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Psychic Dogs

I have noticed lately that, while I have been doing work with channeling qi, my sister’s dog would have a definite reaction to it.

My sister’s dog is a smart dog, although neurotic and half-blind at the tender age of 2; but she would just begin barking at the spot where I placed the qi, even in the middle of the air. She couldn’t focus on it’s exact location; but she would begin searching for it frantically.

Normally I bring the qi back into my body and spread it evenly so that the dog calms down; but is it typical for certain animals to be more aware of psychic energies than others? I was thinking that maybe the dog’s trauma, we think she was beaten as a pup, combined with her poor eyesight, led to an enhancement of her sixth sense. My dog, Kuma, pays little attention to qi. William

I think your assessment of the situation is correct – it is the same for people – our sensitivity to energy is rooted in our protective mechanisms… and when there has been a severe trauma, theses inner senses are heightened… blessings on your sister’s dog – she shows you that what you are doing is real… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

After moving into an apartment near the foothills of Palos Verdes we were certain the apartment was occupied by a dog ghost. Every morning when my husband left for work I would wake suddenly with the feeling that I was being watched. This happened often and not only myself but my dog Stormy would stare at something in my bedroom doorway. Sometimes she barked and sometimes she didn’t.

But when I did laundry this feeling of being watched and followed carried from my bedroom out the front door all the way to the stairwell where I felt it stopped to watch and wait for me to come back.

The first actual confirmation that it wasn’t just me was one night after going to bed with my dog on my pillow, I suddenly felt something walking on the foot of our bed. Just like my own dog when she walks around before she settles down under my head. I froze and suddenly my husband asked me where is Stormy. I stated she is right here where she always is. He said did she just come up here. I said no she was laying there for a little while then he asked did u feel that? And we both suddenly knew there was something else on the bed with us. We jumped up and turned on the light but saw nothing.

We slept in the living room that night as we both felt too weird about what we both experienced. We started to accept the whole spirit of the animal. But never spoke of it. Then one night a friend was over and was sitting on the floor next to our couch. When he suddenly asked us both do you have a ghost dog living here? My husband and I both froze and asked why he asked. He stated he felt it jump down off the couch and run by him quickly. We said how do u know its a dog? He stated that the movement was too fast and clumsy and was not a cat. THAT WAS all we needed to believe we were not alone ! Andrea

Sounds like this old fellow had a happy life in that home and doesn’t want to leave it… I don’t get anything fearful coming from this dog, in fact the opposite… he seems to like you all very well, is very happy to have some good people around the house again. You can send him away if you wish, but I don’t know that it is really necessary… Lotsa LLLove, Danielle

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