family. Aloha

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